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PostYour Console Journey
by Preezy » Thu Feb 01, 2018 9:40 am

Moggy's recent thread about a hypothetical return to the console market of a former manufacturer got me thinking of my own console history. Much nostalgia followed :toot:

I thought it'd be cool for us all to share our personal console journey up to today, including our thoughts on each system along the way. I'll go first!

Atari 2600 - I'm hesitant to include this, it was a hand-me-down by some family friends that figured it would be enough to keep some young kids quiet. Had a cartridge with about 200 games on it, each one worse than the last :lol: We must have only borrowed it (or got bored very quickly) because it disappeared pretty sharpish.

Sega MegaDrive 2 - My first love. This bad boy is the real start (the Genesis, you could say) of my journey into the world of videogames. I would have been about 8 when I got this so it’s pure nostalgia fuel. My sister and I would take it in turns playing Aladdin and Jurassic Park, and of course the Streets of Rage games. Christ I loved this thing :datass:

Sony Playstation - This absolutely dominated a big chunk of my childhood, so many classics and I still play on it from time to time. The original controllers were a bit wank but other than that it was the perfect console. Many a happy memory getting whalloped by my dad at FIFA 97, he rarely showed mercy :lol: . The startup sound is legit my favourite noise in gaming ever :wub:

Sony Playstation 2 - My dad got me a hacked PS2 from Malaysia and a CD-folder with about 200 games in it, so it’s fair to say I spent A LOT of time on this console. Despite that, I don’t really have that much nostalgia for it, I guess that time period was getting further away from my proper “childhood” era. It was a great console though and I spent a lot of time with it.

Nintendo Gamecube - My first Nintendo console. Got this on a whim one year and I didn’t give it the chance it probably deserved. It just couldn't compete with my PS2. Twin Snakes was great on it though and it’s a fantastic looking little thing.

Sony Playstation 3 - This one can be summed up by 2 games - Skyrim and FIFA. I must have put 500 hours into these games, I barely remember playing anything else (although it was also home to RDR and GTA5 :wub: ). This console did help me get through uni though, so it has its place in my heart :slol:

Microsoft Xbox 360 - Bought this due to the fear of missing out. I saw people who were loving Gears of War, Halo and Fable and I wanted a piece, but like the Gamecube I just didn't give it enough of a chance. I was too entrenched in the PS3 and I hated the fact the controllers needed batteries. I also personally felt that the games were a let-down too. It soon became a dust magnet.

Nintendo Wii – Actually had to add this in just before posting this, I forgot I’d even owned one :lol: . Got this for Christmas I think and only had Wii Sports and Mario Kart: Double Dash, it got shelved quicker than any of my other consoles. Motion controls just aren’t my cup of tea.

Sony Playstation 4 – Probably the best all-rounder of all of the consoles I’ve owned, I can’t believe it’s been almost 4 years since I got mine. It really does everything you could want in a console (except for the backwards compatibility, I guess) and the controllers are a dream. I do wonder how I’ll feel about it 15 years from now, I think it’ll go down as a genuine classic.

Nintendo Switch – Ummed and ahhed about including this as I think I’ve played it in docked mode a grand total of twice, but I can’t have just one Nintendo console in my list. It’s a fantastic little thing with some instant classics on it and I’m looking forward to it being a fixture of my gaming life for the next few years. Games are too pricey though, which is definitely going to limit the amount of content I get to experience on it.

I’ve also now got a little retro collection going which includes some of the consoles I missed out on (SNES, N64, Dreamcast…no Saturn yet!) but I’ve not included them as they’re not really a part of my console history.

I'm sure some of you will have a similar story to me, but I know that lots of you (older posters) will have some obscure console in there that no one else has played or owned. Don’t be shy, share your journey!

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PostRe: Your Console Journey
by Moggy » Thu Feb 01, 2018 9:58 am

Don't stop believing?

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PostRe: Your Console Journey
by captain red dog » Thu Feb 01, 2018 10:08 am

I had a Master System and Atari 2600 at the same time. Went from that to the SNES. Then I think I still had my SNES when I got a PS1.

I then sold the SNES and got an N64.

Then I got the Dreamcast, PS2, GC and Xbox (selling the DC about 6 months before it got discontinued).

Next up I think was 360 and the following year I got a PS3 and sold the PS2 (hardly touched the PS3 from what I remember).

Then I got the Wii, PS4 and XB1 and now onto the Switch.

I haven't bought any of the pro models as its bad enough having all three consoles without having to upgrade them as well. 1080P is a sacrifice I am willing to make to have the flexibility of being multiform at.

Looking back, I still own all the consoles from the 360 onwards, and still have my Master System, Atari and GC!


PostRe: Your Console Journey
by NickSCFC » Thu Feb 01, 2018 10:11 am

NES - 1992 - surprise Xmas present, other than Mario 3 didn't really enjoy it

MegaDrive - 1994 - begged for this to play Sonic 2, loved it

GameGear - 1995 - car boot sale, meh

Saturn - 1996 - N64 was delayed, loved this, especially Sega's arcade ports

PlayStation - 1998 - got this to fit in, got me into adventure games and the games I'm into now

Dreamcast - 1999 - day one, most hyped launch ever, well worth it

PS2 - 2001 - traded for the above the day Sega left the market, most played console

Gamecube - 2003 - Xmas bonus treat, didn't buy many games

Xbox - 2004- bought purely for Halo 2, first online gaming memories

PSP - 2005 - day one, blown away by Wipeout, as were work mates

DS - 2006 - don't remember playing this much

Xbox 360 - 2006 - bought for Halo 3, collected dust after Kinect era started

PS3 - 2008 - came for MGS4, stayed for the Naughty Dog games

PS4 - 2014 - bought for Bloodborne, my go to console and streaming box

Switch - 2017 - bought to play Mario Kart with the missus, still loving Odyssey

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PostRe: Your Console Journey
by Moggy » Thu Feb 01, 2018 10:23 am

I’m not sure what my first ever gaming experience was. I can remember playing on the single game handhelds that you used to get (like the Nintendo Game and Watch) but don’t really remember what the games were or who made them. I remember a car racing one that I used to adore, but have no idea what it was.

The first proper gaming machine I played on was when I was at a friends house and he had an Amstrad. I remember playing the Ghostbusters game and was amazed at how wonderful it was. Soon after that I saw my uncle playing on a Spectrum and he let me play Daley Thompson’s Decathlon. After those two experiences, I begged my parents for a computer for Christmas and my journey began.

