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PostVideo Production Suggestions and Feedback Thread
by Andrew Mills » Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:58 am

Upfront Disclaimer This topic honesty isn't about self-promotion of our guides (hand-on-heart), it's really just a topic for us to get constructive criticism and feedback from anyone in this community (especially from those who currently have video editing and production experience/skills). And of course; if anyone else here is dabbling in video production work then please use this thread - if you want - to show it off too! :mrgreen:

Basically, we're getting more and more into video production work and James (aka: Dalagonash) and I are using Adobe Premier Pro/After Effects and Photoshop CS6. So we're looking for feedback on our current work and how we can become better at pre-production, editing and of course post-production.

Dala is becoming better and better at using keyframes (and has started dabbling with Chroma-keying for green-screen work) whilst I'm still getting my head around keyframes and using After Effects more efficiently. So below are the most recent trailers we've produced so any honest feedback on how we can improve them would be massively appreciated. :wub:

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