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PostThe WWE RAW Report
by KK » Mon Jun 23, 2014 9:57 am


WWE Super SmackDown Live! - July 3, 2012
WWE RAW - January 7, 2013
WWE RAW 20th Anniversary Special - 2013
WWE RAW - January 21, 2013
WWE RAW Roulette Special (Las Vegas) - 2013
WWE RAW - February 4, 2013
WWE RAW - February 11, 2013
WWE RAW - February 18, 2013
WWE RAW - February 25, 2013
WWE RAW "Old School" Special - March 4, 2013
WWE RAW - March 11, 2013
WWE RAW - March 18, 2013
WWE RAW - March 25, 2013
WWE RAW - April 1, 2013
WWE RAW - April 8, 2013
WWE RAW - April 15, 2013
WWE RAW from London (Quick Results) - 2013
WWE RAW - April 29, 2013
WWE RAW - May 6, 2013
WWE RAW - May 13, 2013
WWE RAW May 20, 2013
WWE RAW - May 27, 2013
WWE RAW - June 3, 2013
WWE RAW (GRcade E3 Special) - June 10, 2013
WWE RAW - June 17, 2013
WWE RAW - June 24, 2013
WWE RAW - July 1, 2013
WWE RAW - July 8, 2013
WWE RAW - July 15, 2013
WWE RAW - July 29, 2013
[WWE RAW - July 29, 2013 was a taped show]
WWE RAW - August 5, 2013
WWE RAW - August 12, 2013
WWE RAW - August 19, 2013
WWE RAW - August 26, 2013
WWE RAW - September 2, 2013
WWE RAW - September 9, 2013
WWE RAW - September 16, 2013
WWE RAW - September 23, 2013
WWE RAW - September 30, 2013
WWE RAW - October 7, 2013
WWE RAW - October 14, 2013
WWE RAW - October 21, 2013
WWE RAW - October 28, 2013
WWE RAW - November 4, 2013
WWE RAW: Country - November 2013
WWE RAW - November 25, 2013
WWE RAW - December 2 2013
WWE RAW: The Slammy Awards - December 9 2014
WWE RAW - December 16 2013/WWE RAW "Bad Santa vs. Good Santa" - December 23 2013
WWE Monday Night RAW "OLD SCHOOL" - January 6 2014
WWE RAW: "Bryan's Revenge" - January 13 2014
WWE RAW - January 20 2014
WWE RAW - January 27 2014
WWE RAW - February 3 2014
WWE RAW - February 10 2014
WWE RAW - February 17 2014
WWE RAW: The Return of HULKAMANIA - February 24 2014
WWE RAW - March 3 2014
WWE RAW - March 10 2014
WWE RAW - March 17 2014
WWE RAW - March 24 2014
WWE RAW - March 31 2014
WWE RAW - April 7 2014
WWE RAW: In Memory of the Ultimate Warrior - April 14 2014
WWE RAW - April 21 2014
WWE RAW - April 28 2014
WWE RAW: The Scratch Logo waves goodbye... - August 11 2014
WWE "Jerry Springer" RAW - September 8 2014
WWE RAW - September 15 2014
WWE RAW - September 22 2014
WWE RAW - September 29 2014
WWE RAW: The Rock Returns - October 6 2014
WWE RAW - October 13 2014
WWE RAW - October 20 2014
WWE RAW - October 27 2014
WWE RAW - November 3 2014
WWE RAW from Liverpool - November 10 2014
WWE RAW - November 17 2014
WWE RAW - November 24 2014
WWE RAW - December 1 2014
WWE Slammy Awards - December 8 2014
WWE RAW - December 15 2014
WWE Super SmackDown Live! - December 16 2014
WWE RAW - January 5 2015
WWE RAW - January 12 2015
WWE RAW - January 19 2015
WWE RAW: THE STORM - January 26 2015
WWE Super SmackDown Live! - January 29 2015
WWE RAW - February 2 2015
WWE RAW - February 9 2015
WWE RAW - February 16 2015
WWE RAW - February 23 2015

December 3rd 2012 wrote:Image

Hour 1

The Shield were shown watching from a Skybox in the crowd.

Michael Cole said there were rumours circulating that Vince McMahon is in Greensboro tonight for RAW.

Match 1: Team Hell No defeated the Prime Time Players when Bryan pinned Darren Young with a reversed roll-up. Following the match, The Sheld jumped the barricade and attacked Bryan and Kane, before once again exiting through the crowd.

Sheamus and John Cena were backstage. Sheamus made a load of obscure references to the Eurovision Song contest and Father Ted.

Match 2: AJ Lee pinned Tamina Snuka with a roll-up.

CM Punk and Paul Heyman, clutching the new WWE Encyclopaedia, came out and cut a promo. Heyman said it didn't contain enough information on Punk. This segment went on for strawberry floating ages. Usual stuff. Buried the fans, buried the crowd, buried RAW itself, longest reigning champion of the modern era...blah, blah, blah.

Miz interrupted and offered Punk go on a lie-detector test later in the night. Called Paul Heyman a human walrus. Crowd chanted "walrus". CM Punk accepted.

John Cena told Stu the cameraman to get rid of his moustache/beard as November was over.

Hour 2

Match 3: John Cena and Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler and Big Show when Sheamus hit White Noise on Show and John Cena pinned Dolph Ziggler again following an AA.

They re-aired parts of the CM Punk promo from earlier in the night. And by earlier I mean less than half an hour. Yes, really.

Damien Sandow came out & cut a promo looking for an apprentice. He picked out some guy from the crowd and asked him 3 questions. Just like on SmackDown, the 'fan' got the first two easy questions right but flunked the last. Sandow ordered him to leave the ring and the United States. Santino interrupted. 'Comedy'.

Match 4: Damien Sandow pinned Santino.

Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero were backstage. Vickie made Ziggler vs. Cena for WWE: TLC. Brad Maddox was in her office as we went to commercial...

Back from commercial and Vickie told Maddox that if he could win a match tonight then he could have a WWE Contract. Deja-vu...

Match 5: Alberto Del Rio defeated Sin Cara with the arm breaker in a 13 minute match.

Hour 3

Vickie Guerrero came out and introduced Vince McMahon. It resulted in Ziggler and Cena being made into a Money in the Bank ladder match at WWE: TLC. Vickie, with much cajoling from Vince, also announced that, if it were proved Punk was lying later tonight, that Heyman would have to face Ryback next week.

Match 6: Randy Orton beat Brad Maddox in a quick match with the RKO. Afterwards, The Shield ran in and beat down Orton.

Stuff backstage with Ziggler and Vickie. Paul Heyman and Vickie, which involved them both staring at each other for an awkward amount of time. And John Cena, which involved some novelty John Cena dickie bow ties.

Teddy Long came out and changed a tag team match into a Fatal Four Way. This has to be some sort of in-joke. #RAWactive match, so fans had to vote for what title was on the line, US or Intercontinental. Not that it matters, as WWE will just do what it says in the script anyway.

Twitter users apparently chose United States Championship.

Main Event: Antonio Cesaro retained the US Championship against Kofi Kingston, Wade Barrett & R-Truth when Cesaro pinned Kingston with The Neutraliser.

They announced Randy Orton would face Wade Barrett on SmackDown. What do we do to deserve all these new matches....

They partially re-aired the Vince McMahon segment from earlier in the night.

Miz strawberry floated up where the Sheriff conducting the lie detector is from. Members of the crowd shouted that Miz sucked.

CM Punk (with Paul Heyman) came out for his lie-detector test on Miz TV. It's now 3:56 in the morning.

In a piss poor segment, the lie detector ended in a No-Contest when The Shield ran in and destroyed The Miz. Kane, Daniel Bryan and Ryback ran down and sent The Shield packing. While Punk was alone & celebrating in the ring, Ryback sneaked up on him and gave him Shell Shock. Ryback then hit Punk with a ladder and steel chair, before finally powerbombing him through a table.

December 10th 2012 wrote:Image

Hour 1

IMPACT WRESTLING LIVE! opened with a recap video.

The arena was strewn with ladders, tables and chairs set up around ringside & the entrance.

Dolph Ziggler cut a promo atop a ladder in the ring saying he was going to defeat John Cena at TLC on Sunday. Sheamus interrupted & said he didn't need to worry about cashing in against Big Show as he was going to beat him at the PPV. Big Show then came out & shouted "Blah blah blah blah blah," calling Sheamus and Ziggler both boring and delusional. Sheamus asked Show where his Christmas spirit was, botched a joke about "roasted chestnuts" & then said as he couldn't have contact with Big Show, he would with someone else tonight. Sheamus then tipped over the ladder, crotching Ziggler on the top rope. This looked brutal.

Vince McMahon was shown backstage heading towards the ring.

Big Show vs John Cena was announced for later.

Kofi Kingston and Antonio Cesaro at the announce table for commentary.

Vince McMahon, wearing a truly horrendous suit, introduced Vickie Guerrero. Followed the same format of recent weeks, where Vince makes 'suggestions' to Vickie. Vince bigged up the Cena/Show match. Also announced was Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee vs. Vickie Guerrero.

Match 1: In a quick match, R-Truth defeated Wade Barrett (who didn't get an entrance) with a roll up. Kofi Kingston then hit a flying crossbody off the top rope on Barrett.

There's RAW IS WAR, nWo and Troll Face signs in the crowd.

AJ Lee was shown excitedly bouncing down the hallway backstage. She stopped Aksana & Kaitlyn along the way to the men's locker room & John Cena. She then hugged him while he was in mid-conversation. Cena tried to act all nice. Cena said they can talk somewhere else. As AJ left, Cena mouthed an apology to everyone else in the room before leaving to find AJ again.

Match 2: Cody Rhodes (sporting an awful moustache) and Damien Sandow defeated The Prime Time Players, Primo and Epico & Jimmy and Jay Uso in a 4-Way Number 1 Contenders Elimination Tag Team match for TLC. Only Rhodes Scholars got an entrance. Rhodes got the pin on an Uso following Cross Rhodes. Highlight of the match was the crowd breaking out into a "Cody's moustache" chant.

Cole and Lawler announced that next week would be the Slammy Awards. Voting is now through the WWE App.

Match 3: Eve pinned Alicia Fox with a Neckbreaker.

CM Punk, on crutches, and Paul Heyman were shown heading towards the ring.

CM Punk and Paul Heyman came out to cut a promo on the ramp. Talked about his surgery, that it was genuine, and not a ploy as some fans had speculated to get out of a match with Ryback. They took some shots at The Rock. Heyman said that, unlike Punk, Rock has a stunt double. Punk said he would be at WWE: TLC on Sunday to watch The Shield do to Ryback what Ryback did to him.

Hour 2

They recapped aspects of the McMahon/Vickie segment from earlier.

Match 4: In what was a great match, Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler via Disqualification when Ziggler hit Sheamus with a steel chair on the outside.

In an amusing segment, Vickie Guerrero was warming up backstage when Hornswoggle and Khali walked in. Vickie said she was tight. Vickie bent over and Hornswoggle and Khali stretched her out. Vince McMahon then walked in. Vince said that he "thought this was supposed to be a family show" before walking off in disgust. This was another take-off of the Trish Stratus/HHH/Stephanie McMahon skit, which they then spoofed on the 1000th episode.

Match 5: Alberto Del Rio beat Zack Ryder with the Cross Arm Breaker in a match that went longer than it had any right to.

AJ Lee and Vickie Guerrero came out. There was no referee in the ring.

As it turned out, Brad Maddox came out as the assigned referee.

Hour 3

Match 6: Vickie Guerrero rolled up AJ Lee in an extremely quick match. AJ Lee got the pin on Vickie during the bout, but Maddox refused to count.

AJ Lee threw a massive tantrum in the ring, chucked some chairs and ladders around ringside, tore the hood off the announce table and slapped Justin Roberts. She then stormed off to the back.

AJ Lee was still having an orgasm backstage, tearing up equipment. Cena turned up to calm her down.

Antonio Cesaro came out and cut a promo slagging off New Jersey & R-Truth.

Match 7: Antonio Cesaro pinned Kofi Kingston with the Neutraliser.

Rhodes Scholars were guests on MizTV. Sandow said the only thing worse than MizTV was the people who watch it. Crowd chanted "Cody's moustache" again. Rhodes could barely keep a straight face. Miz said he had to 'Moustache Cody a question'. Sandow said Miz wasn't a very good host. Lots of back and forth. Rhodes said Miz was dressed like Colonel Sanders. In the end Rhodes and Sandow walked off. Segment just ended.

John Cena was making his way to the ring, but bumped into AJ along the way. AJ Lee said she wants to be out there with Cena in his match, but Cena supposedly convinced her otherwise.

Dolph Ziggler came out for commentary.

Main Event: John Cena and Big Show ended in Disqualification when The Shield ran in and attacked John Cena. Team Hell No, then Sheamus and lastly Ryback ran in to make the save. John Cena put Big Show through a table set up in the corner. Everyone brawled to close the show.


Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler, all suited and booted, were on commentary.

Hour 1

Match 1: Show kicked off with Rey Mysterio vs. Damien Sandow. Mysterio won with the 619 and splash off the top.

In the first Slammy Award of the evening, Booker T came out to announce Most Shocking Moment of the Year. Booker was then interrupted by the return of the Boogey Man.

Following commercial, Boogey Man had vanished. The winner was about to be announced when Brad Maddox came out expecting to win, but the award went to Kofi Kingston instead for his hand-stand in the Royal Rumble match.

Match 2: In a non-title match, Kaitlyn defeated Eve with the Gutbuster.

The New Age Outlaws came out to award the second Slammy, Comeback of the Year. Billy Gunn read the nominees off his hand in a jokey manner. Jerry Lawler won for his heart attack. Lawler ran to the stage, and then joked that he shouldn't run otherwise he might give himself another heart attack. He thanked the fans in a short speech.

Match 3: In a non-title match, Kofi Kingston beat Tensai with the Trouble in Paradise in a very quick match that went about 1 minute. Crowd chanted "Albert". Following the match, Wade Barrett attacked Kingston on the top rope, ran him into the ring post on the outside and then gave him the Bullhammer.

The commentators once again told us how to download the WWE App on iPhone and Android.

Vickie Guerrero, accompanied with the usual boos, came out to announce The Kiss of the Year Slammy. All the nominees were of AJ Lee kissing everyone under the sun.

Sky 1 announced NCIS LA is back on the 6th January.

Vickie said that before she announced the award, she wanted to make clear that she'd never be nominated for this award as she'd never abuse her position like AJ. Winner was AJ Lee and John Cena. AJ came out to accept the award. Vickie said AJ needed to explain her actions at TLC. AJ said she didn't owe anyone anything, and that she no longer cared what people thought of her. Dolph Ziggler came out dressed like he'd stepped straight off the set of Grease to stop a potential altercation between the two. AJ then jumped up and wrapped her legs around Ziggler before proceeding to kiss him for ages. Strange segment, that made Vickie look like she'd been correct all along, and AJ a slag.

Great Khali came out with Natalya.

I can't believe this is still Hour 1.

Match 4: Khali pinned Otunga in a garbage outing. This went longer than the previous match.

Khali danced with Natalya.

Completely out of nowhere, and to almost zero reaction, Ric Flair's voice was heard saying "Whooooo! Superstar of the year. Whoooooo!" over the PA system.

Ric Flair returned, to a surprisingly modest pop from the crowd, and announced Superstar of the Year. John Cena won.

Hour 2

John Cena came out, and got booed out of the building, though there were a smattering of cheers. Probably about 70/30 against. Most antagonistic response to Cena in quite some time. Cena thanked the fans and the loyalty of the WWE Universe. Cena said Ric Flair deserved the award more than him &, despite the fan voting, gave the award to Flair. Cena left. CM Punk and Paul Heyman then interrupted. Punk said this was ridiculous on multiple levels. He said this was possibly the worst year of Cena's life. A clearly extremely motivated Punk cut one hell of a promo here. Flair told Punk he's been watching, and that the reason Punk can't walk is because he has too much baggage (Paul Heyman). Before Punk could get in there, Flair made a joke about his 4 ex wives. Punk then said he could beat up Flair even with just the one leg. Ric Flair said he and Punk should go right now on RAW. Flair took his jacket off and made his way to the ring. As Punk followed hobbling on crutches, & Flair strutted about in the ring, the announcers speculated whether we were going to get Punk and! Hell of a crash to break this was.

Back from commercial, CM Punk hit Flair with a crutch to the gut and then broke it over his back. As Punk was about to nail Ric again, Flair thumbed him in the eyes, and then put the Figure Four on Paul Heyman, as the crowd went nuts. Continuing to channel the very best of WCW Nitro, Flair then got on the microphone again and said that he'd told Vince McMahon that if he was going to die, he'd want it to be in the ring or with a woman from Philadelphia. Flair took a moment to tell Jerry Lawler he loved him and that they'd both be around forever. As Flair was cutting his promo, The nWo Shield's music hit and they made their way out through the crowd. This has been the best 20 minutes of RAW in months and months.

Back from break, Team Hell No, Flair and The Shield were brawling in and around the ring. As The Shield were about to put Flair through the announce table, Ryback's music hit and he came down and made the save. The Shield were pasted by Ryback, and then promptly made their escape back through the crowd. Team Hell No and Ryback lifted Flair above their shoulders & celebrated in the ring.