Commodore 64 – I had never heard of the C64, but after begging my parents for a games machine, my dad had spoken with the older lad next door who recommended the C64. This was a good idea as it meant I could borrow games from next door and as they were all on cassettes, it meant my neighbour could just copy them for me. I strawberry floating loved my C64, I think I got it in 1989 (the Light Fantastic pack) and it was still going strong in the mid-90s even though by then I had a Megadrive.

Megadrive – I was happy with my C64 but then I saw Sonic on TV and had to have one! I can’t really remember how I managed to buy one, I didn’t get it for Christmas or my birthday, so I must have had a fair bit of Christmas/birthday money and used that. It was quite a shock to go from buying games for £2.99 to buying them for £40 and it meant I could no longer just copy them from the neighbours. But despite that, the Megadrive was awesome and I soon found a shop that would let you trade games (much better rates than Game and CEX nowadays!) and our local video store would rent them.

SNES – With my C64 and Megadrive my passion for gaming was ignited and I soon wanted to play the games I was missing out on. My parents got me the Mario Allstars SNES pack for Christmas and I felt like a king having all those options for gaming. I actually remember overhearing my parents talking about whether they should buy me a SNES, my mum was saying something like “He already has computers, does he want to collect them all or something?”. :lol:

PlayStation – Despite loving my C64, Megadrive and SNES, they soon looked old hat compared to the next gen systems that were coming out. A friend of mine bought one on release and I can remember spending hours around his house playing Destruction Derby and I soon picked one up. I must have spent months if not years of my life playing on the likes of Tekken, Destruction Derby, WipeOut, FIFA and Crash Bandicoot. Eventually my console would only work upside down, but it didn’t matter, I could still game.

Post PlayStation – I have pretty much owned every console since the original PlayStation/N64/Saturn era. As I was a proper adult for the launches of PS2, Xbox and Gamecube they don’t stick in my mind with the fondness that the older machines do. I have had plenty of great gaming experiences on PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbone and Wii, but it’s just not the same when you are grown up. :cry:

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PostRe: Your Console Journey
by Rax » Thu Feb 01, 2018 10:27 am

My console (no PC or handhelds) journey:

Atari 2600 I dont remember this arriving in the house, we just had one, it was under the portable tv in the kitchen and we were allowed play it if it was raining. I was very young at the time but I remember we had a couple of games for it, Centipede and Tennis for sure but there was also some dungeon crawler where I could never work out what to do, it was beyond my tiny mind.

NES This arrived one Christmas and it had everything, pads, light gun, R.O.B and a bunch of games. Asking my parents about it later they got it second hand off a friend of theirs, his son had grown out of it so wanted rid of it. They had planned to drip feed us the games over time, as we get bored they would pull a new one our of thin air but this didnt work when my brother found the stash a couple of weeks after Xmas and suddenly we had all the games we needed. It helped that our cousins had one as well and we could swap games with them, this was the start of the love affair with games.

Mega Drive Another second hand machine, we had wanted a SNES, cos Nintendo, but we had played a Mega Drive and werent gonna say no when Dad found a second hand one for sale in town. This was the first console where we had some input into game selection, it came with a couple but I remember asking for and getting Sonic and Knuckles. Once again one of our cousins had a Mega Drive so some parental coordination made sure we each had seperate libraries and coupld swap games with each other so we got to play just about all the classics.

N64 This was the first big deal console, we had wanted this for months, I had started a summer job so I had a bit of money, I spent it on games mags and they got me hyped for the arrival of the N64 that Xmas. Santa was bringing it as a big present me and my brothers could share, it was an outstanding machine, loved everything about it. It was also the console where we no longer needed parents for everything, my summer job meant I had cash to buy games. Ended up with just about every big release for the console and this was the machine that really cemented the fact I was a "gamer" and it made me a Nintendo fanboy.

Gamecube This was the last console my parents helped to buy and the first we got on launch, parents got the console, me and my brother got the games. As much as I love the Gamecube and the game this was also around the time I started to peek over the fence a bit at Xbox and Playstation, I liked the look of what they were getting and didnt like that the Gamecube was missing out. Dont get me wrong, I was very happy with what was coming out on Gamecube, I just had a lot of free time and I had money from a weekend job and a summer job, I wanted moar!

Xbox I played Halo for 10 minutes my first day of college, I got my ass handed to me on Blood Gulch when I jumped into the tank, couldnt figure out how to manouver it right and the other guy sniped me from miles away, that didnt leave the best first impression I have to say. However one of the guys in my course had an Xbox and would not shut up about how good it was, he convinced me that even if no other game came out worth playing, Halo was worth it on its own, that was me sold and I became an Xbox owner. I loved my Xbox, I loved Halo, so did just about everyone else I knew, whole weekends were spent playing 16 player Halo over LAN, to this day thats some of my favourite gaming memories. I had no interest in drinking or going out, I wanted to play games, every spare penny I had was plowed into gaming, I played just about everything on Xbox worth playing and a whole bunch of gooseberry fool that wasnt worth playing. It also introduced me to GTA, I was late to the party but it was an absolute revelation.

Xbox 360 The second console I got at launch, I missed a day of college for it, I missed an exam for it, I didnt leave my student apartment for 3 days, I ended up buying 4 of them, I wound up with over 100 games for it, I played everything, I love this console more than any other. But this console made me hate AAA gaming, I had bought Forza, COD, Assassins Creed, Madden etc every year, I remember the moment it happened, I was playing Forza Horizon and I had absolutely no desire to keep going, I had done this all before, there was nothing new here. The game was solid, there was nothing wrong with the game, I just had no desire to see it all, I looked at what was coming, it was all sequels, if it wasnt a sequel it was another shooter, I wanted out. The One had been announced, Microsoft laid out their stall and I had no interest in what they were selling, I wanted to enjoy gaming again, I loved my 360, I still love it but I wanted something different now.

Wii U I wanted Nintendo back in my life, I had skipped the Wii, my brother had one and I played it here and there but I had not played a game from start to finish. Being able to go back and play Wii games I missed, along with playing the new Mario game (3D World), the new Pikmin game, this X game Id been hearing about and so many others, sold me on the fact I needed a Wii U. I have no regrets about getting this console, it helped reignite the love for gaming that had been waining. Yes it only played Nintendo games, yes the gamepad looked like a fisher price toy, I dont care, the games one it are some of the most original and most engaging Ive ever played. Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8, Xenoblade Chronicles X are the big hitters and grab the headlines but theres plenty smaller titles too, Affordable Space Adventures, Shantae, The Fall, Minecraft and it plays all your old Wii games. I adore this console and I hate that it doesnt get the love it deserves.

Switch Ive only had this for 6 weeks but it is magnificent, I play mostly in handheld mode but I love that I can dock it and carry on playing on the big screen. Theres so much potential in this machine and Im really looking forward to seeing what Nintendo do with it.

