The GRcade Tabletop Gaming & Miniature Painting Thread (Warhammer etc)

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PostRe: The GRcade Tabletop Gaming & Miniature Painting Thread (Warhammer etc)
by Trelliz » Fri Aug 09, 2019 10:15 pm

Green Gecko wrote:Might be interested in miscellaneous genestealer cult stuff so you can pop a note in here.


Tragic Magic wrote:I'm giving esteem a name of crafty Fu mining pinitz strawberry float me I live roasted ponuts

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PostRe: The GRcade Tabletop Gaming & Miniature Painting Thread (Warhammer etc)
by Gideon » Sat Aug 10, 2019 11:59 am

Have been trying out a new (to me) painting technique on my space wolves to try and get their main armour colour batch painted. Primed in dark grey, zenithal highlighted with the airbrush up to almost white, then gloss varnished and aggressively washed all over with a mix of black and blue washes, thinned down with a load of medium. The idea is the varnish and watered down wash prevent the wash from settling on any of the smooth surfaces and prevents pooling and tide marks, while only slightly changing the colour of the armour, and it has the added bonus of the varnish meaning you can correct any mistakes with a little thinner on a cotton bud before sealing your work in with a matt varnish. For bulk work I’m really happy with the results - it’s taken my least favourite, most time consuming part of painting marine armour (recess shading) and made it faster, easier and a hell of a lot neater than I’m capable of normally.

Green Gecko wrote:Oh and this is probably a Known Thing but NEVER strip resin models, unless you want them to look like a toasted cheese sandwich with permanent gout.

I wish I’d read this a few days ago. I used Biostrip 20 on my resin Arjac Rockfist and it ate him.

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