Flair and Team Hell No were backstage celebrating. They all had a "Woooo", No!", "Yes!"-off. Ron Simmons arrived and said "Damn".

Brodus Clay and the Funkettes were dancing in the ring.

Match 5: Brodus Clay pinned JTG in a quick bout.

Some kids got in the ring and danced.

Santino and Tensai, who was wearing something utterly ridiculous on his head, came out to announce LOL Moment of the Year. Santino & the announcers fake laughed. Santino called him Albert. Santino said Tensai in Japanese meant "Fat Albert". The Rock won. Santino said The Rock couldn't be there in person. Crowd booed. Santino accepted the award on his behalf. Daniel Bryan and Kane came out. Bryan shouted that this should have been his Slammy. Kane carried him out as Bryan continued to rant and rave.

Match 6: Code Rhodes & Sin Cara were already in the ring. Goofy lights are also back again. Rhodes won with Cross Rhodes.

Layla and Zack Ryder were out to announce the Trending Now #Hashtag of the Year Award. Crowd shat all over this.

Back from commercial, Layla announced #FeedMeMore as the winner. Ryder said he'd give the award to Ryback backstage. Whoo. Whoo. Whoo.

Big Show came out hobbling and clutching the "Big Show chair" from last night. Show, smiling, said he wasn't surprised the crowd were booing. He said the crowd lets him down every time he turns around. He said the crowd couldn't handle that he was the most dominant superstar. Crowd chanted "BORING". Show said the crowd would not chant boring at him. Sheamus interrupted. Sheamus said he had no regrets about the match. A clearly restless crowd chanted "What". Sheamus said he wanted to shake Show's hand. Some parts of the crowd chanted "Sheamus sucks". They shook hands. Big Show called him a potato eating Irishman. Sheamus than tackled Show and grabbed the Big Show chair and wore him out. Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick.

Dolph Ziggler ran down and was about to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Before he could, Cena ran down and attacked Ziggler, totally destroying him. Crowd were livid at that arsehole Cena.

Hour 3

Dolph Ziggler was ranting at Vickie backstage. Ziggler said their relationship was over. Dolph said her jealously was getting old and plain ugly, just like her. Vickie made the main event for later: Vickie and John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee. Yes, really.

Match 7: Alberto Del Rio, The Miz and Tommy Dreamer defeated 3 Man Band. Crowd chanted "ECW" and "Tommy Dreamer". Dreamer hit the DDT on Slater for the win.

During the match, Jerry Lawler said that he used to be in a band called T Mobile but they kept breaking up.

Lawler said he recorded a Country song called My Old Bag Left Me Because I Got So Hefty.

Sheamus came out to announce the winner of the Newcomer Slammy. Ryback came out and accepted his second award of the night. He quoted Owen Hart by saying "Enough is enough and it is time for a change". Ryback said he was that change.

Cesaro came out and said just like US voting, this vote was rigged.

Match 8: Ryback defeated Antonio Cesaro via Count Out when Cesaro simply walked out. Crowd chanted "Goldberg".

Gene Okerlund, Ricky Steamboat and Jim Ross introduced the final Slammy Award: Match of the Year. Undertaker vs Triple H. Triple Rooooooooooooooooode accepted. Crowd chanted "We want 'Taker" & "Thank you Hunter". Triple H said we haven't seen the last of The Undertaker.

The Shield were shown assaulting Tommy Dreamer and then Ricardo backstage.

AJ Lee came out and demanded the stage hands set up a ladder in the ring.

AJ, looking Ronsealed, cut a promo atop the ladder. Vickie interrupted. I have no idea who we're supposed to be cheering. It's now 4am and the match hasn't even started.

Main Event: Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee vs. John Cena and Vickie Guerrero ended in Disqualification when AJ Lee, who had walked out on the match after being attacked by Vickie, came back out with Big E Langston, who beat up John Cena. Langston stood tall over Cena, as Ziggler looked on confused.

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PostRe: The WWE RAW Report
by KK » Mon Jun 23, 2014 9:58 am

January 7th 2013 wrote:Image

Commentary: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

Hour 1

Show opened with John Cena coming out, who plugged The Rock's appearence later in the night. AJ Lee, Dolph Ziggler and Big E interrupted. AJ said Cena was a "Pathetic, small man. A very small man." John Cena congratulated AJ Lee on making her first sixth-grade weiner joke. John Cena then got the crowd to do a Mexican Wave. Dolph Ziggler announced he was entering the 2013 Royal Rumble match. Cena made a joke about AJ Lee - who's now being portrayed as a whore in case you haven't yet got the message - "rubbing off" Ziggler and Big E Langston. Cena challenged Ziggler and Big E to a match. Ziggler initially refused but Big E grabbed the microphone and accepted on Ziggler's behalf. Dolph wasn't happy as they went to break.

Match 1: In a long match, John Cena defeated Dolph Ziggler (w/ AJ Lee & Big E Langston) with the AA. During the match, Big E and AJ Lee were both ejected from ringside by the referee due to repeated interference. The finish saw the referee get inadvertently knocked down by both men, which led to Big E running down and hitting his finisher on Cena (who lost a shoe in the process). Another referee ran down but Cena kicked out, quickly fought back and hit the AA 'out of nowhere'.

Cena threw his shoe at Michael Cole.

Match 2: In a Divas Championship match, Kaitlyn defeated Eve via Count-Out when Eve walked out on the match.

During the match, the WWE débuted a Twitter Ticker along the bottom of the screen, showing various fan Tweets for #RockonRAW.

Santino and Ricky Steamboat were talking backstage when Wade Barrett walked in. He said Ricky was a has-been and Santino a never was. Steamboat said he would be in Satino's corner for his match with Barrett tonight.

Randy Orton was interviewed by Matt Striker when 3MB interrupted. 3MB said they were all entering the Rumble match, and then asked Orton who he was going to face tonight on RAW. Orton picked the "front man" Heath Slater, and said rather than the air guitar, he'd be playing the harp by night's end.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler announced tickets for the Hall of Fame 2013 from MSG would be on sale from Saturday.

Hour 2

Match 3: Rhodes Scholars beat Team Hell No in a non-title match when Cody Rhodes pinned Daniel Bryan with Cross Roads after Bryan appeared to injure his knee in a move off the top, which led to Rhodes Scholars repeatedly working on the leg.

They re-aired the conclusion of Cena and Ziggler from the start of the show.

Match 4: In a surprisingly competitive match, Randy Orton pinned Heath Slater (w/Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal) with the RKO. Following the bout, the other two members of 3MB tried to attack Orton but also received RKO's for their efforts.

Match 5: Wade Barrett (who didn't get an entrance) pinned Santino (w/Ricky Steamboat) with the BullHammer elbow in about 2 minutes.

Matt Striker interviewed Sheamus. Sheamus said he probably isn't going to win the championship in 18 seconds this year. 3MB interrupted again. Sheamus sung "Danny Boy" & challenged them to see him in the ring for a match.

The Miz joined Cole and Lawler on commentary.

Match 6: Antonio Cesaro pinned Great Khali (w/Hornswoggle and Natalya) with the Neutraliser in a rematch from WWE Main Event.

Paul Heyman was backstage on the phone when Brad Maddox was heard going "Psssst" from out of shot. Brad Maddox suggested he go speak to Vickie and place himself in the TLC match as a referee. Heyman wasn't having any of it and demanded Maddox leave him alone.

Match 7: Sheamus pinned Jinder Mahal following the Brogue Kick.

They aired a PPV-style hype package for Ryback vs. CM Punk

Hour 3

Match 8: CM Punk defeated Ryback in a TLC match to retain the WWE Championship when the lights went out and the nWo Shield ran in and attacked Ryback just as he was about to grab the title. After initially fighting them off, Ryback was over-powered before being Triple Powerbombed through a table onto the steel stairs on the outside.

CM Punk and Paul Heyman were backstage when Matt Striker attempted to interview them. Punk said that he had no idea why The Shield interfered in his match. Punk said that before Rock comes out, he would drop a pipe bomb of his own in the ring later tonight.

Team Hell No were having a Yes! No!-off backstage when Vickie Guerrero arrived and said that Doctor Shelby would be on RAW 20th Anniversary next week to re-evaluate Bryan and Kane. As Vickie cackled and made her exit, Kane and Bryan couldn't decide on whether Shelby is a "monster" or a "nerd".

Main Event: In a complete squash, Big Show (who didn't receive an entrance) pinned Kofi Kingston with the Knockout Punch in 20 seconds.

CM Punk and Paul Heyman made their way to the ring. Long promo berating the fans & the company. Punk removed the WWE case on the microphone and threw it away. He said the meaning of the word "Pipebomb" has been misunderstood by WWE and the "Universe", when in actuality it stood for truth and honesty. Punk said the truth is that in WWE it doesn't matter whether you're the best in the ring, on the microphone, or at the announce table, because there is a glass ceiling and you're not allowed to break it. Punk said it was all about fan popularity. Punk said the WWE audience couldn't handle anything serious or complicated because we're all idiots. So the company gives everyone stupid gimmicks and that the likes of Daniel Bryan sully themselves with crappy catchphrases, and that wrestlers like Tyson Kidd are overlooked for people such as Brodus Clay, who's 'forced to touch filthy children' & dance like a moron. He continued that the roster are all fakes who don't care about the fans and just put on their 'happy faces' and go for cheap cheers from the crowd. Stage-hand got on the ring apron and told Punk to wrap it up as they needed to take one last commercial break. Punk said nobody in the truck tells him when to go to commercial, he tells people when they go to commercial. WWE cut to break with Punk still rambling on...

...back from commericial, CM Punk was still in the ring talking. Punk buried the crowd to such as extent, for so long, they were barely responding. The Rock's music then hit and Rock made his way to the ring. Long back and forth which ultimately led to The Rock giving CM Punk the Rock Bottom & standing tall as the show went off the air. Rock said that while Punk may have been WWE champion for 414 days, the number he needed to remember was "20", as in 20 days, Punk has to face him at the Royal Rumble, and that when the day arrives, "Time's up".

WWE announced that The Rock would be on SmackDown this Friday for the first time in 10 years.

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PostRe: The WWE RAW Report
by KK » Mon Jun 23, 2014 9:59 am


Location: Houston, Texas
Commentators: Michael Cole, John "Bradshaw" Layfield and Jerry "The King" Lawler; Jim Ross, JBL and Jerry Lawler.

Hour 1

Show opened with a compilation of various opening video packages.

Vince McMahon was in the ring and welcomed everyone to the show. Vince said RAW was celebrating its 20 Anniversary because he's a genius, before then thanking the fans. He announced John Cena would face Dolph Ziggler again, though this time it would be inside a steel cage. Big Show interupted, demanding that the World Title situation be addressed, and that Del Rio be stripped of the championship. Vince McMahon said he didn't want to be referred to as "Vince". Alberto Del Rio came out with Ricardo and said how about they face each other tonight for the World Heavyweight Championship. Big Show refused and said he wanted the rematch on his terms at the Royal Rumble. Del Rio called him a "fat jackass" in Spanish. Del Rio said they had a present for him, and had Ricardo pick up a bucket in the corner. It turned out the bucket only contained confetti. Nonetheless, not best pleased, Show attacked Del Rio. Del Rio got the upper hand and laid waste to Big Show, as Show bailed to the outside.

RAW 20th Rewind: Bob Barker hosting The Price is RAW from 2009.

They announced Antonio Cesaro vs. Randy Orton for WWE Main Event on Wednesday.

Match 1: Wade Barrett (who once again didn't get an entrance) defeated Randy Orton with the Bullhammer elbow.

The Tweet Ticker is back again.

They said they'd name the first inductee into the Hall Of Fame Class 2013 later tonight.

Eve bumped into Teddy Long and Booker T backstage. Booker T said that if Eve tried to intentionally get counted out or disqualified, she'd lose the Divas Championship. Eve then attempted to come on to Booker, and told him that maybe they could come to some sort of 'arrangement'. Booker and Teddy then laughed in her face. Eve slapped Long before storming off.

They aired footage shot earlier in the day of Kane and Daniel Bryan meeting with Doctor Shelby, which resulted in Doctor Shelby losing it with Rhodes Scholars when they started critiquing him rather than Kane and Bryan. Dr. Shelby then ordered Team Hell No to beat them both up. The segment ended with all three of them shouting "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Match 2: Kane (w/Daniel Bryan) pinned Damien Sandow (w/Cody Rhodes) with the Chokeslam in a quick bout.

They re-aired highlights of the opening segment with Del Rio and Big Show.

Mick Foley was announced as the first inductee into the 2013 HOF, as his music hit and he made his way out to the ring. As soon as Mick Foley got his "Right here in Houston, Texas" cheap pop out of the way, The Shield made their way out through the crowd. Before they could attack Foley, Ryback made the save, followed by Randy Orton and Sheamus, who sent The Shield packing. Ryback gave Ambrose Shellshocked.

Hour 2

Josh Mathews interviewed Ryback in the ring. He said he will not rest until he gives back to the Shield what they’ve taken from him. He then shouted "Feed me Shield" like a pillock.

RAW 20th Rewind: Most Outrageous Gimmicks, featuring the likes of Gillberg, Beaver Cleavage and William Regal's "real man" skits.

Match 3: Kaitlyn (who also didn't receive an entrance) defeated Eve with a Spear to capture the WWE Divas Championship.

Cole said that Kaitlyn's journey started a "couple weeks ago on NXT".

Josh Mathews interviewed Brodus Clay backstage. They replayed Punk's comments from last week. Clay said he doesn't dance because he's told to, he does it because he was born to. He said Punk should keep his name out of his mouth, and that Punk’s pipe bomb was about to blow up in his face.

RAW 20th Anniversary Rewind: Donald Trump and Vince McMahon Contract Signing for Hair vs. Hair at WrestleMania, which resulted in Trump shoving McMahon over the table.

JBL said Brodus Clay was what would happen if Disco Inferno and Aretha Franklin had a kid.

Match 4: CM Punk (w/Paul Heyman) defeated Brodus Clay via submission with the Anaconda Vice.

Punk cut a promo saying that he just showed everyone what he does every Monday night, whereas Rock will come out later and 'do whatever he does'. He said there's opinions and then there's facts. It was a fact he had just made a 400-pounder tap out, it was a fact that he had been WWE Champion for 421 days and that it was a fact Rock wouldn't be leaving the Royal Rumble as champion.

They plugged that The Heavy's "What Makes a Good Man?" is one of the official theme song's for the Royal Rumble.

RAW 20th Anniversary Rewind: Best Vehicular Moments. They actually included Del Rio running over Santa from Christmas Eve 2012.

Mick Foley was on the phone to his kids when The Rock stopped by. Vickie Guerrero arrived and told them if they could both keep the noise down. Vickie asked Rock if he had anything to say to her. He said no, and Vickie left. Mick Foley was stunned he didn't issue her with a verbal Smack Down. The Rock told Mick to trust him.

Match 5: 3MB (no entrance) defeated Sheamus in a 3 on 1 Over-The-Top Challenge. Following the match, Sheamus issued Brogue Kicks to 2 of them.

Josh Mathews interviews John Cena in his locker room. Cena said that Dolph Ziggler would do exactly what the World Wrestling Federation did ten years ago, "Get the F out."

Miz came out on the ramp and said MizTV was next. He asked the crowd if they wanted a clue as to who his guest would be. Miz strutted and went "Woooooo". Nope, no idea.

They re-aired highlights of The Shield brawling with Ryback and company earlier.

Hour 3

Ric Flair came out for MizTV. Flair, who was visibly shaking, was asked what his favourite RAW moment was. He said the night after Mainia 24 when he 'retired' after losing to Shawn Michaels.

RAW 20th Anniversary Rewind: Catchphrases.

Miz tried to get Flair to utter another catchphrase, but Flair said RAW was now PG, and that having four ex-wives meant he needed this job. Finally Flair got up and wheeled out the "limousine ridin" sentence. This was not one of Flair's best promos by any stretch. Antonio Cesaro interrupted waving the American flag. Cesaro said the only thing the Four Horsemen hand sign now signified was Flair's four ex-wives. Flair & Miz then went to town on Cesaro, culminating in Miz putting the Figure Four on him. Flair then missed an elbow drop, before then knee & elbow dropping his jacket.

RAW 20th Anniversary Rewind: "Tyson and Austin, Tyson and Austin!"

Match 6: Daniel Bryan (w/Kane) defeated Rhodes (w/Sandow) via submission in about 1 minute.

They aired an interview Matt Striker had conducted with Eve earlier in the night on WWE Active where Eve announced that she was quitting the company.

They announced Alberto Del Rio would celebrate with a Championship Fiesta on SmackDown.

AJ Lee & Big E Langston was backstage and introduced...

RAW 20th Anniversary Rewind: Edge and Lita's wedding. They edited out the priest saying "Christ". Triple H & Stephanie renewing their vows in 2002. AJ Lee and Daniel Bryan's wedding on the 1000th episode. AJ Lee flipped out and said that was the best night of her life and that it was ultimately ruined by John Cena. Dolph Ziggler then rolled on in and cut a promo on Cena proclaiming victory for later.

Jim Ross came out to call the main event. Michael Cole said he'd personally invited him.

Main Event: John Cena defeated Dolph Ziggler inside a Russo steel cage match laden with copious amounts of outside interference in which Cena overcame everything. The finish saw AJ Lee climb the cage. While the referees were distracted, Big E Langston entered the ring and passed the briefcase to Ziggler. Dolph accidentally nailed Langston. With Langston dispatched, Cena hit the AA on Ziggler for the pin.