Thats my console journey, its been a hell of a ride and one I hope continues for many years to come.

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PostRe: Your Console Journey
by Preezy » Thu Feb 01, 2018 10:34 am

NickSCFC wrote:NES - 1992
MegaDrive - 1994
GameGear - 1995
Saturn - 1996
PlayStation - 1998
Dreamcast - 1999
PS2 - 2001
Gamecube - 2003
Xbox - 2004
PSP - 2005
DS - 2006
Xbox 360 - 2006
PS3 - 2008
PS4 - 2014
Switch - 2017

Come on Nick, this isn't just a list-athon, share your journey with all these consoles. Which did you love, which did you hate, which did you forget about? :D

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PostRe: Your Console Journey
by Preezy » Thu Feb 01, 2018 10:42 am

Rax wrote:Atari 2600 I dont remember this arriving in the house, we just had one

I reckon most people that had a 2600 in their house would say this, they just magically come into existence in a flurry of wires and cheap wood :lol:

Great journey too, Rax, I liked the "peeking over the fence" bit, that's how I felt about the 360.

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PostRe: Your Console Journey
by D_C » Thu Feb 01, 2018 10:54 am

Mega Drive
PS1 - Christmas present, had to share with brothers
PS2 - Same as PS1
N64 - Traded a Gameboy advance for it. Best trade ever.
Gamecube - Loved it, even had one of those screens you could attach to the top. Many car journeys were had playing Smash Bros with my brothers in the back.
Xbox 360 - Best gen for me. Met a lot of friends.
Wii U
Xbox One
Xbox One X

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PostRe: Your Console Journey
by Rax » Thu Feb 01, 2018 10:56 am

Preezy wrote:
Rax wrote:Atari 2600 I dont remember this arriving in the house, we just had one

I reckon most people that had a 2600 in their house would say this, they just magically come into existence in a flurry of wires and cheap wood :lol:

Great journey too, Rax, I liked the "peeking over the fence" bit, that's how I felt about the 360.

Yeah I was a huge Nintendo fanboy at the time but I did play the occasional game of Tekken and Gran Turismo and loved them, came close to buying a PS1 but there were always N64 games to buy so I never did take the plunge. I think at the time I had the gamecube and I wanted to be a bit more "grown up" and Xbox were offering exactly that. Its also interesting how I came back to Nintendo, I missed the "fun" in their games and missing out on Mario and Zelda was no good at all. Itll be interesting to see if I go back to other way, if I grow weary of what Nintendo offer and long for the more serious games on other platforms again.

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PostRe: Your Console Journey
by Moggy » Thu Feb 01, 2018 11:13 am

Preezy wrote:Great journey too, Rax, I

Oh yeah, thank Rax but ignore other people that wrote out a long gaming journey. This is why people just make a list. :x :x :x

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PostRe: Your Console Journey
by Preezy » Thu Feb 01, 2018 11:15 am

Moggy wrote:Post PlayStation – it’s just not the same when you are grown up. :cry:

I know them feels Moggy :(

edit: Moggy, forgive me :fp:

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PostRe: Your Console Journey
by Drumstick » Thu Feb 01, 2018 11:15 am

Amstrad - I'm informed that there was a Tennis game on it that I played a lot. That's all I know.

SNES - This the one that properly got me into gaming. I had a number of the classics, including but not limited to: Mario All-stars, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World, the Donkey Kong Country trilogy, F-Zero, Mortal Kombat...

PC - My Dad had got into PC gaming and whilst I played Bubble Bobble he played Descent, Hexen, Quake, Half Life... Eventually I got to play too!

N64 - Perhaps the most important console of my lifetime. So much time invested in games like Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie, Diddy Kong Racing, Mario Kart 64, Goldeneye, 1080 Snowboarding, F-Zero X, ISS 64, Donkey Kong 64, Pokémon Stadium, multiple Mario Parties and lots of others. Multiplayer is also a staple of this period of my life. Sadly the N64 collection is traded in to make funds available for its successor...

GameCube - I probably loved the GC more than most. I still think it is massively underrated and have in the past few years enlarged my portfolio of games for it, which I've mentioned in the retro gaming thread a few times. Currently I've got just over 40 games for it. It introduced me to Resident Evil, Metroid, Zelda and Metal Gear Solid. I spent hundreds of hours on first party successes like F-Zero GX, 1080 Avalanche, Pikmin, Wario Ware, SSBM, Super Mario Sunshine.

The GC was the first console where I was at an age to properly appreciate it.

Xbox - Didn't have too much on this. Picked up the console quite late in its lifespan on the cheap and got stuck into the GTA trilogy, PGR2 and Half Life 2. It also very importantly gave me my first experience of online gaming when I hooked up with some GR folks for some online PGR2.

PC - I missed most of the PS3/360/Wii era but toward the end of it I drifted back toward the PC and found Steam. Through Steam I was able to play BioShock, Football Manager (2000+ hours!!), Trackmania, Borderlands co-op with Sykes and Johnny Ryall. Also enjoyed Half Life 2 Eps 1 & 2, Worms, GTA IV, indie titles like Blur and a few more.

Switch - It's brilliant so far. Love all the functionality, genuinely didn't think I'd use the handheld mode too much but I've used it a fair amount so far, mostly for FIFA. Got Mario, Zelda and Rabbids so far and I haven't even started the latter two. It's good to be a member of the #switchsquad :toot:

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PostRe: Your Console Journey
by Moggy » Thu Feb 01, 2018 11:17 am

Preezy wrote:
Moggy wrote:Post PlayStation – it’s just not the same when you are grown up. :cry:

I know them feels Moggy :(

It’s weird, I enjoy gaming as much as I did as a kid, but the memories are just not the same. My memory of Micro Machines on the Megadrive is just :wub: whereas Forza Horizon on the Xbone is just nowhere near. Nostalgia is powerful.

edit: Moggy, forgive me :fp:

Never :x

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PostRe: Your Console Journey
by Ste » Thu Feb 01, 2018 12:27 pm

Atari XEGS - My first console. Got it for Xmas when I was in about 2nd year junior school. It came with Bug Hunt, a shite light gun game, a crap flight simulator game and Missile Command built in which I liked. Shortly after I got Ka-Boom, a very basic game where bombs were dropped from the top of the screen and you had to catch them in a bucket As you progressed more bombs got dropped quicker and the bucket got smaller. The first real game I loved was Miner 2049er. It had 10 levels and I managed to complete it which I feel was a good achievement considering how young I was. Just after completing it the joystick port broke and by this point it was already clear the console was a commercial failure and had been discontinued so I couldn't get it repaired so it was exchanged for:

Atari 7800 - This came with Asteroids which I liked but my Dad had enjoyed playing on the XE and realised this was shite in comparison so was quickly swopped for.

