When video game franchises come back from the dead.

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PostRe: When video game franchises come back from the dead.
by VlaSoul » Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:52 pm

Captain Kinopio wrote:Skyward Sword is the worst selling Console Zelda (aside from MM maybe) and it was on Nintendo's most successful console. I don't think 4mil sales on a near 100mil install user base represents good sales, especially for a tent pole franchise. It was a low point for a downward slope in sales for the series. I don't think there was a chance of Nintendo ditching the series but if BOTW continued that trend it certainly starts to look like a franchise in trouble.

While Skyward Sword did have disappointing sales, it wasn't indicative of a trend for the series as Twilight Princess had sold very well and Wind Waker had done alright considering the circumstances
SS was more of a dip

Lex-Man wrote:I've actually just finished MK X. It's fine but the controls feel stuff and doesn't feel as good as Street Fighter imo. That said it felt better than 9 and the fatalities make it worth playing IMO.

Yeah of what I've played of X it feels far stiffer than games like Tekken or SF or the anime fighters

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PostRe: When video game franchises come back from the dead.
by Lex-Man » Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:59 pm

NickSCFC wrote:
Lex-Man wrote:Am I the only one who likes tank controls. They work for horror games because they restrict your movements.

Until I played the Resident Evil 2 Remake I used to think that, but it just doesn't make sense anymore.

RE2R still has that tight, constrained claustrophobic feel, while giving you all the control freedoms that most modern 3rd person games have.

Fair enough there may be better ways to do that type of game play, but I still don't think it would kill a game for me. Although I guess I probably have more tolerance for that kind of stuff.

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