The Rock Concert IV. The Rock sung two songs, one directed at Paul Heyman, and the other at Vickie Guererro. He called out Vickie onto the stage and sung his own version of Eric Clapton's You Look Wonderful Tonight. Vickie was flattered until Rock started to change the lyrics. Vickie almost cracked up laughing.

Following the concert, The Rock called out CM Punk & Paul Heyman. Rock had some facts of his own. Rock said it was a fact that Heyman had twinky tits. Rock said that last week Punk claimed facing him would be like "boxing with God". He said one thing was certain, and that Punk wasn't God. Punk then made his way down the ramp and Rock and Punk got into a brawl on the outside, as WWE officials & agents ran down to break them up to take RAW off the air.

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PostRe: The WWE RAW Report: January 21st 2013
by KK » Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:00 am

January 21st 2013 wrote:Image

Location: San Jose, California
Commentators: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

Hour 1

Show opened with Vickie Guerrero and Paul Heyman making their way to the ring together in a show of solidarity against The Rock. They both had the truck replay footage from last week of the Rock Concert. Vickie said that she's barred The Rock from entering the building tonight, and that if he enters the ring then he would be arrested. A stage-hand notified Vickie that The Rock had in fact shown up. The Rock was then shown backstage with 3 police officers, who were refusing him entry to the arena. The Rock said what they should be doing is arresting CM Punk for impersonating a champion, and Paul Heyman for not wearing a bra. He said rather than arrest Vickie, she should be asked what her intestines look like because she clearly has her head shoved straight up her ass. Rock said it's not a matter of if he enters the arena, but when. Back in the ring, Vickie said if Rock attempted to get in the building, the only song he would be singing tonight is Jailhouse Rock. She ended by saying "If you smell what The Vick is cooking".

It was announced that there would be a series of Beat The Clock matches tonight, with the winner getting to choose his entry number in the WWE Royal Rumble.

#BeatTheClock Match 1: Randy Orton defeated Antonio Cesaro with the RKO in 11:36.

They re-aired the Mick Foley Hall of Fame Class of 2013 induction video from SmackDown.

They aired The Shield video package/promo video running down the various people they've attacked over the last few months, such as Sheamus, Randy Orton and Ryback.

They re-aired highlights of Alberto Del Rio winning the World Title on SmackDown 2 weeks ago against Big Show.

It was announced that Big Show had demanded that his rematch with Alberto Del Rio at the Royal Rumble be another Last Man Standing match.

Eric Bischoff lookalike Brad Bradox climbed over the barricade behind the announce table and inserted himself on commentary.

Match 2: In a total squash, Big Show pinned Zack Ryder in under a minute with the Knockout Punch. Following the match, Big Show attempted to count to 10 to send a message to Del Rio, but lost it at the crowd chanting "What" and stormed off mid-count.

Brad Maddox left the announce position.

Paul Heyman was on the phone backstage when Brad Maddox interrupted. He said just like Paul Heyman, all he wanted to be was famous. And he said there was nothing he wouldn't do. Heyman said he was wrong about Maddox, and said if he stuck with him, then he'd make Maddox famous.

Match 3: In another squash match, Ryback pinned Heath Slater (w/3MB) in 1:20.

Ryback cut a promo saying that this was his first Rumble match, and that this was a match he was made for. He said it's the match that'll lead him to the main event of WrestleMania. He then shouted "Feed me more".

The Rock was still backstage with the 3 police saying that he needed to get into the arena. One of the police officers said his family are in the building tonight watching RAW, and that he also still has his ticket. Vickie Guerrero arrived and told The Rock that she'd let him in if he apologised about what he said about her last week. The Rock refused, and proclaimed that she was still 'looking horrible tonight'. Vickie said that The Rock would have to stand outside with the police while CM Punk & Paul Heyman head to the ring next. The Rock retorted that he'd enter the ring on his own terms & told the police, who Vickie had threatened with suspension via their superior officer if they didn't do their jobs, that he had a plan.

They announced that RAW Roulette will return next week from Las Vegas.

Hour 2

CM Punk, sporting massive bags under his eyes, and Paul Heyman made their way out to the ring to cut a promo. Punk put over the WWE Championship. He said that the most important thing to The Rock is to entertain the people, whereas to him the most important thing is the WWE Title. Punk vowed victory on Sunday.

Worth noting the show has been plagued by intermittent picture problems tonight.

They aired highlights of the previous week's MizTV with Ric Flair and Antonio Cesaro.

#BeatTheClock Match 4: Dolph Ziggler (w/Big E Langston and AJ Lee) defeated The Miz in 10:56.

They announced that Kane and Daniel Bryan's Anger Management Graduation was next. Randy Savage's Pomp and Circumstance theme music was playing in the background.

'Comedy' segment. Dr. Shelby, dressed in a ceremonial school graduation gown, introduced Team Hell No. Kane and Bryan came out wearing black gowns. Shelby said one of them should be valedictorian. Kane and Bryan couldn't agree on who should give the speech, so argued over it before Shelby shouted at them. Crowd broke out into a "Dr. Shelby" chant. Dr. Shelby said everyone should hug to make them feel better. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler hugged. Dr. Samson and Justin Roberts hugged. They then showed various fans in the crowd hugging. Dr. Shelby, Kane and Daniel Bryan finally hugged to end the segment.

They aired highlights of Kaitlyn winning the Divas Championship and Eve quitting from last week.

Match 5: Kaitlyn pinned Alicia Fox with a Spear in a non-title match.

Paul Heyman and CM Punk were walking backstage. Heyman said he'd arranged a luxury skybox for CM Punk, as he wanted him to watch while he gave a message to The Rock in the ring next.

After the break, and with CM Punk watching on from a skybox, Paul Heyman was once again in the ring. Heyman said that that he serves as Punk's friend, strategist and adviser. Heyman said he noticed most of what Punk said earlier had gone over the heads of many of the fans. He said he would therefore act as his interpretor and keep his explanation simple. Heyman said many of the fans think it's a forgone conclusion that Punk will lose at the Royal Rumble. He blamed Vince McMahon for wanting anyone to remove the championship from CM Punk. He said it just so happens that the flavour of the month is The Rock. Rock's music then hit, and clutching a ticket, he made his way down to the ring. He demanded "Twinky tits" shut up and leave. The Rock then foccused his attention on CM Punk, and said he knows how tough and dangerous Punk is, and that he has earned the right to be called Best in the World, but that it didn't change the fact that tonight's RAW would be Punk's last episode as WWE champion. The Rock quoted Martin Luther King by saying that everyone would be "Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty we are free at last."

Hour 3

The lights then went out and upon going back up, the nWo Shield were in the ring putting the boots to The Rock. After a powerbomb, The Shield made their exit. CM Punk then grabbed a microphone and proclaimed that there was only one man who could be top of the mountain, and that The Rock would finally wake up from his dream. Rock was bleeding from the mouth as we headed to break.

They re-aired the previous beat-down. Michael Cole said during the break Rock was able to get back to his feet and walk out of his own accord.

#BeatTheClock Match 6: Sheamus and Wade Barrett ended in a draw when both men failed to Beat The Clock. As Sheamus was about to hit the Brogue Kick on Barrett, Dolph Ziggler and company ran down & distracted Sheamus. As Sheamus finally managed to connect with the Brogue Kick and go for the pin, time had elapsed.

Vickie was in her office when Dolph and company turned up. Ziggler and AJ Lee then snogged in front of her, as Ziggler proclaimed that AJ looked 'beautiful tonight'. Vickie then said Dolph didn't get to choose any number, rather he had to pick between Rumble Entry number 1...and 2, as Vickie walked off cackling. AJ told Ziggler she would end her.

They re-aired The Rock beat-down from earlier. 3 HOURS.

Punk and Heyman (yes, them AGAIN) were walking backstage when they bumped into Vince McMahon. Vince said that if The Shield interferes in his match with The Rock on Sunday, Punk would be stripped of the WWE Championship.

Main Event: Alberto Del Rio pinned Tensai with a top rope moonsault that barely connected. After the match, Del Rio said it wouldn't be Big Show counting to 10 at Royal Rumble, it would be him. In Spanish. He along with the crowd then counted to 10 in Spanish.

It was announced that the second inductee into the 2013 Hall of Fame would be Bob Backlund.

John Cena came out and cut a promo. I can't even be bothered to recap it because this was total strawberry floating gooseberry fool about total random nonsense involving what 3 fans in the crowd do on a Sunday, and that they wouldn't be doing it this Sunday because it's the Rumble. He then vowed victory. Sheamus came out and also vowed victory.The Prime Time Players came out and vowed victory. You can see where this is going can't you. Randy Orton then came out. Look, lots of people came out until they ran out of microphones, and then the locker room emptied out. Ended in a big melee. Show ended.

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PostRe: The WWE RAW Report: RAW Roulette
by KK » Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:01 am


Location: Las Vegas
Commentators: Michael Cole, John Layfield and Jerry Lawler

Hour 1

Show opened with Vickie Guerrero backstage in front of 3 RAW Roulette wheels: Vickie Vegas Challenge, Stipulations, and Superstars. She announced Randy Orton would take on United States Champion Antonio Cesaro in the opening bout. Vickie spun the Stipulations wheel and it landed on Special Guest referee.

An incensed CM Punk, accompanied by Paul Heyman, made his way to the ring. An evidently delusional Punk said this was Day 435 of his WWE title reign, and that he didn't lose the championship last night. Punk said Rock was a cheater who needed help to win, and that Vince McMahon had screwed him worse than he screwed Bret Hart in Montreal. Vince McMahon interrupted and said he could also crash Punk's party tonight. McMahon claimed that they'd been sent a videotape by an anonymous source showing that Punk was complicit in a scheme orchestrated by Paul Heyman involving The Shield. Heyman tried to reply, but McMahon cut him off. Vince said he and Heyman would be back in the ring later tonight for a Personal Performance Review, which may just lead to Heyman's termination. I didn't know he was ever employed...

Match 1 - SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE: In a non-title match, Randy Orton defeated Antonio Cesaro with the RKO when Special Guest Referee, The Miz, got into a verbal altercation with Cesaro, allowing Randy Orton to benefit off the distraction.

Following the match, The Miz helped Cesaro up, before giving him the Skull Crushing Finale.

Backstage, the Roulette wheel landed on "Make Me Laugh". The camera panned back to reveal Ryback with Vickie. He then snorted at her and walked off.

Andre Agassi and his wife were shown in the front row.

Matt Striker was in the ring with Ryback and The Prime Time players for the Make Me Laugh Challenge. Crowd booed. Prime Time Players made a joke at the expense of Matt Striker. It was then Ryback's turn. He asked 'What has four eyes, 20 fingers, and is about to be unconscious'. Ryback then jumped The Prime Time players, beat them up, and gave Titus Shell Shock. Striker announced Ryback as the winner. As Striker was laughing & congratulating Ryback, Ryback then beat him up as well.

They aired a new Bob Backlund Hall of Fame 2013 induction video.

The Roulette wheel landed on Players Choice (only just, mind).

Wade Barrett was in the ring and issued his challenge to Bo Dallas, who had eliminated him the night prior in the Royal Rumble. He said his career would end at the hands of the Barrett Barrage.

Match 2: In a quick non-title match, Bo Dallas pinned Wade Barrett clean with a slam.

Cody Rhodes span the Superstar wheel, which landed on John Cena.

Cody Rhodes was in the ring as we came back from commercial, while the commentators recapped the opening hour.

John Cena was shown as the new face of Fruity Pebbles. They than had a Tale of the Tape between Fred Flinstone and John Cena.

The Fruity Pebble then made his way out.

Match 3: John Cena pinned Cody Rhodes with the AA.

Hour 2

John Cena, who received a truly pathetic crowd response, cut a promo. Crowd broke out into a loud "Cena sucks" chant. Cena announced that he'd be challenging for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania, despite his odds against CM Punk and The Rock not being in his favour.

The Shield's music hit and they made their way through the crowd. Cena stood his ground, but was overpowered by the 3 men. Sheamus and then Ryback attempted to make the save, but were also dismantled by the group. After giving Cena a Triple Powerbomb, they left back through the crowd.

They recapped what happened prior to the break.

Backstage, the Roulette Wheel landed on Lingerie Pillow Fight, much to everyone's immense joy. That was then swiftly kicked into touch when the camera panned back to reveal Tensai and Brodus Clay. Tensai shouted "No! No!" and stormed off. Vickie said with Vince McMahon in attendance issuing a performance evaluation, there was no way this was going to take place. She ordered Brodus to spin the Vickie Vegas wheel, which conveniently landed on Dance Off. Clay, grinning like an utter loon, said he'd notify Tensai of the change. You can see this joke coming a mile off, can't you...

They re-aired the Rumble Axxess video from last night.

Dance Off: For your weekly car crash segment, Brodus Clay and Tensai came out. Tensai was wearing lingerie. Tensai initially refused to dance, but Jerry Lawler said what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Tensai & Clay then danced together. Rob Simmons was shown watching on a television backstage. "Damn". Tensai left in embarrassment.

Vickie and Alberto Del Rio were backstage. The Wheel landed on "Body Slam Challenge" against the Big Show.

The Body Slam Challenge never got started, as Big Show jumped Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo before the bell. Big Show duct taped Alberto Del Rio to the second ring rope, and then proceeded to destroy Ricardo as a helpless Del Rio looked on. A smattering of fans chanted "boring". Show then gave both men the Knockout Punch before leaving.

Match 4: In a Las Vegas Show Girls Match fought under Lumberjack rules & in front of a completely dead crowd, Kaitlyn and Tamina Snuka ended in a no contest when the Lumberjills entered the ring and started brawling. Michael Cole buried the match on commentary, and promised us that the show would get better after the break.

They again re-aired the The Shield attack from earlier.

To end an unbelievably atrocious three quarters of an hour, new WWE Champion The Rock came out to a big ovation. He said he'd thanked his friends and family, but he hadn't yet had a chance to thank the fans. Rock claimed that this was the proudest moment in his entire career. Rock said that tonight was going to usher in a new era: The People's Era. Rock said everyone was going partying tonight in Vegas, and that everyone was getting 'pie'.

Hour 3

CM Punk interrupted. He said that after making the WWE Title mean something, Rock was proceeding to flush all his good work down the toilet. Punk said that if Rock were a man, and had any respect for himself & his father and grandfather, then he would walk down the aisle and hand back the championship he never earned in the first place. The Rock said rather than standing on the stage like a 'punk ass bitch', he should come down to the ring and face him like a man. CM Punk said he was going to grant The Rock a rematch on his own terms, and that he'd see him in 3 weeks at Elimination Chamber.

They aired a music video hyping WrestleMania 29.

Damien Sandow was in the ring. They showed the wheel landing on Tables on the WWE App

Match 5 - TABLES MATCH: Sheamus defeated Damien Sandow when he delivered White Noise through a table set up in the corner.

During the match, JBL asked why all Irish love to fight. Lawler said it's because everyone in Ireland is inebriated.

In another waste of time, Jerry Lawler was in the ring to announce that Zack Ryder and Great Khali were going to play WWE Karaoke. Great Khali, completely out of time to the words, sung along to Shawn Michaels' theme music. 3MB interrupted. They then got wasted at the hands of Khali, Ryder and Hornswoggle. Michael Cole for the second time tonight once again apologised for this awfulness.

Chris Jericho came out. Crowd chanted "Y2J". Jericho wheeled out his catchphrases, before thanking the fans. Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee and Big E interrupted. Jericho asked whether the "Big E" stood for Langston's bra size. Vickie Guererro appeared on the Titantron to make the final Roulette spin of the night. It landed on Strange Bed Fellows, meaning Ziggler and Jericho would be forced to team together. Their opponents were revealed as Kane and Daniel Bryan.

Main Event - STRANGE BED FELLOWS: Team Hell No defeated Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho when Kane Chokeslammed Ziggler.

WWE announced that Trish Stratus would be inducted into this year's Hall of Fame Class of 2013.

They announced that Booker T would have a major announcement concerning the future of the World Championship on SmackDown.

Vince McMahon was in the ring for Heyman's job evaluation. Vince McMahon said everyone knows he loves to have fun, and said the best place to have fun was right here in Vegas. McMahon demanded Heyman come to the ring. Vince said if he was looking for Punk, he was escorted out of the building about ten minutes go. Vince asked Heyman if either Brad Maddox or The Shield were under contract to Heyman. Heyman said he'd lied every day of his life to survive, but tonight he swore he was going to tell the truth. He categorically said he had nothing to do with it. Vince then ordered the video footage to be played on the Tron. It showed Paul Heyman secretly meeting with Brad Maddox and his cameraman, where in a conversation he admitted everything. Maddox demanded more money. The Shield then turned up, and on Paul's instructions beat up Maddox. Back Live, Heyman attempted to weasel his way out by saying it was an impersonator. Crowd sang, in probably the best I've heard in 10 years, "Na, na, na, na Goodbye" at him. Just before Vince McMahon was about to fire Heyman, Brock Lesnar's music hit, and Lesnar made his way down to the ring. As Heyman tried to convince Brock Lesnar not to do anything stupid, Brock went nose to nose with McMahon. Vince told Lesnar not to do anything he would later regret. Brock Lesnar then picked up Vince and gave him the F5. With Vince laid out, Brock & Heyman left the ring to take the show off the air.