C64 GS - This came with a 4 in 1 cartridge. The best game on it was Flimbo's Quest which I also completed. Later on I got Navy Seals and Batman which were completed. Toki was a high point. The last game I got was Pang which was good but came at the same time I got a

Game Boy - Got this Xmas first year senior school (1991) with Super Mario Land. It was the first console I had that I knew other people who had it which was great. I loved this. Must have spent hours on it. By the end I must have had a collection of at least 50 games, maybe as many as 80 and load of accessories. Use to buy the GB Power mag every month. Game highlights were Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, Wario Land and Link's Awakening. I eventually traded most of these games in for about £1 each at some local independent Cash Converter type shop so I could buy a Personal CD player. Between this and my next console I played lots of SNES, Mega Drive and Playstation but never actually owned any of them. The next console I owned was:

N64 - Bought this just after Xmas in my first year a Uni. First console I bought myself with my student loan. Came with Lylat Wars, Star Wars (I'd been dreaming of playing the Hoth level since seeing the trailer about 2 years before) and Goldeneye. I loved Goldeneye, first game I replayed on all the different difficultly levels. Also loved F-Zero (thought the idea of having 40 vehicles on track was amazing), Rogue Squadron. Mario Golf & Tennis, Smash Bros. It was a great local multiplayer console.

Dreamcast - My girlfriend bought this for me our first Xmas together (this is a recurring theme). Had some fun with MSR, Ready 2 Rumble, and Crazy Taxi in particular. Also had my first taste of online game with Quake 3. It was already clear at this point it was on it's way out though so never really got into it.

PS2 - was the following years Xmas console. Apart from spells with Hitman 2 and Burnout it was pretty much a PES machine. It came with FIFA which wasn't very good so after seeing a review for PES and playing the demo it was exchanged. I'd not played a football game for a few years so the improvement was very noticeable. It was tough at first but in a good way. I still remember my Master League team - 3-2-3-2 - Buffon - Maldini-Stam-Thuram-Davids-Veron-Figo-Zidane-Rivaldo-Batistuta-Ronaldo.

Gamecube - This was the one I was really looking forward to. Didn't arrive in time for Xmas so got it end of Jan 03. Rogue Leader blew my away. I'm sure if I played that Death Star level now I'd still enjoy it. Monkey Ball was also great. I preferred Double Dash to MK64 but preferred F-Zero, Mario Tennis, Golf & Smash Bros on N64 - to be fair with Smash Bros I didn't have anyone to play it with. Metroid Prime and Resi 4 are in my top 3 favourite games of all time. Also loved Wave Race and 1080 (loved the music) having only played the former a little on N64 and the latter not at all.

Xbox - Was a birthday present that only really interested me so I could play Champ Manager. Then I played Halo. I loved the idea of online gaming. I've been on Xbox Live since July 04. 2004 was a great year for Xbox. I ended up enjoying the Xbox more than the Gamecube.

Wii - It just wasn't for me. Soon traded for an Xbox 360 which didn't impress the GF as she had paid over the odds to get it that first Xmas it was out.

Xbox 360 - Got off to an enjoyable start but I think I'd just got game fatigue so for the last few years just played FIFA.

Xbox One - Upgraded to just play FIFA but although I'm well aware of the negativity around it I only get a few hours to game these days and I'm at the age now where I don't care if I don't play "the best game eva!" because it's on PS4, I've enjoyed gaming more the last couple of years than what I have for a long time.

Nintendo 2DS - I get my Nintendo fix from this. I've never really been a 3D Mario or 3D Zelda fan but really enjoyed Super Mario 3D land and am enjoying Zelda LBW. Recently got Mario Golf which I think is amazing.

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PostRe: Your Console Journey
by Jazzem » Thu Feb 01, 2018 12:44 pm

Brief summary + overall recollection:

Mega Drive - 1995 or 1996 I think?
N64 - 1997
Dreamcast - 1999
Gamecube - 2002
Xbox - 2002 (though more my brother's system)
PS2 - 2004 (ditto)
Wii - 2006
Xbox 360 - 2011
Wii U - 2012
PS3 - 2014 (wanted a cheap blu ray player :P)
Switch - 2017

Also throw in a few retro systems, like SNES in 2002, NES I think in 2003 and a Saturn around 2012. Wish I had a CRT for those...even got the MD/SNES/SAT 60hz modded.

Got a gaming PC in 2016, settling on a PC + Nintendo combo I probably should've gone to years before. So I've been primarily a Nintendo fellow with an extra dose of Sega adoration. Much respect for MS + Sony for adding so much to the industry too, speaking personally I loved XBLA and got much use out of my PSP + Vita. Not super fussed on getting an Xbone or PS4 due to having PC, though I'm currently envious of the SotC remake...

Funny side note: I remember debating with my brothers (including Tomous on here) on what to get for Xmas 1997...we settled on 64, but for a while I was arguing for PS1 for...the Space Jam game, yes really D: Quite happy in retrospect that Xmas '97 was instead for Mario 64 and Diddy Kong Racing! Obviously PS1 was an excellent system, still it is hard to imagine my childhood without blinding Nintendo fanaticism.

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PostRe: Your Console Journey
by mark9 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 1:20 pm

Sega Master System (1992 probably). My uncle got me this but frankly it was more for him then me. I remember playing Alex Kidd religiously, I could never get my head around Ecco the Dolphin and there was also a golf game that didn't really interest me.

For a period my only real game playing was going round friends houses and playing Donkey Kong Country for SNES and Crash Bandicoot.

Playstation (1998). The console that properly got me into gaming. I loved the sheer variety of the console, even if I was mainly into platformers then anything else. My favourite game on it was Crash Bandicoot 3 although Crash Team Racing and Spyro 2 came very close.

Game Boy Color 2000 Got this almost exclusively for Pokemon Blue which in February 2000, was incredibly hard to find anywhere. After weeks of searching my dad managed to find it in a WHSMiths and bought on the spot. I must have got through hundreds of batteries in that first month and played it religiously. The only Game Boy color exclusive game I really got was Croc.

Nintendo 64 (2001) I got into this pretty late in the day, I'd been playing Super Smash Bros round my friends for years and I just decided to take the plunge. I loved Smash Bros and Conkers Bad Fur Day was played almost religiously.