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PostRe: The WWE RAW Report: February 4th 2013
by KK » Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:02 am

WWE RAW Results February 4th 2013 wrote:Image

Location: Atlanta Georgia, Phillips Arena
Commentators: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

Hour 1

Show opened with CM Punk coming out, minus Paul Heyman. Punk grabbed Justin Roberts and demanded he introduce him as the "People's Champion". Punk said he's had a week to contemplate what happened on RAW last week. He said he didn't overreact. Punk said he's had people asking him questions about Paul Heyman and The Shield video from last week. Punk left the ring and confronted fans in the front row, before asking Michael Cole if anyone had seen him in the video. Punk said everyone has bought into Vince McMahon's version of events, and that he'd staged the entire video with actors and CGI, and that the fans are stupid enough to buy into it. Punk claimed Vince got what he deserved at the hands of Brock Lesnar, and that it was karma. Punk said everyone who's a loser in life gets what they deserve. SmackDown General Manager Booker T interrupted. Booker T, completely stumbling over his words to the point he stopped and started over, said Vickie Guerrero had allowed him onto RAW. Punk asked if he was drunk. Booker T said he was going to let the fans decide on who Punk would face tonight exclusively via the WWE App. Punk said WWE fans don't even have smart phones.

They aired a tutorial of someone who was allegedly Michael Cole using the WWE App on the iPhone.

Michael Cole said they had an epic announcement regarding the next WWE Hall of Fame inductee.

Back from commercial, they aired Matt Striker interviewing Randy Orton on the WWE App. Orton said there was no better place than here in Atlanta for him to face CM Punk. The interview was in a small box-out surrounded by overlaid iPhone and App graphics.

Match 1: Ryback defeated United States Champion Antonio Cesaro in a non-title match with Shell Shocked.

WWE once again plugged the WWE App voting.

They re-aired the John Cena beat down by The Shield from last week.

Chilli from TLC was in the front row.

Matt Striker interviewed Rey Mysterio on the WWE App. Rey said Punk was embarrassing himself, and that he was the one who took Punk's hair at WrestleMania.

They aired a video package on The Shield, including their début at Survivor Series 2012.

Jonh Cena was shown watching the TV in Vickie's office. She said she'd heard Cena was going out later tonight to confront The Shield in the ring. She asked if he had a death wish. Cena replied that he'd heard there was a guy on RAW called John Cena who thinks that The Shield needed to be stopped, and stopped tonight.

They re-aired the Trish Stratus HOF induction video from last week.

Chris Jericho was shown being interviewed by Matt Striker on the WWE App.

Booker T joined Cole and Lawler on commentary. He brought up "buyrates" and "ratings", much to the amusement of Cole and Lawler.

Match 2: Jack Swagger defeated Santino with the Patriot Act (Ankle Lock) submission.

Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio were confirmed as participants in the Number 1 Contenders Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Championship at Elimination Chamber on 17 February.

Michael Cole apologised that the WWE App had crashed due to 'overwhelming demand', and that fans should now go to strawberry floating amateur hour this is.

They aired Alberto Del Rio brawling in the parking lot with Big Show from SmackDown, along with Bhow punching out Ricardo backstage during the main event.

Hour 2

Match 3: Alberto Del Rio beat Cody Rhodes with the Armbar submission in under 3 minutes.

Aberto Del Rio grabbed the microphone and said he knew he used to look down on everyone but he was wrong. Del Rio said he appreciated everyone's support. Crowd chanted "What". Del Rio said Big Show was going to pay for what he did to Ricardo. Big Show appeared on the TitanTron from a hotel. Del Rio said Show had no "cojones". Show said he wasn't scared of Del Rio, rather the reason he wasn't there was to stop himself from tearing Del Rio apart. Show demanded Del Rio sign a contract for a rematch at Elimination Chamber and send the contract over to the hotel later tonight. Show told Del Rio not to even bother attempting to find him at the hotel otherwise he'd rip him apart.

Jerry Lawler announced Live to the crowd that Chris Jericho had won with 57% of the vote to take on CM Punk in a rematch from last year's WrestleMania.

Daniel Bryan and Kane were arguing backstage over their loss last week on SmackDown against Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio. Bryan said he didn't want Kane to ruin his chances to get into the Elimination Chamber, and demanded Kane stay backstage for his match tonight no matter what happens.

Match 4: Daniel Bryan defeated Rey Mysterio with the No! Lock in a good 8 minute encounter. During the match, Booker T was with Teddy Long watching on backstage deciding on whether Daniel Bryan should go into the Elimination Chamber match in 2 weeks.

Following the match, Mark Henry made his return. Upon dispatching Daniel Bryan in the aisleway, he made his way into the ring and destroyed Mysterio. Sin Cara ran down and attempted to make the save but was also taken out.

Back from break, Daniel Bryan ran up to Kane backstage demanding why he didn't come out to help him. Kane said Bryan had told him to stay backstage. Bryan said when did Kane ever listen to what he said, and that Kane should apologise. Kane said their friendship means a lot. Bryan asked him "really?". Kane laughed, said no, and walked off.

They aired highlights of the Vince McMahon/Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar segment from last week's RAW.

Lawler and Cole said Vince McMahon had suffered a shattered hip, and undergone hip replacement surgery earlier today.

Big Show was on the phone with Booker T asking where the contract was as he couldn't stay in the hotel all night. There was a knock at the door. It turned out to be room service with his food. He asked for a tip. Show showed him the door and said that next time, get a better job.

They plugged in an IMPACT WRESTLING-style recap commercial that John Cena would confront The Shield tonight.

Michael Cole announced that Booker T had inserted Daniel Bryan into the Chamber match.

Match 5: Sheamus pinned Kane when Daniel Bryan ran down and jumped on the apron, allowing Sheamus to hit the Brogue Kick off of the distraction for the win.

They re-aired Brock Lesnar giving Vince McMahon the F5. The amount of recapping tonight has been beyond a joke.

The Miz was in the ring for MizTV. As The Miz was talking, Paul Heyman interupted. The Miz said he hadn't introduced him yet. Paul said he'd agreed to be on MizTV to clear his good name. Paul Heyman offered his best wishes to Vince McMahon. Miz said Heyman had to be kidding, as like he cared what happened to Vince. Paul Heyman claimed he had no idea Brock Lesnar was going to show up last week.

Hour 3

Heyman claimed that if Miz watched the tape he would see Heyman was trying to call Brock off Vince. As Miz wasn't having any of Paul's bullshit, Vickie Guerrero came out and backed up Heyman's claims that he had no idea that Brock would be in Vegas. Vickie revealed that she'd actually signed Brock Lesnar to a new contract last week at RAW Roulette in an attempt to impress Vince McMahon, but that had all gone awry when Brock assaulted Vince. She broke down crying on Paul's shoulder. Wiping away fake tears, she then said both herself and Paul should pray for Vince's recovery. Miz said "Really?". Brock Lesnar's music hit, and he made his way to the ring. Miz shoved him, which led to Lesnar beating up Miz and throwing him to the outside. As Brock proceeded to throw the MizTV set out the proverbial window, Miz jumped back in the ring and attempted to take out Lesnar, but to no avail. As Brock was about to F5 The Miz, Michael Cole shouted to "watch the couch", as the upturned sofa was clearly of more importance. Paul told Lesnar "no more", as both men then made their way to the back.

Bo Dallas cut an inset promo.

Match 6: Randy Orton took on Wade Barrett for the 500th time. Seriously, we need some new matches around here...

Randy Orton won with the RKO.

We got a short Fandago vignette. Yes, he's back again. I wonder if this is going to turn into another Brodus Clay where he doesn't début for another 72 months, and ends up with a completely different gimmick than the one originally advertised. Except this will be in reverse, as he'll come out as a serious arse kicker rather than a Strictly Come Dancing knock-off.

Main Event: CM Punk pinned Chris Jericho with the Go To Sleep.

WWE announced that Bruno Sammartino would be inducted into the 2013 Hall of Fame with a long video package. Afterwards, the crowd were shown giving a very respectable standing ovation.

Matt Striker interviewed CM Punk backstage. Punk said he wasn't mad about Rock walking around with his belt while shooting commercials, but rather that Rock was a thief who was walking around with something that belonged to him. Punk claimed the title of Champion belonged to him, and he'll prove he's the best in the world at Elimination Chamber.

They aired a video package showcasing the various press coverage The Rock has garnered in the last week.

Josh Mathews interviewed John Cena backstage. Cena said the time for joking was over. The Shield pushed him last week, so he's going to push back next.


Big Show was shown still finishing off his dinner at the hotel when there was another knock at the door. A man turned up with the contract. Show signed the contract, and ignored the man's attempted pleas to get his attention. After re-opening the door, Del Rio was standing there. Show and Del Rio brawled in the corridor, before Del Rio knocked him out with a fire extinguisher. The lift then opened and two men got out (one looking remarkably similar to the guy who'd given Big Show room service earlier). Del Rio said his friend had eaten some bad Mexican food, before riding off in the lift.

Lousy Eric Bischoff impersonator Brad Maddox was in the ring. Maddox said it was going to be him, rather than Cena, who was going to take out The Shield. Brad demanded The Shield come out and face him. The Shield's music hit and they made their way through the crowd. After dismantling Brad Maddox and giving him the Triple Power Bomb, John Cena made his entrance through the crowd, quickly followed by Ryback and Sheamus. As The Shield then attempted to retreat up the aisle, various WWE superstars blocked their exit on the ramp. In a brawl completely devoid of crowd heat, Sheamus, Ryback and Cena fought briefly with The Shield in the ring, before they managed to make their escape back through the crowd to close out RAW.

WWE From The Vault: RAW - 2 Out Of 3 falls match for the United States Championship Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler from June 2011.

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PostRe: The WWE RAW Report: 11th February 2013
by KK » Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:04 am

WWE RAW Results February 11th 2013 wrote:Image

Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Quoted Attendance: 13,000
Commentators: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

Hour 1

Show opened with Paul Heyman already in the ring. Heyman said tonight would be the last night they'd ever see him in the WWE, as he had decided to resign. Heyman said that for seven years he had sacrificed everything, including his parents fortune, to bring everyone the most ground breaking product in pro wrestling and sports entertainment history, ECW. Paul said that when he came to the WWE he saw the most physically gifted rookie of all time, and that he turned that rookie into the Next Big Thing, Brock Lesnar. Then he met a man he felt was the epitome of everything that the WWE audience would support in CM Punk. Heyman said that he can see into the future, and something really bad was going to happen to CM Punk. That the Sword of Damocles was hanging over everyone's head. Heyman said he had become a distraction, and that the sins of the mentor will end up falling upon his protégé. Punk then came out and asked Paul Heyman what he was doing. Punk said that people admire and look up to Paul Heyman. Paul responded by saying that in the land of the McMahon family, perception is reality. If Punk thought Vince was screwing him at the Royal Rumble, wait until what he does next, and that he does not want Punk to think of him as a martyr, but as his friend. Punk told Paul that on Sunday this "bad dream" that they are living in will end, as at Elimination Chamber, on Day 455 of his historic title reign, things will return to normal when he beats the Rock, and that Paul Heyman will be in his corner to see it happen. Paul Heyman, suddenly rejuvenated and convinced by Punk's pep-talk, says that Punk is right and that he will indeed beat The Rock. He will no quit, and will be there to witness greatness. Heyman and Punk then hugged, as Heyman repeatedly told Punk that he is "the best in the world". Well, that was ultimately a total waste of 15 minutes...

Match 1: Mark Henry defeated Great Khali (w/Hornswoggle and Natalya) with the World's Strongest Slam. After the match, Mark Henry returned to the ring as Hornswoggle was checking on Khali and gave him the World's Strongest Slam as well.

Michael Cole said Randy Orton would take on Mark Henry in a return match on SmackDown Friday.

It was announced John Cena, Sheamus and Ryback would take on 3MB later tonight.

Booker T and Teddy Long were talking backstage about how impressive Mark Henry is, especially beating Orton last Friday. Chris Jericho interrupted and said he wanted to be in the Elimination Chamber. He said it would be good business, and that by being in the Chamber, it would add prestige to the match. Long said he was with Chris, and that he's in. Booker T however said he couldn't just walk in. Teddy Long had an idea. Upon hearing it, Booker responded that his idea sucked. Booker said that if Chris could beat Daniel Bryan he was in. Jericho called him "Daniel Bearden" and then comically impersonated Booker T as he left...

Vickie Guerrero was on the phone in her office when there was a repeated knock at the door. Paul Heyman walked in. Vickie said she didn't have time for Heyman's BS. Paul said she needed to make time. Heyman wanted a stipulation added to the WWE Championship match on Sunday. Vickie asked if he was crazy if he thought she was doing anything to the match without Vince McMahon's approval. Vickie's phone rang. It was Vince. Paul wanted the phone. Paul then attempted to suck up to Vince on speaker, but was told to "Shuuuuuuuuuuuutup". Paul said Rock would try anything to retain the championship, such as intentionally getting disqualified or losing by count-out. Vince decided that should either of those things occur, Rock would lose the WWE Title. As an elated Heyman said he saw Vince like "a father figure", McMahon hung up. Paul Heyman said Vickie had a crappy phone (it was an iPhone) & walked off.

A Fandago vignette aired.

Match 2: Chris Jericho pinned Daniel Bryan following the Code Breaker. Will probably end up being the best match of the show.

Hour 2

Match 3: In a thoroughly entertaining match in front of a hot crowd, John Cena, Sheamus and Ryback defeated 3MB in about 3 minutes when all 3 performed their finishers in unison.

Following the match, Ryback said this Sunday was a day he'd waited a long time for. It was the day that he would feast on The Shield. Sheamus then took the microphone and said for the past few months their opponents have being telling everyone to 'believe in The Shield' - well there was no reason he, Cena and Ryback couldn't get some of their own justice tonight. John Cena, receiving his usual mixed response, said that they would meet the sword tonight, and that if they want some, then they can come get some.

They replayed Del Rio's altercation with Big Show from SmackDown, in which Del Rio stole the wheels off Big Show's bus and poured orange paint/gunge over him and the bus.

They aired footage recorded earlier of Yoshi Tatsu and Alex Riley joking backstage at Big Show's expense, when Show then stormed in and knocked them both out.

Big Show made his way out to the ring to be interviewed by Matt Striker. Striker got about 3 words out before being punched in the face. Show grabbed the microphone and just walked about getting angrier and angrier at the boos from the crowd, before finally throwing the microphone down and storming out.

They re-aired the Bruno Sammartino Hall of Fame induction video from the past week.

Match 4: Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter) defeated Zack Ryder with the Patriot Act.

Swagger cut a promo, introducing long forgotten gimmick from about 16 years ago, Zeb Colter. Colter, sporting an old fashioned moustache and sounding like Jim Ross spoof Oklahoma, said everyone's forgotten what's wrong with America. He said he and Swagger's father were both in Vietnam. He said he no longer sees a country he recognises. He asked where all these people came from, and how they can get rid of them. He claimed 'real' Americans know the truth. Swagger knows the truth. He said America is now the home of whoever wants to cross the border. He said he's a real Patriot, and that they're going to re-take their country. Yes, they're really doing a "strawberry floating foreigners" gimmick.

Booker T and Teddy Long were watching on backstage, and said Jack Swagger was in the Elimination Chamber. Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee and Big E Langston interrupted. Dolph couldn't believe Swagger and Jericho are in the Elimination Chamber. AJ reminded Booker that Dolph still has his Money in the Bank briefcase. Big E Langston said that Dolph wants in on the match too, so he can have two World Title matches and get a chance at Jericho. Booker responded by saying he knows another man who wants in the Chamber. Booker said whomever wins the match later tonight can go in. Booker revealed Ziggler would have to face Kane.

They re-aired MizTV with Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar last week.

Antonio Cesaro was on commentary.

Match 5: The Miz defeated Cody Rhodes via Disqualification when Cesaro ran Miz into the ring post. Following the match, Cesaro repeatedly swung Miz into the barricade.

They aired a video promoting the WWE WrestleMania Reading Challenge.

Match 6: Brodus Clay and Tensai beat Primo and Epico in a total squash. After the match, Rosa Mendes got in the face of Cameron and Naomi, and was promptly tossed over the top rope...albeit in slow motion.

Hour 3

The Shield came out through the crowd and cut a promo. They said that they stand united in the ring with a sole purpose - that of shielding the WWE from atrocities. Roman said that John Cena has been the problem in WWE for the past decade. They demanded if they wanted a fight then they can come out and fight them right now. The lights in the arena went out, and upon coming back up Ryback, Cena and Sheamus were brawling in the ring with The Shield. The Shield attempted to make their escape, but were cornered on the outside. All six men fought their way through the crowd, before The Shield managed to run away up through the stands. Cena and company celebrated in the crowd.

They re-aired Paul Heyman's promo from the top of the show.

Damien Sandow cut a promo criticising country music, saying they would rather listen to songs about dead dogs than Mozart.

Match 7: Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo) tapped out Damien Sandow with the Armbar submission in a little over a minute.

Following the match Del Rio grabbed a microphone, and joked earlier tonight Big Show had given the best promo of his life. Del Rio said the time for all these shenanigans was over, and that once he'd finished with him Sunday, Big Show could take his "tool bus" and go wherever he wanted. Del Rio vowed he was taking the World Championship to WrestleMania.