Gamecube (May 2002) To date the only console I got on launch day. I loved my gamecube and looking back, that launch period was magic. Luigi, Monkey Ball, Star Wars, Wave Race, Smash Bros and finally Pikmin coming out on my birthday was the icing on the cake. I still look back fondly on those times. Favourite game by far was Smash Melee although Pikmin was probably the game I completed the most amount of times. I remember having 1080 snowboarding time trial competitions on the former Gamesradar forums and was never that good. It's the attempt that counts right?

Nintendo DS (2005) Great console, bought from Blockbuster (RIP in peace) and probably lived the longest of all consoles I've owned. Pokemon Diamond is my favourite. Big shout outs to Warioware touched as well.

At this point I fell out with gaming. University, falling in love, having heart broken etc all got in the way. Luckily my fiancé is a big Nintendo gamer so shortly..

Wii U (2013) I love my WiiU and whilst its games are getting a second attempt with the Switch, I feel a bit sad for the old black breeze block. So many games that I absolutely adore like Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, Toads Treasure Tracker, Smash bros, Tropical Freeze.

Nintendo 2DS(2014)
I bought this solely for Pokemon X and I have no regrets. I finally completed my Pokedex last year and as I know I'll never be doing that for Sun/Moon, I feel content.

Nintendo Switch (2017) This is my favourite console. It has so many games that are just right up my alley and with Splatoon 2, I think I have a new favourite gaming series.


PostRe: Your Console Journey
by Gemini73 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 1:30 pm

My first gaming experience was on the Atari 2600, but the first system I owned was...

Commodore +4
Not a great system and support was minimal. That said it came with a stack of games, such as Treasure Island and Fire Ant, that I played to death. Such fond memories.

Spectrum 128k+2
Seeing that the old +4 was becoming obsolete, the following Christmas my parents bought me this beauty with a copy of Gauntlet. Like the +4 I played on the +2 to death and over the next few years I amassed hundreds of games; some new, some crammed on to Memorex C90 cassette tapes ( :shifty: ). Good times.

Sega Master System
The first proper console I owned. By this time being interested in other things I wasn't gaming as much, but I did enjoy a few classics on the system.

Commodore Amiga 500+
I was heavily into my table top RPGs by this point and the Amiga was the perfect platform to accommodate that passion with classics such as Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder and Ishtar 2. Being such a versatile platform, the Amiga also allowed me to experiment with Deluxe Paint and music programs like Octamed. While emulation has allowed me to revisit the Amiga it's the one system I regret selling on.

Sega Megadrive 2
Bought one of these during my Amiga ownership days. Had a small handful of quality games, but in truth I didn't use it all that much.

As above, although I used this even less having original bought it from Woolworths just to play StarFox. The only other games I owned for the platform was Lost Vikings and Super Star Wars. Again, by this time my gaming was very much taking a back seat to everything else.

Picked one up with a copy of Doom and Battle Arena Toshinden. This was the system that really got me back into my gaming - and I haven't looked back since. The sheer breadth and depth of the PSone's game catalogue over the course of its life time was and remains astounding and as such has made Sony's first console my personal favourite gaming platform of all time.

Sega Saturn
Bought one second hand. While it did have some great games available for it, it just wasn't as good as Playstation. Sorry.

My second Nintendo system, and what a system it was. Home to Goldeneye, Turok, Banjo, Jet Force Gemini, and was the first time I ever sat down and properly played a Mario or Zelda game. OOT. :wub:

Sega Dreamcast
By this point I'd amassed quite a collection of games, retro systems and gaming memorabilia. With a superb selection of games in its catalogue the Dreamcast was an easy buy. Picking up a 'Boot Disc' the DC, most memorably, allowed me to import - and at an affordable price - titles from one of my favourite fighting series "The King of Fighters".

Were there genuinely gamers out there who didn't own one of these at the height of the systems popularity? No longer have my original fat ps2, but I do still have a slim. Like the first Playstation, the PS2 had an incredible line up of games that appealed to a whole array of different gamers, new and old. That, I feel, was its real strength. Oh, and GTA III happened.

Nintendo Gamecube
Went to the pub, got drunk, strolled into GAME on the midnight launch of Nintendo's new system and bought one along with Rogue Squadron. Regretted the state of my bank balance in the morning, but not owning the GC. Later on REmake, Mario Sunshine, Rogue Squadron, Metroid Prime etc = great system. Still have one hooked up to a Panasonic CRT.

Bought Microsoft's first console at another GAME midnight launch along with Halo, DOA 3 and PGR, although I was sober this time. I'd never seen such power in a home console before and it just blew me away. Amazing system with some outstanding games to its name.

Xbox 360
RROD aside the 360 was and remains a superb system, (currently own two). I didn't actually buy one until a year after launch and by then the whole RROD debacle was in full swing. While a suffered I few 360 failures myself the pure gaming joy this system dished out was immense.

As with the 360 I waited before taking the plunge, which given the consoles rather lacklustre first year was a wise decision. While the PS3 failed to have the same impact on me as its predecessors it still is home to some quality titles. I currently own two 250gb slim models.

Nintendo Wii
Mainly bought for the family and we had some fun with it. Ultimately though the novelty for me grew thin and so I stopped using it. My daughters, however, played on it all the time with various dancing and singing games and the Lego Harry Potter titles.

I had dabbled in PC gaming in the past and on visiting my wife, (before she was my wife), in Bristol where she was at Uni, I would play the likes of Might & Magic and Age of Empires on her Laptop. Up to this point, though, consoles had been my primary gaming platforms. My current PC, which I bought just over 4 years ago and have upgraded once, is perhaps the best gaming investment I've ever made. The sheer breadth, depth, versatility and freedom PC gaming provides me, as a gamer, is without equal. PC gaming has certainly put the brakes on me investing in console buying - with the next two platforms probably being my last for a while.

This is my second PS4, I sold the last toward funding said PC. I am glad I bought another unit, however as it has some superb exclusives and I do use it quite regularly. Yeah, a very good console.

Nintendo Wii U
Bought this second hand from a work colleague to play just one game - TLoZ: Breath of the Wild. Unfortunately some 60+ hours in the console refused to recognise the external HD and the only option it would give me was to format said drive. I sold the console and BotW a few days later. :(

Xbox One S
For my money this, in its standard white, is the best looking console ever produced. It just looks so neat and tidy under the tele and the control pad is simply marvellous. I only have a handful of games for it as it was originally bought because I was fed up with Windows Store being so janky. But yeah, it's a good system and the BC feature is superbly implemented

Aside from a handful of portable systems, (PSP, DS, DS Lite and a couple of Neo Geo Pockets), that's your lot.

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PostRe: Your Console Journey
by Cheeky Devlin » Thu Feb 01, 2018 2:08 pm

Here we go....