Backstage, Wade Barrett was making his way out for his match when Bo Dallas jumped and attacked him. Security and referees ran in and broke them up.

We got another vignette for Fandango. Go. Go. Go.

The re-aired highlights of Wade Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston from the New Year's Eve edition of RAW.

Match 8: In their 4000th encounter, Wade Barrett pinned Kofi Kingston in roughly 3 minutes when Kofi got trapped between the ring curtain and apron, which led to Barrett hitting the Bull Hammer elbow.

After the match, Barrett shouted for Bo Dallas to come to the ring.

Main Event: Kane pinned Dolph Ziggler (w/AJ Lee and Big E Langston) to gain entry into the Elimination Chamber match. Finish saw Dolph Ziggler hit the ropes and accidentally knock AJ Lee off the ring apron, causing the distraction and leading to Kane hitting the Chokeslam for the victory.

They aired a video hyping the Elimination Chamber match.

WWE Champion The Rock came out to a big reaction. The Rock said Nashville is very special to him, and that this was going to be "story time with The Rock".


I think he's told this story on The Jonathan Ross Show. Rock said that when he was 15 he moved to Nashville with his family. He said he didn't receive any reaction from the girls at school because they thought he was an undercover cop. Rock name dropped Jeff Jarrett. He said he bought a (likely stolen) car from a crack head in a bar for $40. CM Punk, accompanied by Paul Heyman, interrupted. Rock said the last time they were out in the ring they were attempting to re-enact a scene from Twilight. Rock claimed Paul Heyman & Vince McMahon could stack the deck and make all the stipulations they want as it didn't matter. Punk and Heyman ultimately made their way down the ramp and teased getting into the ring. After pretending he had changed his mind and was going to head to the back, he turned around in an attempt to get the jump on The Rock. They both had a rather sloppy brawl in the ring. As Rock was about to hit the People's Elbow on CM Punk, Paul Heyman tripped him from the outside, allowing Punk to recover and hit Rock with the Go To Sleep. Punk then took the WWE Championship and walked up the ramp. Punk grabbed the microphone and said story time was over. Punk said that every time Rock wants to bring it, he's just going to take it because it belongs to him. He held the title aloft to take RAW off the air.

WWE From The Vault: Alex Riley and Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz and Jack Swagger from June 2011.

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PostRe: The WWE RAW Report: 18th February 2013
by KK » Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:07 am

WWE RAW Results 18th February 2013 wrote:Image

Location: Cajundome; Lafayette, Louisiana
Commentators: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

Hour 1

John Cena made his way out to open RAW. He said after last night, we know the two main events for WrestleMania 29: Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger (which garnered as close to a zero reaction from the crowd as is humanly possible) and John Cena vs. The Rock. CM Punk's music then hit, and he and Paul Heyman made their way to the ring. Punk claimed John Cena was lucky in the Royal Rumble match, Rock vs. Cena is nothing more than re-run television, and that John Cena is incapable of winning the big one. Punk said Cena should do everyone a favour and leave. John was about to walk out, when he changed his mind and actually said Punk made some good points; he'd never beaten Punk or The Rock. John Cena said he was willing to prove something to himself and his critics by putting his match with The Rock at WrestleMania on the line against CM Punk. If CM Punk can beat him, then he can go on to face The Rock for the WWE Championship instead. Cena wanted it tonight, but CM Punk had other ideas, and said he'd do it on his own terms - next week on RAW.

Cole and Lawler recapped The Shield defeating Cena, Ryback and Sheamus at Elimination Chamber.

A quote from Thomas Jefferson appeared on screen.

Matt Striker interviewed Sheamus backstage. Sheamus said last night didn't go to plan. As he was talking to Striker, Ryback was pacing back and forth. Sheamus stopped Ryback and asked if he was a neanderthal. They were both about to get into it when Chris Jericho stepped in and said they shouldn't be fighting each other, but be putting all their anger towards The Shield. Jericho said he's seen the nWo, and Nexus, and these guys were even worse (stretching credibility somewhat there, Chris...). Jericho said he was going to ask Vickie that they all take on The Shield tonight.

Match 1: Mark Henry pinned Sin Cara following the World's Strongest Slam in a demolition job. After the match, Mark Henry was about to give Sin Cara another World's Strongest Slam when The Great Khali interrupted. As Khali got in the ring, Henry made his exit, mockingly danced a little and shouted to Khali "That's all you do anyway, dancing".

Cole and Lawler recapped the closing moments of Cesaro vs. The Miz from last night. They announced that both men would face each in a rematch tonight on RAW in a No Disqualification match.

They announced via a Tweet that Vickie Guererro had agreed to Sheamus, Ryback and Chris Jericho taking on The Shield later tonight.

They aired another Fandango. Go. Go. Go. vignette.

The Miz and Antonio Cesaro were already in the ring for their match. They re-aired last week's RAW beat-down by Cesaro on the Miz.

Match 2: The Miz defeated United States Champion Antonio Cesaro in a non-title, weapons-strewn No Disqualification match with the Figure Four.

They recapped The Elimination Chamber match from last night.

They aired a pre-tape from of Zeb Colter, accompanied by Jack Swagger, cutting an anti-IMMIGRATION promo about those blasted piss taking foreigners.

They showed an Abraham Washington Lincoln quote.

Daniel Bryan was walking backstage when he bumped into Kane. Daniel Bryan said he had requested a singles match against Jack Swagger, and that he didn't want Kane coming down. Kane said in which case he was going to request a singles match tonight too, and he didn't want Bryan coming down to assist him either. Kane said he didn't deal well with snakes. The camera then panned out to reveal Randy Orton. He said Kane used to be intimidating but is now more like Barny the Dinosaur, as Kane couldn't believe what he'd just said and Daniel Bryan laughed.

Vickie Guerrero was backstage on the phone when Paul Heyman walked up to her. Vickie mockingly said the stipulations Heyman begged for in the main event last night were a great idea. Vickie told Paul that she had something that would impact on Heyman's entire career, and that they were going to do it in the ring later. Heyman said he doesn't like over-dramatic women, and that he doesn't like surprises. Vickie cackled as she walked off, while Paul had somewhat of a sly grin on his face.

Match 3: Dolph Ziggler (w/Big E Langston and AJ Lee) vs. Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo)

Hour 2

Alberto Del Rio tapped out Dolph Ziggler with the arm bar.

Following the match, Big E Langston ran over Del Rio and nailed his finishing manoeuvre. Langston proclaimed Del Rio's 'time was over'. Dolph Ziggler then grabbed the Money in the Bank briefcase and was about to cash in when Ricardo stole the briefcase. Big E instantly gave chase, as Ricardo ran to the back, albeit dropping the briefcase on the ramp in the process. AJ Lee went to retrieve it. As Dolph Ziggler was distracted by AJ, Del Rio nailed him with the Enziguri kick.

They announced Kane would take on Randy Orton later tonight.

Wade Barrett was in the ring to cut a promo. He said he's about to become a huge movie star in Dead Man Down. Crowd chanted "What". They aired the film trailer. He was in the trailer for all of 1 second. Sheamus interrupted and said Wade Barrett isn't the star of the film, his mate Colin Farrell is. Sheamus said they were now out of time, while Wade stood in the ring shouting Sheamus had ruined his big moment.

Cole and Lawler, continuing in shill mode, had the WWE Power Slammers toys on the announce table. They aired a video and played with them.

Match 4: Tensai, Brodus Clay and Naomi's arse defeated Primo, Epico and Rosa Mendes in a quick bout.

They aired highlights of the WWE WrestleMania XXX Press Conference from earlier today.

Harry S. Truman quote.

Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter were in the ring for their President's Day State of the Union Address. A massively disinterested crowd could just about muster a "What" chant. Worth pointing out however that the crowd on this show have been truly diabolical. Zeb Colter went on another IMMIGRATION rant. Del Rio and Ricardo were shown watching on backstage. Zeb said it wasn't a World Title match at Mania, but a battle for America. Daniel Bryan's music interrupted theirs for his match with Swagger.

Match 5: Jack Swagger defeated Daniel Bryan with the Patriot Lock submission.

You've seen more energy in a Post Office on giro day than from this crowd.

Vickie Guerrero was in the ring with Paul Heyman to finally wake the crowd up from their stupor. Vickie said she was going to be naming a new assistant to the Managing Supervisor. She announced it was Brad Maddox. That's all we need, more people in charge. Brad said it was his reward for his loyalty, and exposing Paul and The Shield. He said Vince was so happy with him that he'd given him the opportunity of a lifetime. Vickie and Brad got into the correct pronunciation and semantics of "Managing Supervisor". Vince McMahon appeared on the TitanTron, clutching crutches, seemingly regressing from earlier today when he didn't need them - which in a pure WCW moment had actually aired about 30 minutes ago. Vince showed Paul Heyman saying last week that he'd "do anything" for the stipulation at Elimination Chamber. Vince said he had that put in writing. Vince told Paul Heyman that he could fire him right now, but that was too good for him. Vince said that next week he'd walk to the ring on crutches and the two of them were going to have a fight. Crowd remained dead, having been told twice in one evening what they could expect on RAW from Dallas.

They aired a video promoting the WWE WrestleMania Reading Challenge.

They re-aired the opening confrontation between Punk and John Cena.

Hour 3

Back in the IMPACT ZONE...

Match 6: The Shield beat Chris Jericho, Sheamus and Ryback when Ambrose pinned Jericho after Seth Rollins hit Jericho with a knee to the head off the top rope.


Damien Sandow cut a promo. He said many of his family had worked with former Presidents, and then called the crowd nitwits.

Kofi Kingston and Damien Sandow never got going as Sandow jumped Kofi Kingston before the bell. R-Truth ran down to make the save and beat the piss out of Sandow.

Josh Mathews interviewed two cast members of G.I. Joe again in the crowd.

They aired a trailer for G.I Joe.

A Fandango. Go. Go. Go. vignette aired for the 90th time.

Main Event: Randy Orton defeated Kane in a snooze fest when Daniel Bryan came out, distracting Kane and allowing Randy Orton to hit the RKO.

In what has become a staple of 2013, a promo was our final segment. The Louisiana Marching Band were on the stage and ramp to signal the entrance of The Rock. The Rock, clutching the original WWE Spinner belt, made his way to the ring, as the Marching Band played him in. The Rock unveiled the new WWE Championship title which we've seen half-finished photos of for many months.


He asked a stage hand to take the WWE Spinner title, which he said looked like a toy, to the back and make sure it ends up in the WWE Hall of Fame. Rock polled the crowd on what they thought of it. Seemingly disappointed by their reaction - quite easily the hottest they'd been all night - he needed to ask them to cheer louder 3 times. John Cena made his way out onto the ramp. Before he could do anything, CM Punk sneaked out and nailed him with the WWE Spinner championship, before dumping it on the ramp, pointing at The Rock and walking out. The Rock looked on from the ring at a downed John Cena to take RAW off the air.

WWE From The Vault: Alberto Del Rio vs. R-Truth vs Rey Mysterio from RAW, June 2011.

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PostRe: The WWE RAW Report: 25th February 2013
by KK » Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:08 am

WWE RAW Results 25th February 2013 wrote:Image

Location: Dallas, Texas
Attendance: 17,000
Commentators: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

Hour 1

Vince McMahon, looking better than he has in years, made his way down to the ring on crutches to kick off RAW. He demanded Paul Heyman come out. Heyman, wearing a black tracksuit, made his way out and confronted Vince in the ring. Heyman told Vince that he has as much chance of beating him tonight as Tony Romo has of leading the Dallas Cowboys to the Super Bowl. Crowd booed. Heyman then said he wants to send him a message, before suddenly tackling Vince to the mat and nailing him with a crutch to the knee. Vince managed to get back to his feet. As Heyman was about to hit him once more, Vince grabbed the crutch and took it off Heyman. As Vince began to lay waste to Paul Heyman with one of his crutches, Brock Lesnar's music filled the arena. Before Lesnar was seemingly about to attack Vince once more in the ring, Triple H's music hit and he slowly made his way down to the ring to confront Lesnar. Brock left the ring and met Triple H in the aisleway. Both men brawled around ringside, before Lesnar was posted extremely hard into the ring post, splitting him wide open. As the camera did its best to avoid filming Brock's head, Triple H sent Lesnar over the barricade into the timekeepers bell table. Lesnar fought back and slammed HHH onto the announce table. Brock tossed Triple H back into the ring, and grabbed a steel chair. HHH countered and hit a Spinebuster on Brock, before grabbing the chair and proceeding to waylay him in the back. Lesnar exited the ring, as Triple H stood tall in the ring, and an extremely bloodied Lesnar smiled in the aisle.

Back from commercial, Michael Cole asked fans to Tout their thoughts on the prior segment.

Match 1: Ryback pinned Dolph Ziggler (w/Big E Langston and AJ Lee) with Shell Shocked despite repeated interference from AJ Lee and Big E. The "Goldberg" chant once again reared its head.

They aired a trailer for upcoming WWE Studios film The Call staring Halle Berry.

CM Punk made his way to the ring as we headed to break.

CM Punk cut a promo proclaiming he was God, and that tonight wasn't about Cena, The Rock, WrestleMania or even the WWE Championship, but rather it was all about CM Punk.

WWE announced that Donald Trump would be a "Celebrity Honouree" into the Hall of Fame class 2013.

Match 2: In a quick and hard hitting bout, Mark Henry defeated The Great Khali with the World's Strongest Slam.

They aired a clip from DVD and Blu Ray exclusive The Marine 3 staring The Miz. Coming to a petrol station near you soon.

The Miz made his way out for MizTV.

Hour 2

They aired a Fandango. Go. Go. Go. vignette, with an announcement that'll he'll finally be débuting on Social Media SmackDown Friday.

Miz, Zeb Colter, Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo were in the ring for MizTV. Long segment played completely straight. There was initially a problem with the microphones, which resulted in a rather prolonged silence as they faffed about replacing it with one that worked. Zeb Colter went on a tirade about illegal and "criminal" Mexican immigrants crossing the border. He said many Mexicans see Del Rio on TV but have no hopes of reaching the same level of success. But instead of leaving and going back home when they've failed, they conveniently forget to leave America. Del Rio said Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger were nothing but bullies who hide behind the Constitution, and there's nothing he hates more than bullies. Del Rio said if they want him to leave, then why don't they do something about it right now. Swagger grabbed the microphone and said they WrestleMania. He closed out by saying "We The People". Crowd were mildly more into this than in previous weeks.

They showed what happened during the break on WWE Active. Zeb Colter confronted The Miz on the ramp and said he didn't like the biased way he had conducted the interview. Miz was then blind-sided by Jack Swagger.

Match 3: In a non-title match Randy Orton defeated United States Champion Antonio Cesaro with an RKO as Cesaro was coming off the turnbuckle.

With JBL being away, it was announced Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole would be on a special 'Live' SMS SmackDown.

They announced the return of WWE: Old School RAW for next week.

Kane and Bryan were watching on backstage. Bryan said why don't they try and get along from now on. Bryan said Kane should stay in the corner tonight, and that he could beat their opponents blind folded. Kane retorted Bryan should stay in the corner and that he could beat their opponents with one arm tied behind his back. Vickie Guerrero and Brad The Mad Ox arrived and said they'd like to see exactly that. Brad called them "Team Brickie", and they announced Kane and Bryan would face the Prime Time Players later tonight.

They re-aired the John Cena and JBL movie trailer spoof from WrestleMania 21.

Sheamus, wearing a tuxedo, made his way out to present Oscar Snubs. They said they'd overlooked a great actor last night in Wade Barrett. In the third movie plug of the night, Sheamus aired a trailer for Dead Man Down. Sheamus said it was a great movie. Sheamus said he wanted to show another clip from the film. This was all at the expense of Wade Barrett, who has a blink-and-you'll-miss-him part in the film. Wade Barrett interrupted, laughing his head off. He said it's well known that the Irish love the colour green, and that it was clearly evident Sheamus was green with envy. In the ring Wade tried to cheap shot Sheamus, but Sheamus ducked and was about to hit the Brogue Kick when Wade made his escape.

Damien Sandow was on commentary as they re-aired R-Truth attacking him last week.

Match 4: R-Truth defeated Cody Rhodes. After the match, Sandow attempted to get the jump on Truth, but was quickly dispatched.

They aired a video from Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger's YouTube channel on the subject of Jobs. This was funny as they were using a fan to make it look like they were doing this outside in front of a shed or something, rather than in front of a green screen indoors.

Match 5: In a non-title comedy bout, a blindfolded Daniel Bryan (who had a bag on his head) and a one armed Kane defeated The Prime Time Players when Kane Chokeslammed Darren Young for the win.

Hour 3

They re-aired highlights of the opening segment. WWE once again asked fans to Tout their thoughts on it.

The Shield came out from the crowd to cut a promo. They said things have got to get worse before they get better. And that things are going to get a lot worse. They said they're hear to take people out of their comfort zone, and that nobody is going to stop them from fighting and winning every single time. They said at TLC they solved the "John Cena problem". They did? They called Chris Jericho a washed up rockstar. Everyone that's stepped in front of them, they've defeated. Sheamus' music hit and he made his way onto the ramp. He said if they wanted a fight they could come up there and face him. The Shield obliged. As the other two were about to contend with Sheamus on the stage, Randy Orton snuck up on Rollins in the ring and delivered an RKO, before scarpering back through the crowd.

Match 6: Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter) tapped out The Miz with the Patriot Lock submission.

Michael Cole said there's a video of him attempting to get an interview with Glen Beck earlier today on YouTube.

Jerry Lawler was eating Sonic's new popcorn chicken at the announce table. I guess he gave up waiting for the Domino's Pizza to arrive from last time.

They re-aired highlights of last week when The Rock unveiled the new WWE Championship.

They aired Triple H sending a Tout - his first ever - to Brock Lesnar.

They re-aired the opening brawl between Lesnar and HHH again.

They aired various fan Touts.

Josh Mathews interviewed Mr Jollities John Cena backstage. Basically a drawn out promo in which John Cena vowed victory.

They aired a video promoting Chris Jericho's Robot Combat League on SyFy tomorrow night.

They aired yet another movie trailer, once again for Dead Man Down.

They aired a fan video (re-uploaded by WWE as a Tout) of the Undertaker returning at a Live Event over the weekend.

Main Event: John Cena vs. CM Punk. Long match which went through 2 commercial breaks. Lots of near falls, with both men repeatedly kicking out of and reversing each others finishers. Biggest shock was CM Punk hitting a Piledriver. Finish saw John Cena perform a Hurricanrana, and then the Attitude Adjustment on Punk to retain his position as Number 1 Contender to face WWE Champion The Rock at WrestleMania.

WWE From The Vault: The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio, RAW July 2011

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PostRe: The WWE RAW Report: 4th March 2013
by KK » Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:09 am

WWE RAW Old School 4th March 2013 wrote:Image

Location: Buffalo, New York
Attendance: 16,597
Commentators: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

Hour 1

Show opened with The Undertaker making his return. As he raised the lights, the WWE WrestleMania 29 logo appeared behind him on the TitanTron.

Mean Gene voiced the opening Old School RAW intro. They set the pyro off above the ring on the lighting rig.

CM Punk and Paul Heyman made their way out, followed by Randy Orton and Big Show. Sheamus then also interjected himself. All four men stated their case for wanting to face Undertaker. Vickie Guerrero interrupted and announced that they would all compete tonight against each other in a Fatal Four Way match, with the winner going on to face Undertaker at WrestleMania 29.

Ryback was shown making his way to the ring as All Together by Anthrax (RAW IS WAR) played in the background.

Antonio Cesaro cut an inset promo.

Match 1: Ryback pinned Antonio Cesaro with Shell Shocked after countering the Neutraliser.

As Ryback was making his way to the back, Mark Henry came out for his match and both men had a stare-down in the aisleway.

Match 2: Mark Henry pinned Zack Ryder in quick order.

Dolph Ziggler (w/Big E Langston and AJ Lee) were shown backstage heading towards the ring with another classic RAW theme (1995) playing in the background.

A short trailer for The Marine 3 aired.

Miz attempted to cut a promo, but the microphone wasn't working. When they finally switched it on, he introduced his mentor Ric Flair.

Match 3: The Miz (w/Ric Flair) defeated Dolph Ziggler (w/Big E Langston and AJ Lee) with the Figure Four. After the match, Miz and Flair strutted around the ring and elbow dropped thin air.


Highlight of the show.

They aired a video promoting WWE Magazine's 3 Collectable WrestleMania covers featuring Cena, Rock and Brock Lesnar.

WWE Champion The Rock came out to a huge ovation.

Hour 2

The Rock told a short story about the weather and a woman at the airport saying he should wear a jacket to Buffalo because it was so cold. He'd told her he didn't need a jacket because there was electricity running through him. Well as it turned out she was right, as Buffalo was absolutely freezing. John Cena's music hit and he made his way out to confront The Rock. Cena said that Rock doesn't know what it's like to fail. Cena claimed that last year's loss made him feel worthless, and sent his life to the gooseberry fools. Cena said he couldn't get over the fact he'd told everyone he was going to win but failed. Both men went back and forth proclaiming that they'd win at Mania. John Cena quoted Mike Tyson by saying "In order to be the greatest that ever lived, you have to beat everyone living". Rock then responded with a quote of his own: "Winning is about heart; you just got to have it in the right place". It turned out the person that said it was actually Lance Armstrong. Rock told Cena that Armstrong was full of crap, and so was he.

They aired a trailer for Dead Man Down.

They re-aired The Undertaker coming out at the top of the show.

Match 4: Jim Duggan (w/Sgt. Slaughter and Dusty Rhodes) defeated Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter) via Disqualification when Swagger nailed everyone with Duggan's 2x4 less than a minute into the match. Having laid waist to all 3, Swagger then applied the Patriot Lock to Duggan to minimal heat.

They aired another trailer for inevitable shit-fest The Marine 3, out on Blu Ray and DVD in America tomorrow.

Kane and Daniel Bryan were shown backstage making their way towards the ring.

Michael Cole told us that during the commercial break on WWE Active, The Prime Time players had asked Ted DiBiase to ringside to manage them, but DiBiase had told them that they'd have to win their match first.

Match 5: Team Hell No defeated The Prime Time Players when Kane Chokeslammed Darren Young. After the match, Ted DiBiase shoved a cash note into the mouth of Young, which Daniel Bryan then pinched for himself.

Honky Tonk Man came out and was going to say something but was told to go back to Vegas with all the other Elvis impersonators by 3MB.

Match 6: Sweet T (Tensai) and Brodus Clay beat 3MB in about 30 seconds with a roll-up. After the match, Honky Tonky Man and 3MB strutted and danced around the ring, but were interrupted by Heath Slater, who then promptly received the obligatory guitar shot to the head.

They aired a video from from the red carpet of Dead Man Down. Really had enough of these movie trailers now...

Strictly Come Dancing spoof Fandango. Go. Go. Go came out with his dance partner for his match with Kofi Kingston. The match never started because Fandango wasn't happy with the way Ring Announcer Justin Roberts was pronouncing his name. Fandango said he wouldn't début until people could say his name right, and walked off.

They aired a recap video of last week's brawl between Vince McMahon and Paul Heyman and Triple H and Brock Lesnar.

Hour 3

Triple H, sporting what looked to be a massive hole in his forehead when he first appeared, came out to cut a promo. He said last year after SummerSlam he had told everyone that he wasn't sure if he was going to return, but in truth he didn't know whether he was trying to convince the fans or himself. After training every day in the gym, he said he was in the best shape of his life, and that in reality all he needed was an excuse to come back. And that excuse came when he was in hospital with his family, watching his wife Stephanie and their kids crying beside Vince McMahon's bedside after Brock Lesnar had given Vince the F5. Triple H said last week he knew Paul Heyman would go to Lesnar for help. With only 5 weeks to WrestleMania, Hunter announced he was calling out Brock Lesnar for a match at the biggest stage of them all.

They re-aired the conclusion of Big Show vs. Randy Orton from SMS SmackDown last Friday.

They aired a pre-recorded message from The Shield. They said Undertaker wasn't the only one with an undefeated streak in WWE, and sarcastically wished Sheamus and Orton luck in their match tonight.

Match 6: In a non-title Champion vs. Champion encounter, Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo) submitted Wade Barrett with the Cross Arm Breaker.

Match 7: A returning New Age Outlaws defeated Primo and Epico (w/Rosa) when Billy Gun nailed the Fame Asser on Primo for the pin.

During the match, Jerry Lawler got a rather sheepish "puppies" reference in. Cole responded by saying he'd just made a lot of people on Twitter happy.

They re-aired highlights of The Rock and Cena confrontation from earlier tonight.

Lawler accidentally said he was going to send Stephanie McMahon a Twit.

They aired a selection of fan Touts about who Undertaker should wrestle at Mania.

There was a selection of birthday cakes lit with candles in the entrance way to celebrate Mae Young's 90th Birthday. Various WWE wrestlers, including former boyfriend Mark Henry, were out there to wish her a Happy Birthday. Gene Okerlund led the arena in singing "Happy Birthday", which was then promptly stopped by the arrival of CM Punk and Paul Heyman, who barged past everyone en-route to the ring for the main event.

Main Event: CM Punk defeated Sheamus, Randy Orton (pinfall with the GTS) and Big Show to win the right to face Undertaker at WrestleMania.

The lights went and the dong sounded, signalling the arrival of The Undertaker once more, to close RAW just as it had started.

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PostRe: The WWE RAW Report: 11th March 2013
by KK » Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:10 am

WWE RAW Results March 11th 2013 wrote:Image

Location: Indianapolis
Commentators: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

Hour 1

Proceedings got under way with Justin Roberts asking fans to rise and pay their respects to the late Paul Bearer, as they then aired a tribute video on the Tron. The bell then tolled to signal the arrival of The Undertaker, who made his way down to the ring. As 'Taker was knelt paying his respect to an urn that they'd set up in the ring, CM Punk interrupted. The crowd booed him out of the building. Punk told the crowd to "simmer down", as they had it all wrong. He was there to offer his deepest apologies to the Undertaker for his WrestleMania. CM Punk said in the eyes of Paul Bearer, Undertaker would forever be perfect. Undertaker would forever be 20-0 at WrestleMania. But in the eyes of everyone else, Undertaker would be 20-1. Punk claimed that in 50 years, everyones's grandchildren will be asking where they were when he ended The Streak.

Back from commercial, they aired what had happened during the commercial break on WWE Active. Kane came out and attempted to Chokeslam CM Punk off the stage, but Punk was able to counter and make his escape.

A furious Kane was shown smashing up the backstage area and throwing people around on the hunt for CM Punk.

They aired what had happened last week after RAW had gone off the air, with The Shield attacking Big Show and giving him the Triple Power Bomb.

Match 1: Big Show vs. Seth Rollins ended in Disqualification when The Shield attacked Show on the outside. Despite Big Show's best efforts, he was eventually out numbered, before receiving another Triple Power Bomb.

Brad The Mad Ox and Vickie Guerrero were talking backstage in their office when CM Punk turned up. Vickie said whether he intended to or not, he had disrespected the memory of Paul Bearer, and for that he would be facing Kane in a No Disqualification match later tonight.

They re-aired Ricardo throwing water all over AJ Lee on Smackdown, and then the subsequent confrontation between AJ and Daniel Bryan backstage, in which Bryan said as AJ was with Dolph Ziggler that she should be used to things lasting 18 seconds.

Remembering Paul Bearer: His début from the February 16th 1991 edition of WWF Superstars, in which he was introduced by Brother Love.

They asked fans to Tout their memories of Paul Bearer, and they'd air some of them on the show later.

Match 2: Dolph Ziggler (w/Big E Langston and AJ Lee) defeated Daniel Bryan with the Zig Zag. Bryan had the match won with the No! Lock, but Langston pulled Ziggler's foot onto the ropes as AJ Lee distracted the referee. After the match, Big E planted Daniel Bryan with his still as yet unnamed finishing manoeuvre.

They aired a video package on the Triple H and Brock Lesnar feud.

The WWE Slam of the Week was Honky Tonky Man smashing a guitar over the head of Heath Slater last week.

"Sweet T" Tensai (sporting new gear) vs. Fandango never took place as Tensai, who had demanded Fandago hurry up and get to the ring, had apparently pronounced Fandago's name wrong. This is getting seriously old.

They trailed Rock's new film, GI Joe.

Remember Paul Bearer: His return at WrestleMania XX in 2004 with the Undertaker.

Hour 2

Damien Sandow said "The following interpretation was brought to you in taste and good form." Rhodes and Sandow did a phenomenal spoof-of-a-spoof of The DX Michael Buffer introduction. They were then interrupted by the Outlaws, who did it properly, and dedicated it to "Percy".

Match 3: The New Ages Outlaws and Team Rhodes Scholars ended in a No Contest when Brock Lesnar, accompanied by Paul Heyman, walked in and wasted the Outlaws with the F5. Paul Heyman then got on the microphone and said Brock Lesnar accepts Triple H's challenge for WrestleMania, but on one condition; Triple H has to agree to their match stipulations, which they won't reveal until HHH has signed the contract.

Match 4: Mark Henry pinned Kofi Kingston in a squash with the World's Strongest Slam.

The Bella twins, clearly having had zero success outside of wrestling and not fancying a career in porn, returned in a backstage skit with Rhodes Scholars and Kaitlyn. Vickie Guerrero arrived and announced as Rhodes Scholars had had their match interrupted, they'd be facing Sheamus and Randy Orton later tonight.

They aired a sneak peak of Psych staring Big Show, which Sky Sports cut from straight away, realising we'd rather watch our own commercials...

Match 5: Ryback pinned Heath Slater (w/3MB) in a 30 second squash. After the match, Drew McIntyre jumped Ryback, but was quickly out-muscled. Mark Henry then made his way into the ring, and both he and Ryback took it in turns annihilating Drew, before going face to face.

They aired a trailer for upcoming WWE Studios film The Call with Halle Berry.

They aired a seriously old-school inset promo with Alberto Del Rio. This was right out of the 80s...

Match 6: In a non-title match, World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo) defeated United States Champion Antonio Cesaro with the Cross Arm Breaker.

Josh Mathews was backstage for an interview with Kane. Josh said that it must be a very troubling time for him. Kane was clutching Paul Bearer's urn. A fan then loudly shouted "SAY SOMETHING!", before Kane solemnly walked off.

Remembering Paul Bearer: Various clips of Paul Bearer introducing Kane from late September/early October 1997, including Kane's début from Badd Blood.

They aired a music video hyping The Rock vs. John Cena II.

Hour 3

They re-aired Brock Lesnar beating up the Outlaws from earlier.

Match 7: Sheamus and Randy Orton defeated Rhodes Scholars when Sheamus pinned Sandow following the Brogue Kick.

They aired what had happened during the commercial on WWE Active, with The Shield attacking Sheamus and Orton on the stage.

They aired various Touts from fans remembering Paul Bearer.

Chris Jericho was out for the Highlight Reel with The Miz and Wade Barrett. They aired another bloody film trailer, this time for The Marine 3. They joked that Jericho's set had vanished, possibly due to budget cuts. Wade Barrett interrupted. They then aired another trailer for Dead Man Down. They had a "Really"-off. Michael Cole said this segment was a load of absolute gooseberry fool. This is where I left to go brush my teeth. Brad Maddox came out and rambled about something or other, as the announcers buried the whole segment and told the truck just to go to commercial break.

Wade Barrett inserted himself on commentary.

Match 8: In a Number 1 Contenders match for the Intercontinental Championship, Chris Jericho vs. The Miz ended in Disqualification when Wade Barrett interfered after Jericho threw Miz into him at the announce table and he then attacked them both. Miz and Jericho regained the upper hand and hit Barrett with the Code Breaker and the Skull Crushing Finale.

They re-aired a YouTube video of Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo dressed as Swagger and Zeb Colter from SmackDown.

Remembering Paul Bearer: Paul Bearer and Mr Fuji skit from WrestleMania XI involving current Blue Blood star Nicholas Turturro.

Zeb Colter cut a promo berating Sin Cara, and said the only reason fans cheer him is because he has a nice entrance and bounces around the ring like a Mexican Jumping Bean. Crowd began to turn on this and chanted "boring". This storyline couldn't be less over.

It was announced that due to chaos backstage, Vickie Guerrero had made a Triple Threat match for the Intercontinental Championship next week between Miz, Barrett and Jericho.

Match 9: Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter) tapped out Sin Cara with the Patriot Lock. Swagger refused to break the hold, which led to Alberto Del Rio running down and the two of them got into a short, & pretty crappy, brawl.

They aired a pre-taped interview with Halle Berry about The Call. David Otunga interrupted her with a phone call, telling her that he'd 'accidentally' released her number to a load of people. This led to Kane calling her, asking why she never responds to his fan mail. She then hung up, raised her arms and set off Kane's pyro on the ring posts. This wasn't anywhere near as funny as you'd probably expect.

The WWE Rewind was from earlier in the night of Undertaker and CM Punk.

They announced Ryback will take on Mark Henry on SmackDown.

CM Punk made his way out.


Main Event: Kane (w/Paul Bearer's urn) defeated CM Punk in a No Disqualification match after Punk was distracted by Undertaker's dong (lewd) and Kane capitalised with a Chokeslam for the pin. After the match, Kane in the ring and Undertaker on the stage knelt and saluted each other in scenes reminiscent of January 1998 prior to the Royal Rumble. As Kane was doing so, CM Punk snuck up behind him and repeatedly nailed him with the urn. As Undertaker made his way into the ring, Punk scarpered with the urn up the aisleway, before mockingly kneeling and clutching the urn, as both men stared each other down to take RAW off the air. Just what a 3 hour show extra 15 minutes.

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PostRe: The WWE RAW Report: 18th March 2013
by KK » Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:13 am

WWE RAW Results March 18th 2013 wrote:Image

Location: Pittsburgh
Attendance: 15,464
Commentators: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

Hour 1

Show opened with John Cena coming out. As he received his usual mixed response, Cena said fans have 20 days to pick a side, and vowed he was ready for WrestleMania. He was interrupted by, of all people, the Prime Time Players: Darren Young and Rufus "Pankcake" Patterson (Titus O'Neil in blue overalls, a silly afro wig and geeky glasses). 'Rufus' said fans don't want to see Cena at WrestleMania, but the Prime Time Players. Rufus claimed some people say Young looks like John Cena, and with Cena being on the front of Fruity Pebbles, Darren should be on the cover of Cocoa Pebbles. "Pancake" claimed he would have no problem tearing Cena limb from limb, but he has gout in his leg, and it's bingo night on Friday. He said Young however would have no problem doing so. Young took the microphone and said Cena would be crying on the ramp, just like he was at WrestleMania 28.