BBC Micro Model B - Came home from my first day at primary school to find my Mum and Dad had bought this beige and Black monstrosity. What it lacked in looks it made up for in software though. My first ever taste of some arcade classics came through this (Usually in the form of clones - Killer Gorilla was Donkey Kong) as well as some other 8-Bit classics. My dad would occasionally come home with floppy discs containing multiple games and I played it for at least a few years. Classic machine that often gets forgotten when compared to the other 8-Bit computers of the time. Genuinely considering picking up one again. :D

Game Boy - Family holiday to France and again my parents bought me this to keep me occupied. Spent the trip playing Tetris, Super Mario Land and Golf and it started my eternal love affair for Nintendo and Nintendo games. It's where I would play my first Zelda game (Properly play, I had seen Zelda 2 and LTTP, but didn't own them at the time) and it's where I would first encounter Samus Aran.

PC (486 DX66 - 8Mb RAM) - My first PC and it was revelatory. Came with a load of pirated software (Arr) from my Dad's friends and was utterly bewitching. It was such a leap from the BBC that I would spend hours just messing about with Windows, navigating directories and doing daft stuff. It was also where I found a small shareware game called Wolfenstein 3D and discovered just how much fun it was to shoot Nazi's in the face. I'd probably be around 8/9 years old at this point. To this day I remember having an argument in the school playground about Wolfenstein being amazing and one guy saying some new game called Doom was better. He might have been right about that one. :D

Super Nintendo - Not long after getting my Game Boy I started reading Total! magazine. It was amazing seeing all the cool NES games and upcoming Game Boy games, but as soon as they started showing off the SNES I knew I had to get one. So Christmas that year I woke up to a new SNES with Street Fighter II and Lemmings. My mates also got them as well, but they got the Super Mario World pack. Absolutely adored the machine and to this day it's still probably my favourite console. Biggest thrill was getting Super Metroid which, for me, is the best game ever made. I find it utterly flawless.

Nintendo 64 - Another Christmas present and arguably the best one I ever had. Goldeneye and Super Mario 64 dominated my life for months afterwards and with Ocarina of Time the next year it was clearly the choice over the PlayStation. It's home to what I believe are some of the best and most influential games ever made and I still hold a lot of those games as the gold standard. It might not have had the expansive library or support of the PlayStation, but it more than made up for it with the proportion of amazing titles.

Game Boy Color - Picked it up on a family holiday to the US, primarily to play Pokémon which had been getting a ton of exposure in the various Nintendo mags at the time. This was a good few months before the games launched in the UK, so beyond the anime few people knew what it was yet. Again a fantastic little handheld and some of the tricks developers pulled with it were astounding. Seeing FMV sequences on Cannon Fodder was mind-blowing. It's last hurrah for me would be when I skipped Uni for a week to play my imported copy of Pokémon Silver start to finish. Planked myself on the couch with my power adaptor and hammered my way through it. Utter joy.

PSone - Moving away for Uni in 2000 finally gave me some proper exposure to the non-Nintendo systems. While I'd played other consoles like the Mega Drive or Master System at cousins or friends houses over the years, I'd some how managed to miss PlayStation almost entirely. So finally getting a chance to see these games in action convinced me that I'd (Unfairly) been dismissing the system. Used my student loan to buy a PSone the day it launched and took it home with Final Fantasy VIII, Marvel Vs Capcom and Tenchu 2. I would go on to spend hundreds of hours on the Final Fantasy games and Metal Gear Solid would soon find it's place amongst my all-time favourite games.

Game Boy Advance - Continuing the trend of my portables being non-UK versions, I imported a GBA on it's Japanese launch along with F-Zero. It was a fantastic wee machine despite it's screen being shite and without it I'd never have developed my well documented love for the Advance Wars series. It also had a pretty damn good conversion of Doom as well.

Dreamcast - Picked one up new not long after Sega dropped their bombshell (I think). Came in a pack with MSR, Jet Set Radio and Virtua Fighter 3TB. So many fantastic, niche games and it's loss was a massive blow. Great system with some phenomenal games.

GameCube - Managed to snag an invite to Nintendo's "CubeClub" promotional tour when it came to Glasgow (Even pinched a poster from the wall) and was blown away by the system. Rogue Leader was (And still is) revelatory in how fast and good it looked. Eventually picked up the system with Rogue Leader and then Smash Bros a week or so later. It was a great system and had so many games I loved. So it was a nice surprise when my girlfriend bought me one for my Christmas this year. Currently re-exploring Metroid Prime and Starfox Adventures!

PlayStation 2
- I'd been visiting cousins in Canada when I was 20 (So around 2003) and spent a decent amount of time on their PS2. So when my 21st came around I went out and spent my birthday money on one of these.

PSP - Once more I imported a Japanese launch unit, getting the system about 8-9 months before it launched here. Being able to play games that looked almost as good as the PS2 on the move was insane. Sadly I bought very few games for it. Ridge Racers, Metal Gear AC!D and Wipeout Pure were the only ones I bought. I followed the homebrew scene very closely and when I was able to download games for free it killed my desire to buy them. Not proud of it as the system deserved so much more. I did play a lot of emulators on it as well though and it was very well suited to it. I also identified a game breaking bug in the ScummVM Monkey Island code which they managed to fix after I pointed it out to them.

Xbox 360 - The last new home console I received as a Christmas present. I had an idea it was coming as my mum had asked me previously what the big games for it were (Not something that she would normally do), so I got it along with Gears of War. On Boxing Day I went out and picked up Hitman Blood Money and Ridge Racer 6. Loved the system dearly and I didn't really drift away from it until Kinect started to make an appearance and my interest in the system waned.

Wii - I was day one for Wii and it was one of only two midnight launches I've gone to. Great system, which I have a lot of fondness for, even if it never quite lived up to the hype I had for it.

DS - Loved it. Got it for Christmas one year with Mario Kart DS and had some really interesting and inventive games. Eventually traded it in after I got a DS Lite with a phone contract. I still play it to this day and finally picked up a legitimate copy of it's best game "Puzzle Collection 5: Slitherlink" for my girlfriend to play (She's demolished every Picross game I've got in less than 2 months).

PlayStation 3 - After initially being put off the PS3 by it's high-price I eventually picked it up on a whim. My local Woolworths had a bundle that included a 60Gb PS3, 2 Sixaxis pads, Two Blu Ray movies and two games for £400 (Ridge Racer 7 and something else). I was initially annoyed that it didn't come with an HDMI cable as standard, but picking one up the next day fixed that. Initially it was an even mix between my Wii, 360 and PS3, but as time wore on and 360 started getting a bit less appealing I spent more and more time with my PS3. The Uncharted games, TLOU and Metal Gear Solid made it more than worth the purchase. Currently own two of them. My original one which I kept for BC purposes and the Super Slim which I keep under the TV just now for general use.

3DS - The second, and last, midnight launch I attended. 3DS never quite lived up to it's predecessor for me. I felt there was to much reliance on JRPGs for my taste. Still a great system though and I've recently revisited it for the Metroid II remake.

Wii U - Picked it up about 6 months after launch. Easily the black sheep of Nintendo's output for me. Some phenomenal games, but the spotty release schedule and poor third party support meant that I've only ever bought a handful of titles for it. It deserved better.

PlayStation 4 - Again I picked this up about 5-6 months after launch. Probably the best PlayStation system I've owned. PS+ combined with PSN sales mean I've accumulated a library of games that rivals what I have on Steam. Some stellar games. Combined with picking up a PSVR last July make the PS4 easily the best PlayStation ever and potentially the best console I've ever owned. I'm just hoping they can carry that on with PS5.

Nintendo Switch - This was a day one purchase for me. Even before details were released I knew that Nintendo were going to come out with something special and that I was going to be on the ground floor with it. So far it's not disappointed and I'm loving every minute of it. Easily the best system Nintendo have put out since the GameCube, perhaps even the N64.

Xbox One X - Which brings me to the One X, which I've currently had for about 5 weeks now. I'm not convinced by the UI, which is bloated and messy to the point of annoyance. The exclusives are decent, but not quite as good as PS4's. However it's where I'll be playing all my multi-platform releases going forward. Gamepass is a great addition and I can see me making great use out of the system over the next few years.


I also own a Mega Drive, Saturn and NES.I didn't include these ones as I never owned them at the time they were active and they've generally been dip-in dip-out systems for me. All are fantastic systems and they're all a joy to play with even now.

Additionally my PC has been upgraded and improved multiple times over the past 20 years so there's obviously a lot more to that.

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PostRe: Your Console Journey
by jawafour » Thu Feb 01, 2018 2:46 pm

What a fantastic thread! I'm gonna enjoy reading through all the posts :) . Okay... as an "older" gamer I've been fortunate enough to enjoy using quite a few systems over the years. I've left some out from this post - mainly those that I played as "retro" systems some years after they were popular - but these are the ones that I played during their prime!

Commodore VIC-20 (1984)
My first computer system was bought for me by my dad. 3.5K RAM (athough I later bought the Vixen 32K switchable RAM pack), cassette deck (although it also had a cartridge port), 20 character screen width ( :lol: )... and it was awesome! Pharoah's Curse, Omega Race, Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time ( :datass: ), Jet Pac and Perils of Willy were my favourite games.

Commodore 64 (1985)
I sold my VIC and games to raise money to fund this, with the rest of the money being earnt from a paper round before school. I had enough money to get the system in December 1985 and, man, I was so hyped. The step upi from the VIC to the C64 seemed incredible at the time; to put it into context it was like going from, say, the NES to the SNES. I had so much fun with this machine and I still have all my kit (albeit in the loft) today. Lots of great games but, above all, it's that SID sound chip that most strikes memories with me - I still sometimes listen to C64 music tracks on my iMac now (thaks to SID player) :wub: .

Sega Master System (1987)
This was the first consle that I owned. I had read Computer & Video Games magazine's Go! pages (precursor to the legendary Mean Machines magazine) for months and was usure about getting he NES or the MS. I plumped for the MS on the basis that I could play Space Harrier, OutRun and other Sega hits on the system. Mastertronic / Virgin distributed the system in the UK and Europe and they did a great job. I bought the console on the weekend it launched, whilst on a family day trip to Westgate on the south coast. Strange place to buy it but I was just so excited to get it; Hang-On was built into the machine and I bought My Hero and Ghost House on Sega Cards. Years later, when I moved out of my parents place, I sold all the games for an absolute pittance and almost instantly regretted it. In subsequent years I have bought back most of the games... bar Power Strike I and II which now sell at ridiculous prices. I'm still so fond of the MS :wub: .

Atari 520 STe (1989)
Oh boy. This came with probably the best ever gaming pack... the legendary Power Pack (v2)! Twenty games and most were pretty decent - incredible! I had placed an order with Evesham Micros for the 520 ST model but, fortunately, they upgraded my order to the "arrived that week" STe model. I loved the ST with its bright green GEM (windows) system! It's the only Atari system that I have bought and it still holds great memories for me. It introduced me to the mighty Kick Off and, man, did I play that a lot. Even so, I only had the machine for a few years as I "side-graded" to an Amiga (see later in my list) as the ST started to die out.

Sega Mega Drive (1990)
For delivering the "wow" factor, the MD was incredible. It remains the only system that I ever bought an imported version of; I picked up the Asian model which allowed UK (Europe), Japanese and American cartridges to be used. I bought Sonic the Hedgehog and Alien Storm alonside the console and they were sensational; vibrant, fast and brash! I still have all my MD carts although I did sell my Asian console (plus American and Japanese games) for some crazy reason and I still almost literally cry about this today :oops: . I'm lucky enough to have a few MD consoles now, alongside a Mega CD and 32X. That ridiculous-but-lovable tri-force of kit still looks amazing when it is setup!

Nintendo Game Boy (1990)
I have a pal who has never been into console gaming but he did like the old portable electronic / LCD game systems, and he helped to get me excited about the launch of the new Game Boy system. Portable gaming with small switchable carts... this was amazing at the time! I got my system alongside Tetris And Super Mario Land and I instantly loved the wee machine. My younger brother was now getting into gaming, too, and he loved playing the games on my machine. My original console has long since died but I have a few Game Boy Color systems so that I can still slam in a GB cart every now and again :) .

Commodore Amiga 600 (1992)
So... after enjoying my Atari STe computer for a few years (see above) I migrated ober to the Amiga. The 600 was a lovely design; it was small, looked slick and was well-made. However, it was soon succeeded by the 1200 model and I swiftly sold on my 600 to raise funds for the 1200. Which is coming up next...

Super Nintendo (1993)
...but not before the Super Nintendo arrived on the scene! I was very much a Sega fan but, having seen Starfox running in-store on the SNES, I bought the system in early 1993. I like the SNES and bought a few games for it but, for me, it was always second-choice to the Mega Drive. I do admire the system, though; the console design was wonderful and games like Zelda and Mario Kart were great; Zombies (Ate My Neighbors) even more so!