Match 1: John Cena pinned Darren Young with the AA.

They announced Undertaker would be here later tonight.

The recapped Ryback and Mark Henry from SmackDown and ensuing beat-down of Ryback at the hands of The Shield and then Mark Henry.

Ryback was shown making his way to the ring for a match with David Otunga.

Match 2: Ryback defeated David Otunga with Shellshocked in a total squash.

Ryback took the microphone and said he was going to tear The Shield apart at Mania. And on the way, he and Mark Henry's paths would cross again. Mark Henry then came out, quickly followed by Teddy Long and Vickie Guererro. Teddy told Henry not to go any further. Vickie announced that she was taking Ryback out of the 6 man tag match at WrestleMania with Sheamus and Randy Orton and instead Ryback would face Mark Henry. Henry pointed at the WrestleMania sign, before Ryback grabbed Otunga, shouted "THIS IS YOU" at Henry and nailed him with another Shellshocked.

They announced Triple H and Brock Lesnar would sign the contract tonight, while Jerry Lawler's theme music inexplicably played in the background.

A Fandango. Go. Go vignette aired yet again, saying he will début next.

Fandango came out and started dancing on the stage with his partner. As he entered the ring, a giant silhouette of his pose was hanging from the rafters, which then ignited Jeff Jarrett/Sid Justice style. Well...kind of.

They re-aired a confrontation Khali and Fandango had from SmackDown, in which Khali struggled to say Fandango's name.

'dango took the microphone and said as Khali was too stupid to say his name, he asked if Natalya could pronounce it. She said "Fan. DANG. Go-get-him Khali". Before Khali could do so, Fandango made his escape, and said people weren't going to see his debut tonight either. Crowd then turned on this big style and chanted "You can't wrestle", as a fan in the aisle shouted "Nobody cares" at him. This sucks the full 10 inches.

Damien Sandow cut a promo at the expense of his opponent R-Truth. He said the "R" in R-Truth stood for Repugnant. Truth responded with a poem that wouldn't look out of place in a Primary School.

Match 3: R-Truth defeated Damien Sandow via Count-Out when Sandow simply walked out on the match.

Cody Rhodes was watching on backstage with the Bellas, when Kaitlyn showed up. She said the Bellas could have Cody's moustache...and he could have theirs.

Undertaker, having stepped straight out of Assassin's Creed, made his entrance to the ring. They débuted a new name graphic during his entrance.

Undertaker said Punk had sealed his own fate when he chose to make this personal. He said he was going to hurt him and hurt him bad, however Punk still has one last chance to save his soul by giving him back the urn. A somewhat off Paul Bearer impersonation filled the arena, only for it to be revealed as CM Punk on the Tron. Punk was clutching Paul Bearer's urn and moving the lid as if it was talking. Punk told Undertaker no disrespect but he couldn't hit the high notes. Punk continued to mock that Paul Bearer was talking to him from the urn.

Hour 2

Punk was doing various tricks with the urn, throwing it about and catching it in one hand to another. Punk said he was willing to go through hell to beat The Streak. As Punk was playing with the urn, he then 'accidentally' dropped it on the floor and said "Oh gooseberry fool" in the process, which the WWE managed to mute out.

They re-aired the closing moments of the previous segment...and forgot to bleep out Punk saying gooseberry fool.

Match 4: Team Hell No defeated Primo and Epico (w/Rosa Mendes) when Kane Chokeslammed Epico. During the match, AJ Lee came out and started skipping around ringside.

Josh Mathews was interviewing Chris Jericho backstage when Fandango interrupted. Jericho asked him to introduce himself. When he did so, Jericho started mocking his name by calling him everything under the sun. FanDumbo. FanDungo. FanJango. FanDangler. Fan Wango-TANGO....

They aired a clip of Alicia Fox and Natalya in Africa.

They showed Jack Swagger attacking Del Rio with a sneak attack on Main Event last Wednesday, costing him a match with Big Show.

Match 5: Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo) defeated Cody Rhodes with the Arm Breaker. Alberto Del Rio's got a rejigged and bouncier version of his entrance music. The crowd weren't into this match or Del Rio at all. Del Rio even received a smattering of boos.

After the match, Jack Swagger attacked Del Rio. As Ricardo tried to intervene, he was tossed to the outside. Del Rio managed to regain the upper hand and both men brawled on the outside. With Swagger down, Del Rio set his sights on Zeb Colter. Jack Swagger nailed Del Rio from behind and sent him flying over the announce table. The crowd chanted "USA, USA". Jack Swagger was about to make his way to the back, but Zeb pointed to Ricardo who was crawling on the outside. Swagger applied the Patriot Act to Ricardo, seemingly breaking his ankle in the process.

There was a Swagger = no ratings sign in the crowd.

The Twitter Ticker has been all over this show.

They recapped the closing moments of Swagger's attack, and Ricardo being carted out on WWE Active.

They announced Booker T as the latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame Class 2013. In what was blatantly a rib, they included his infamous "Hulk Hogan, we comin' for you..." line in his interview from WCW's Spring Stampede 1997.

They confirmed Ricardo has suffered a broken ankle.

Hour 3

Match 6: Randy Orton and Sheamus defeated 3MB when Orton pinned Heath Slater following an RKO.

After the match, The Shield made their way through the crowd to ringside. Just as they were about to enter the ring, Big Show made his way down, which led to The Shield making their exit. Big Show, looking at Sheamus and Orton, then pointed at the WrestleMania sign before leaving.

They trailed GI Joe.

Match 7: Dolph Ziggler (w/Bigger Tits Than Your Girlfriend and AJ Lee) pinned Kofi Kingston when AJ Lee caused a distraction on the apron allowing Big E to interfere and attack Kingston, which led to Ziggler nailing the ZigZag for the win.

After the match, tag team champions Kane and Daniel Bryan came out on the stage and challenged Ziggler and Big E to a tag team match. AJ Lee said they'd accept on one condition: they put the titles on the line at WrestleMania. Kane and Bryan shouted "Yes! Yes! Yes!".

They re-aired the Undertaker and CM Punk segment from earlier.

They re-aired the preview video hyping John Cena vs. The Rock II from last week.

Main Event: Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett retained the championship against The Miz and Chris Jericho in a Triple Threat match. Finish saw The Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale on Chris Jericho and Wade Barrett roll-up Miz for the win. Was quite comfortably the match of the show.

They aired a video from the red carpet for The Call.

They aired various fan Touts on what the stipulation should be for Triple H against Brock Lesnar. There was a fan who called herself "Tout Girl", blatantly having a better idea in how to get over than half the roster...


WrestleMania Contract Signing: In a segment that went on for 90 hours and was greeted by near total silence, Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar was made official for WrestleMania 29 in a No Holds Barred match, with the added stipulation - which I swear not one person in the building reacted to - that if Triple H loses, his career is over. Triple H had his sledge hammer stuck underneath the table, which he used to keep Lesnar and Heyman at bay on the outside. Heyman brought his own security to the ring, who Triple H ultimately wasted when Heyman made derogatory remarks about Stephanie McMahon. Triple H assaulted Heyman and signed the contract, which brought out Brock Lesnar with a steel chair.

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PostRe: The WWE RAW Report: 25th March 2013
by KK » Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:14 am

WWE RAW Results March 25th 2013 wrote:Image

Location: Philadelphia
Attendance: 18,168
Commentary: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

Hour 1

The night's merriment and jollities opened with CM Punk and Paul Heyman making their way out to the ring. Heyman was clutching the urn, and was also sporting bruising around his left eye. CM Punk started by stating what "they" think about the urn doesn't matter, and that "they" don't know what they're talking about. CM Punk said he didn't take the urn to disrespect Paul Bearer, but because it means everything to the Undertaker. Punk said however that it doesn't mean anything to him, therefore he just dropped the urn in the ring. Punk vowed victory and that he was "the 1 in 20 and 1". Punk said he was waiting for the lights to go out and the chill to enter the arena. The lights then did go out and when they went back up Undertaker was in the ring behind Punk. Undertaker went to work on Punk with punches and body shots. As he was doing so, Punk dropped the urn and it rolled to the outside, allowing it to be promptly picked up by Paul Heyman, who quickly made his escape to the back. Punk also rolled to the floor, to be joined by a returning Heyman on the stage.

They announced both The Rock and John Cena would face a Q&A Hall of Fame Panel later tonight.

Fandango made his way out with his dancer for competitive action. After going through his "Fandango" spiel, Chris Jericho sprinted his way down to the ring and assaulted Fandango, who quickly made his escape up the aisle. Crowd were massively into this.

As Chris Jericho was already in the ring they made the decision to have his scheduled match for later tonight right now.

Match 1: Chris Jericho tapped out Dolph Ziggler (w/Big E Langston and AJ Lee) clean with the Walls of Jericho.

After the match, Big E nailed Jericho from behind and and hit his finishing move. As Jericho was laid out, Fandando returned, danced in the ring with his partner, and then attacked Jericho, before finally hitting his top rope leg drop. The crowd loudly chanted "You can't wrestle". Fandango grabbed the microphone as Jericho audibly and repeatedly told him what to do. Jericho tapped Fandango's leg and told him to 'look at him'. This almost killed it as there's no way people at home won't have heard all of this. Fandango then shouted "It's Fandango".

Matt Striker interviewed Sheamus backstage, as they re-aired highlights of the six man tag main event from SmackDown (3MB vs Big Show, Sheamus and Randy Orton). Sheamus said in the beginning he didn't trust Big Show as much as Randy Orton but after SmackDown when they were all standing tall against The Shield that changed. The Shield then ran in and began putting the boots to Sheamus, before Randy Orton came in with a steel chair. The Shield retained the upper-hand until Big Show arrived and sent all three men packing, leaving himself, Sheamus and Orton standing seemingly united.

Match 2: Mark Henry defeated Jimmy & Jey Uso in a 2 on 1 Handicap match with the World's Strongest Slam. Afterwards, he delivered a further two consecutive World Strongest Slam's on the brothers, before then hitting a splash on one of them.

It was announced that Ryback would compete later tonight in a Handicap match of his own at his request.

Ricardo came out in a cast and on crutches to introduce Alberto Del Rio.

Hour 2

Match 3: In a Champion vs. Champion encounter, United States Champion Antonio Cesaro defeated World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio when Alberto Del Rio was Counted Out. Jack Swagger attacked Ricardo on the outside & went to work on his leg again during the match, which caused Del Rio to jump to Ricardo's aid and brawl with Swagger on the outside and through the crowd, ultimately leading to the referee counting him out. Del Rio went to check on Ricardo. As Cesaro was celebrating on the turnbuckle, Alberto Del Rio got in the ring and jumped him from behind. Del Rio then applied the Arm Breaker to a very muted reaction. There's no escaping the fact now that Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger and this entire storyline isn't over.

They recapped highlights of CM Punk's opening promo.

Match 4: In a non-title match, Tag Team Champions Team Hell No beat The Prime Time Players when Kane Chokeslammed Darren Young for the pin. Afterwards Kane and Bryan stared down Diggler, Big E and AJ Lee who were watching the match on the stage.

They announced all three members of The Shield would be in action tonight.

They aired a video package recapping the contract signing between Triple H and Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman.

Chief Operating Officer, The King of Kings, The Game, The Cerebral Assassin, The 13 Time World Champion Triple H came down to the ring for the shortest Triple H promo in living memory. He said that for the first time ever he is entering a situation at WrestleMania where if he loses his career is over. He said he's had a 20 year career, and every day he has fought like his career and life has depended on it. So if Paul Heyman thinks he's made some "grand coo" by adding the stipulations then he's mistaken. Triple H said he had some advice of his own for Brock Lesnar, and that's he needs to pretend that it's his career on the line.

As Triple H was making his way to the back, Wade Barrett's music interrupted and he sauntered down to the ring for his match. As he and HHH stared at each other in the aisleway, HUNTER THE GREAT DESTROYER kicked him in the gooseberries.

Match 5: In a non-title match, The Miz defeated Intercontinental Champion Wade Barrett via submission with the Figure Four.

Kane and Bryan were backstage discussing their match at Mania and arguing over their previous relationship with AJ Lee. Kaitlyn walked in and said it's obvious they still haven't gotten over her. AJ Lee came in through another door and was listening to their conversation, as the other three remained completely oblivious. Kaitlyn then called AJ Lee crazy, which led to AJ losing it and wildly attacking her and throwing her into what appeared to be a steel sink on the wall. That or a drinking fountain. Yes, it's that important. Kane and Bryan grabbed AJ and carted her off into another room.

Hour 3

Match 6: The Shield defeated Justin Gabrielle, Great Khali and Zack Ryder in a nothing match.

After the match, The Shield beatdown Khali and gave him the Triple Powerbomb. Sheamus and Randy Orton came out on the stage. Big Show appeared from the crowd. All three men dismantled The Shield and sent them packing through the crowd.

They recapped Jericho and Fandango's confrontation from earlier.

Jericho was shown coming out of Vickie Guerrero's office. Josh Mathews stopped him and asked him what they had spoken about. Jericho said that Fandango was going to get his wish, as at WrestleMania it was going to be him vs. Fandango.

Team Rhodes Scholars came out. Sandow had the microphone and said they were in a city famous for its greasy sandwiches and a stadium which holds a prison inside of it. Despite that, they had a gift for Philadelphia: New Boobs. I mean The Bellas.

Match 7: In yet ANOTHER bloody rematch, Team Rhodes Scholars (w/The Bellas) beat Sweet T and Brodus Clay (w/The Funkadactyls) off a distraction when the girls got into it on the outside in another 2 minute match.

Match 8: Ryback defeated 3MB in a 3 on 1 Handicap match with a Double Stack Shellshocked on Jinder and Heath.

There was a "Steph: resign from Creative" sign in the crowd.

They announced Mark Henry will take on Ryback in a Wieghtlifting Competition on SmackDown.

The re-aired highlights of Jack Swagger breaking Ricardo's ankle from last week's RAW, and the attack from earlier tonight.

They announced Arnold Schwarzenegger will induct Bruno Sammartino into the Hall of Fame.

Main Event: In a non-title bout, AJ Lee defeated Divas Champion Kaitlyn via Count Out when AJ sidestepped a Spear and Kaitlyn crashed into the barricade.

It was now time for the Q&A Hall of Fame Panel, moderated by Jerry Lawler. They had 4 chairs, desk, 2 podiums and black carpet set up in the ring. The Hall of Famers - Booker T, Mick Foley, Dusty Rhodes and Bret Hart (who was not walking well at all) - were all individually introduced by Lawler, and given a very brief video package.

WWE Champion The Rock came out first, followed by John Cena.


Staggeringly long segment that went a quite ridiculous 35 MINUTES. It was good but this was practically the same thing extended for a ridiculous amount of time. Smattering of fans were leaving during this. Each guy on the panel asked either Cena or Rock a question, and then the other guy could then offer a rebuttal. Mick Foley opened by asking Cena if he was prepared to live with the regret if he fails to defeat Cena for a second time. Cena said if he wins he gets the WWE Championship and much needed redemption. He said last year losing wasn't an option, but he ultimately lost, so he's well aware that it is an option. Cena brought up Donovan McNabb to a chorus of boos. The WWE Universe want to invest in someone that can win the Big One. And if he doesn't, he'll carry the legacy of Donovan McNabb. Statistics said he is the greatest Quarterback to ever put on an Eagles uniform, yet the crowd still boo him. Why? Because he could never win the big one. With Philly's passion, they deserve someone that can win the big one. Cena said it may be a lot of regret but he'll be able to live with failure. Rock in comparison knows nothing of failure. Smattering of "boring" chants at this point. Rock responded with story time with The Rock. He said he had to get a mattress out of a dumpster when he was 23. He reiterated his story of how he flopped when he initially came to the WWF. Bret Hart was next and said it upset him that last year it became a Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels type situation filled with bad blood, yet this year something has seemingly changed. The Rock said he respected Cena for taking his loss last year like a man, and he didn't bitch and complain. Cena responded by saying he originally started all of this in an interview. He thought Rock was only here for "once in a lifetime", but in actual fact had kept coming back, and has proven his love for the WWE. Cena said he took his loss like a man, now we'd see how Rock would take his. Booker T followed by asking them both why John Cena is going to defeat the Rock. Cena blew it off by simply saying that "he has to". Rock asked what kind of shallow answer that was. Cena snapped back that Rock didn't beat him last year, and that he actually beat himself. He made one bad decision by attempting to hit the Rock Bottom on Rock and it backfired. He got caught up in the moment, but that won't happen again this year. Rock fired back that if he had him beat, he would have beaten him. Rock quoted Ric Flair that "to be the've got to beat the man", and that Cena can't beat the man because he isn't the man. And finally Dusty Rhodes asked his question; What do they really want out of their match? Cena said what he really wants is for Rock to be staring up at the lights. The guy that he said would never belong in the Attitude Era, belongs. He wants the loss at Mania 29 to haunt Rock the rest of his life. Rock said Cena would be stuffing his face full of fruity pebbles asking himself how he lost to Rock yet again. Rock asked him to prove him wrong right now. Ultimately ended with Cena and Rock coming face-to-face. Cena got Rock up for the AA, but Rock reversed and hit the Rock Bottom to leave Cena laying. Show ended with Rock standing tall on the stage, and Cena in the ring with a despondent look on his face. Thank God this segment wasn't next week at 4:20...