Commodore Amiga 1200 (1993)
And so to my favourite computer; the mighty A1200. Well built, a wonderful catalogue of games and I added in a 200Mb (yep, Mb not Gb or Tb :lol: ) hard drive. Great times, especially with stuff like Kick Off 2, Goal! and Championship Manager '93. I was in peak magazine-buying mode as well, picking up Amiga Format, CU Amiga, Amiga Power, Amiga Action and others every month. Great times, wonderful memories :) .

Sony PlayStation (1995)
I struggle to think of any other machine that delivered the same "wow" moment as when I saw Destruction Derby and Ridge Racer running on the PlayStation. For perhaps the first time, this really was like having arcade-quality games in your front room. I was totally onto the PS scene... gaming had previously been pretty un-cool but now it was on the front pages of lifestyle and fashion mags! People at work played on the system and there was - at last! - no social shame in being a gamer! Well, perhaps some, but not like it had been before :lol: . Looking back, the gaming catalogue on the PS was incredible; such variety, range and quality. The graphics have aged now but, for me, the system remains a gem.

Nintendo 64 (1998)
I had spent a few years being engrossed by the PlayStation but, all of a sudden, the N64 caught my attention. I think it ws due to see my brother and his pals playing International Superstar Soccer 64... it looked so good and played so well that I had to get the machine. I picked up the GoldenEye 007 system pack and quickly grew to love the instant-load games and the large, vibrant graphics. This is a machine that I have actually grown fonder of over the years; today I like it even more than I did at the time, I think! On the collecting front I was fortunate to pick things up prior to 2010 i.e. before the crazy pricing that you see today. I have several systems and a nice set of games... even two copies of Bangai-O :toot: .

Nintendo Game Boy Color (1999)
A Game Boy with a colour screen? I was totally up for that idea and the system remains my favourite GB console. As for color-specific games... Martian Alert! and O'Leary Manager 2000 remain two of my favourite GB titiles.

Microsoft Xbox (2003)
I had gone through a relatively long period (around five years) without getting a new home gaming system and, after eyeing up the PS2 and the Gamecube for quite some time, I settled my mnd on getting the Xbox. The deciding factor was the translucent green model that appeared in 2003 - I saw it and just had to get it! It really did feel like a powerful machine; that start-up sequence and the built-in hard drive felt pretty advanced for the time. I hugely enjoyed gaming on the XB and, to me, it remains a shame that it was only really around for three years before being succeeded. Today, I have five Xboxes :toot: :lol: ... :dread: .

Nintendo DS Lite (2007)
I was hugely unconvinced by the DS at launch; to me, the console design was clunky and the games pretty unconvincing. However... in 2007 the Lite
model appeared alongside some great new games and I became hooked! I still love the dsign of the Lite model - it's so slick and swish. Even now I can still enjoy using the machine and playing the games.

Microsoft Xbox 360 (2007)
Again, it took me a while to be convinced by the 360. I stuck with my original Xbox for nearly two years after the launch of the newer machine. Then the black Elite model arrived alongside Bioshock and I jumped on-board. The move to HD (720p) graphics was a big jump and I love the feel of playing on the 360. It remains one of my favourite and, looking at the amazingly long life and fantastic library of the system, it stands out as a classic gaming machine.

Sony PlayStation 3 (2008)
Hmmn. Admission time... it took me along time to like the PS3. It was techically more powerful than the 360 but, for me, it seemed to take a long time until the system showed any benefits above the 360's capabilities. Even so, over the years things improved and the later slim model was, for me, a lot more more attractive. In the end I spebt a lot of time playing on the console although that was pretty much solely due to Pro Evolution Soccer. My PS3 was my PES-playing machine and I definitely don't have any regrets about that :) .

Nintendo Wii (2009)
I can now spot a theme. This was another machine that I was very unsure of at launch and I held off for a long time before jumping aboard. Initially I had played a number of terrible party games at friends' houses and it had put me off the console. Then I played Wii Sports and I was drawn in! I still love the compact, svelte shape of the console today and - despite the boatloads of awful shovelware - the game range is wonderful. My Wii is still set up in my living room and I have no plans on putting it away... and I still play Wii Sports Resort weekly at my parents' place :wub: .

Nintendo DSi XL (2011)
I got this at a cheap price and it is lovely; it is the brown model and, perhaps surprisingly, it looks great! The bigger screens work, I feel, really well on this model.

Nintendo 3DS (2011)
What a strange launch this machine had. I held off until the June when I got the console at a discounted price alongside Zelda Ocarina... and then gained the Ambasador GBA and NES games :toot: . Which I have still not played :lol: . I am one of the seemingly few people who love the design of the original 3DS - the build quality is excellent and, to me, it looks the part. I then made a mistake...

Nintendo 3DS XL (2012) selling my original 3DS and "upgrading" to the XL model. I know that most people preferred the XL, but I never got on with it; it felt plasticky and cheap and I wished I still had my original 3DS. So... I sold the XL and reverted back to the original model :o .

Nintendo Wii U (2012)
Pre-ordered. Loved it from launch. Still love it :wub: . I got to be a real fan-boy of the Wii U - even more so because so many other folk were disparaging about it... that only bolsted my fanatacism! Even so, I can see that it never really got it its stride and it swiftly became clear that Nintendo were giving up on it. I feel that it is a cult system though... one that will be very collectible in years to come. I will always be a proud member of Club U 8-) .

Sony PlayStation 4 (2013)
I had a pre-order and cancelled it... before GRcade hype forced me to place a last-minute pre-order! I still remember my controller "speaking" whilst playing my first-ever game of Resogun and I was totally taken by surprise! :lol: . The PS4 has grown to become one of my all-time favourite game machines... it's hard to judge right now, but it feels I'll place it mightily close to that top spot. Even so, it had a very slow lauch period and in that first year I continued to play on my 360 far more than on the PS4! It has a huge range of quality titles and it has been the first system for which online has become a major part of my gamiing approach. It feels like it'll be a classic.

New Nintendo 3DS (2015)
For me, this model is 3DS perfection. It feels comfortable, looks great, is pleasantly dinky, has excellent 3D and those SNES-coloured buttons :wub: . Lovely!

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro (2016)
Straight up wanted the power rush :datass: . Still not sure what it is doing over a standard PS4 for most games, though :lol: . But, yeah, as I said above - this is one of my all-time favourite gaming systems.

Nintendo Switch (2017)
I was unsure and still totes in love with the U. I cancelled my launch pre-order. My reservations lasted unti late April. And then I jumped in. Oh, man, that display screen was wonderful and I loved being able to swap between portable and TV play! I still have reservations - no friend comms at all, virtually no "Nintendo-type" apps and incredibly basic system features... but, hey, the machine is still terrific. Early days, but it has so much potential.

So, yeah... gaming systems :wub: . And GRcadian memories of them :wub: .

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