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WWE RAW Results April 1st 2013 wrote:Image

Location: Washington, DC
Attendance: 16,733
Commentators: Michael Cole, John Layfield and Jerry Lawler

Hour 1

They announced in the opening video package that Shawn Michaels would be here tonight Live.

John Cena came out to a chorus of boos & "Cena sucks" chants to open the show. He cut a 10 minute promo vowing victory at WrestleMania, and was also greeted by a loud "boring" chant, cutting him off in his stride. Last year Cena and Rock would have come down to the ring and made fun of each other, but this year those childish games were over with. Cena proclaimed Rock as the greatest WWE Champion of all time, but on Sunday "The Rock's Time Is Up and My Time Is Now". Cena said that in Rock's very first defence of his new WWE Championship belt, he will lose it.

Cole plugged Tout, and asked fans to Tout their videos on Cena and Rock. He then filmed Lawler cutting a promo and uploaded it.

Sheamus, Randy Orton and Big Show were shown backstage heading to the ring.

They recapped the conclusion to Friday Night SmackDown, in which a united Sheamus, Orton and Show fought off The Shield through the crowd.

Match 1: Sheamus, Randy Orton and Big Show defeated 3MB when Big Show hit Jinder Mahal with the Knockout Punch for the pin.

As they celebrated in the ring, The Shield made their way through the crowd, stopping on the steps. They sarcastically congratulated them on their victory tonight, but said at WrestleMania, Orton and company would be staring up at the sky asking themselves what went wrong. Seth Rollins took the microphone and said they may have managed to convince themselves and the audience that they're on the same page, but The Shield knows that they're a phony team.

They announced Zeb Colter will face Alberto Del Rio later tonight.

They aired a pre-tape of Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter on the streets of Washington spouting his usual rhetoric.

Matt Striker interviewed Alberto Del Rio. He called Zeb Colter a Piñata with a moustache.

They showed Vince McMahon's first Tweet on the screen.

Match 2: Dolph Ziggler (with AJ Lee and Big E Langston) defeated Daniel Bryan when Bryan dropkicked Langston on the outside and Ziggler rolled him up off the distraction. After the match, Langston ran over Bryan and hit his finisher. Kane came in and regained the upper hand, but was also out-muscled and laid out by Langston with his finishing manoeuvre. Ziggler and Langston then posed with the tag titles.

Shawn Michaels' music hit and he made his way out to the ring.

Hour 2

Shawn Michaels said he became concerned when Triple H put his career on the line. This immediately brought out Triple H. HHH said he thought they'd talked about this already, and that he knows what he's doing. Hunter said it's the same situation as Taker vs. Shawn. Michaels replied by saying that they couldn't be more different; he had respect for Undertaker and Undertaker had respect for him. When he lost he was heartbroken, but he knew Taker was too. Undertaker never once bragged about his victory. In contrast Lesnar has no respect for anyone, and Triple H doesn't respect him either. Shawn Michaels said that Lesnar simply does this for the money and the joy of hurting people. Michaels said he came to the realisation that he doesn't care nearly as much for wrestling as Huntor, where for him it's his life. Hunter said that if he's trying to talk him out of it to save his breath. Michaels said he wasn't, and that come Mania he'd better kick Lesnar's ass. And he will be right there in his corner to see it happen. This brought out Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Heyman kept Lesnar on the ramp. Heyman said HHH was going to have to live with the disappointment of losing, and disappointing Vince McMahon, the Board of Directors and his wife Stephanie McMahon. But he was probably used to doing that anyway. Heyman concluded by saying Triple H was about to commit "professional suicide".

They recapped highlights of Cena's promo at the top of the show & The Shield.

Miz was on commentary.

They announced Miz vs. Wade Barrett will take place on the Pre-Show 1 hour prior to WrestleMania 29.

Match 3: Wade Barrett pinned Zack Ryder with the Bullhammer Elbow.

Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox were in their office when Santino turned up and said he saw Vince McMahon storming out of his limo, and that he was mad as hell at the both of them. He then shouted "April Fools". Vickie and Brad said Santino would be in a match tonight, and that he'd be the fool.

They re-aired highlights of the Bench Press Challenge from SmackDown.

Match 4: Mark Henry destroyed Santino in about 30 seconds.

Ryback came out and confronted Henry. Henry reminded Ryback that they had a No Contact Clause, and that all they'd be doing tonight was smiling, before smiling himself from ear-to-ear. As Mark Henry was leaving the ring, Ryback picked up Santino and ran him into Henry, knocking him to the outside. He then picked up Santino and chucked him over the top rope, taking out Henry. Ryback then shouted "stupid", much to the annoyance of Henry.

Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger were shown talking backstage.

Matt Striker interviewed CM Punk backstage. Striker asked Punk if he was disrespecting the memory of Paul Bearer. Punk, still clutching the urn, said a better question was whether he gives a damn if he's disrespecting his memory. He claimed Undertaker was more interested in Paul Bearer's Streak of no longer waking up in the morning. He said he will do whatever it takes to beat the Undertaker.

They re-aired highlights of Swagger breaking Ricardo's ankle.

After the introductions, Alberto Del Rio ordered Ricardo to go backstage but he ignored him and came to ringside anyway.

Match 5: Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter (w/Jack Shagger) ended in Disqualification when Zeb Colter grabbed Ricardo's crutch and nailed Del Rio with it. After the 'match', Colter and Swagger wasted Del Rio with Ricardo's crutches.

They again re-aired highlights of John Cena's promo from the start of the show.

Hour 3

The Rock came out and cut a catchphrase and inanimate objects up bottoms promo.

Match 6: In a long match, Chris Jericho defeated Antonia Cesaro with the Walls of Jericho. Fandango came out during the match and started scoring Jericho's performance Strictly Come Dancing style. After the match Fandango assaulted Jericho.

It was announced via Twitter that Stephanie McMahon will induct Trish Stratus into the Hall of Fame at Trish's request.

They aired various fan Touts on Cena and Rock.

Main Event:The Bellas (w/Rhodes Scholars) defeated The Funkadactyls (w/Sweet T and Brodus Clay)

Undertaker made his way out, while they recapped Punk's comments from last week. Undertaker said Punk's historic title reign lasted over 400 days, but his pain at Mania will last an eternity. He said it was Punk that made this personal, and that now he would suffer as a result. Defeating him at Mania was no longer good enough, and his disrespect will cause him to the pay the ultimate price. Undertaker said that while Punk might be correct that, in his current state of mind, the Streak may end, Punk wouldn't be alive to talk about it. The Druids then made their way out, 2 of them clutching burning torches. It was apparent they were not out at the request of the Undertaker.


"Oh Yes!" then came over the PA system, as a Paul Bearer impersonator appeared on the stage clutching the urn. It turned out to be none other than Paul Heyman. The Undertaker left the ring and made his way up the ramp, befor turning his attention to the Druids. He then took one out, as CM Punk - who was dressed as one - then attacked Undertaker from behind. After repeatedly nailing him with the Urn, he unscrewed the cap and poured what was supposedly Paul Bearer's ashes all over the Undertaker. Punk then scooped up the remnants before throwing it over himself to take RAW - and a stunned crowd - off the air.

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PostRe: The WWE RAW Report: April 8th 2013
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WWE RAW Results 8th April 2013 wrote:Image

Location: Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jearsey
Attendance: 16,173
Commentary: Michael Cole, John Layfield and Jerry Lawler

Hour 1

RAW opened with them recapping the previous night's events at WrestleMania. When they showed a photo of The Rock the crowd was heard booing, which only increased when they showed John Cena.

John Cena's music hit and he made his way out to a thunderous chorus of boos. Crowd was vehemently anti-Cena. Cena opened by saying it should be every superstar's dream to win at WrestleMania, and to expect cheers. He repeated himself each time, to increasingly louder boos. Cena said he might be going out on a limb but the crowd seems a little angry. He said he's upset too. Crowd broke out into a "BORING" chant. Cena began to do a dance. Crowd booed again. He then asked them if they'd like to see Cena do a "heel turn". Get it? Crowd cheered, before going into a "Same Old gooseberry fool" chant. Cena said he was going to defend the WWE Championship tonight. Mark Henry came out. Crowd chanted "Sexual Chocolate". Cena responded by saying it was a raucous crowd, and that they want to have sex with chocolate. After Henry mentioned beating Ryback last night, crowd then broke out into a "FEED ME MORE" chant. Cena claimed Henry had the "Breath of a thousand asses", before announcing to everyone that if Henry wants a fight then he would defend the WWE Championship tonight against him. SmackDown General Manager Booker T interrupted. Booker said that while he appreciates Cena being a fighting champ, he can't have John coming out and making matches. Booker T said The Rock was the Number 1 Contender. Crowd booed Rock out of the building. He announced due to an injury, Rock wouldn't be here tonight. Clearly not buying that for a moment, the crowd broke out into a loud "BULLSHIT" chant. However if Henry wanted to fight, then that's exactly what he'd get as he stated that should Mark Henry defeat John Cena tonight then he can face him at a later date for the WWE Championship. Crowd audibly deflated.

They announced Alberto Del Rio would take on Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger in a Handicap match tonight.

Big E Langston was shown talking with AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler backstage, as they announced Langston would be in action for the first time on RAW next.

Match 1: Big E Langston (w/AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler) defeated Daniel Bryan (w/Kane) after nailing Bryan with the Big Ending. On the way to the ring, Big E accidentally backhanded AJ Lee in the chest.

Josh Mathews interviewed Kurt Warner in the crowd, host of new reality show The Moment on the USA Network.

Match 2: In a rematch from the WrestleMania Pre-Show, and in front of a very pro-Barrett crowd, Wade Barrett (who didn't receive an entrance) recaptured the Intercontinental Championship against the Miz following the Bullhammer Elbow.

Vickie and Brad Maddox were both in their office when Sheamus walked in and demanded a match with Big Show. Maddox said if they give Sheamus the match then he owes them. Sheamus responded by saying he couldn't give a fiddlers. Vickie made the match.

Booker T was walking backstage when Randy Orton approached him. Randy Orton said he wanted a match with Big Show. Booker told Randy he couldn't as Vickie had already made Sheamus vs Big Show. Randy Orton said Booker was a proper GM and he could easily overrule her. Booker T agreed and made Randy Orton vs. Big Show for later.

Zeb Colter came out and claimed America was in bad shape, and after last night was now in even worse shape. Zeb asked the crowd for support. Crowd gave him the "What" treatment. He called Del Rio filthy. Incredibly, Zeb got the crowd to chant "USA, USA, USA".

They recapped Cena and Mark Henry from earlier.

Hour 2

Match 3: Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo) defeated Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger in a 2 on 1 Handicap match. Zeb Colter was never tagged in. After the match medical personnel entered the ring to check on Del Rio's injured ankle at the hands of Swagger's Patriot Lock. Dolph Ziggler's music then hit, to a ridiclously loud pop, and instructed the referee that he was cashing in his Money in the Bank contract.

Match 4: Dolph Ziggler defeated Alberto Del Rio to capture the World Heavyweight Championship to what will most likely be the biggest crowd reaction on any RAW of this year. To quote Gorilla Monsoon, the roof literally blew off.

Undertaker made his way out. Just as he was about to speak the crowd broke out into a loud "UN-DER-TAKER!" chant. He said he dedicated last night's match to the late Paul Bearer. The Shield's music hit the PA system and they made their way out through the crowd. As they surrounded the ring, Kane's pyro went off on the ring posts and Undertaker's brother and Daniel Bryan sprinted their way out to the ring. The Shield then backed off, before making their escape back through the crowd.

They re-aired Ziggler cashing in and winning the World Title from earlier.

Josh Mathews interviewed Dolph Ziggler backstage. Ziggler said he's been too damn good for too damn long. He said that this was his WrestleMania moment, and that it was about damn time.

Match 5: R-Truth, Zack Ryder & Santino beat 3MB when Santino nailed Heath Slater with the Cobra.

In an incredibly self indulgent video, they aired highlights of various WrestleMania activities from over the past week, set to the track "We are superstars".

Orton and Sheamus were arguing backstage about how Orton misjudged Big Show, and who should be the one to face him tonight. It concluded with Sheamus telling Orton he 'had this'.

They aired the Big Show interview from the WrestleMania Post-Show. Big Show said that all he wanted was the opportunity to get that tag, but instead Orton decided to take his thunder. Show said nobody is taking his thunder ever again. I guess he's fiercely protective of those WCW tapes...

Sheamus came out and asked the crowd if they wanted to see him kick Big Show's arse. Crowd mostly booed. Randy Orton interrupted and asked the crowd the same thing, this time to cheers. We then cut to the announce table as they revealed the choice would be up to the fans on Twitter to decide by # vote. Back from commercial break, it was revealed Orton had garnered 77% of the vote. Vickie and Booker T came out and said they both had legitamate reasons for facing Big Show, and after both conferring they'd decided it would be Orton vs Sheamus with the winner facing Show. Crowd, not remotely impressed, booed. People on Twitter presumably were left wondering what the point of their voting was.

Hour 3

Match 6: Sheamus vs. Orton ended in Disqualification when Big Show walked in and destroyed both men. During the match the crowd chanted for RVD, JBL, Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole, ECW, Randy Savage, HBK and performed a Mexican Wave, all to the complete and utter bemusement of the announcers. After the match was thrown out, Big Show KO'ed Orton in the ring, before dragging him to the outside and throwing him into the barricade, spearing him on the floor, and tossing him over the announce table. Big Show then threw two of the announcer office chairs into the ring post and ring ropes. Crowd then started chanting "We are awesome" and "One more chair". When Show failed to launch the last chair, the crowd booed.

They announced Triple H would be on SmackDown Friday.

They re-aired Undertaker being confronted by The Shield.

Match 7: Fandango vs. Kofi Kingston also ended in Disqualification when Chris Jericho ran in and dismantled Fandango. Jericho tossed Fandango around ringside, applied the Walls of Jericho and nailed him with the Code Breaker. As Justin Roberts was then announcing Fandango the winner, Fandango still found the energy to correctly say his name properly.

They aired a package highlighting Cena's multiple media appearances.

They showed Triple H having an X-Ray from last night's Post Show.

Josh Mathews was backstage interviewing Paul Heyman. Heyman said despite Lesnar getting knocked out within 3 minutes of the match, it still took Triple H a further 23 minutes to beat him. Heyman said Brock Lesnar is ready for a fight tonight, but unfortunately he doesn't let his clients fight for free. Paul then said CM Punk wasn't there tonight, and instead he'll tell us how he feels on next week's episode.

Match 8: The Funkadactyls, Sweet T and Brodus Clay defeated Rhodes Scholars and The Bella Twins. The crowd spent the majority of the match singing Fandango's entrance music.

They trailed The Moment on USA Network.


Main Event: John Cena defeated Mark Henry when Mark Henry was thrown into the ring steps and Counted Out. After the match, Mark Henry got back up and ran right over Cena, and gave him the World's Strongest Slam. Ryback made his way out to the ring, and he and Henry then got into it, before Ryback dispatched Henry. Ryback grabbed Cena's hand to help him up, and both men looked at each other face-to-face. As Cena was celebrating with Ryback, Cena turned around and walked straight into a Clothesline from Ryback. He then picked him up and delivered Shellshock. Ryback held up the WWE Championship, as the crowd loudly chanted "FEED ME MORE" to take an incredibly memorable RAW off the air!

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PostRe: The WWE RAW Report: 15th April 2013
by KK » Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:20 am

WWE RAW Results April 15th 2013 wrote:Image

Location: Bi-Lo Center in Greenville, South Carolina
Commentators: Michael Cole, John Layfield and Jerry Lawler

Hour 1

Match 1: Sheamus and Randy Orton defeated Big Show in a Handicap match when Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick and Randy Orton followed it up with an RKO for the pin.

They aired highlights of 3MB interrupting Triple H on SmackDown, followed by The Shield coming out and beating them up.

Josh Mathews interviewed 3MB backstage. Heath Slater said they were heading to the ring to call out The Shield next.

After the break, 3MB were all in the ring. Heath Slater claimed they were going to make an example of Triple H on SmackDown, but that "3 man cover band" came out and stole the spotlight. Drew McIntyre demanded a hand written apology. The crowd told them that they sucked. Brock Lesnar's music then hit and he made his way to the ring. Lesnar promptly destroyed all 3 men, planting an F5 on Drew and delivering a further 2 to Heath Slater onto the barricade. Paul Heyman then ran down and called Lesnar off. Heyman took the microphone and said that last week his client wanted a fight, and the fight he wants is with Triple H. Heyman said Triple H did something no other man has ever done in history, and that was knock out Lesnar at WrestleMania. He said that Triple H is one hell of a man, and that if he were here tonight on RAW he'd shake his hand because he's gained his respect. Crowd chanted for Triple H. Unfortunately Lesnar doesn't share the same opinion. They're now 1-for-1, and there can only be one dominant alpha male in the WWE. Therefore they're proposing a match for Extreme Rules. Heyman said it was time to get barbaric, in a match which is uncensored and ruthless. It's time to get extreme. The match Lesnar wants is a steel cage. "Challenge issued".

New joke character Antonio Cesaro came out and started yodelling.

Match 2: In another rematch from Friday's SmackDown, this time for the United States Championship, Kofi Kingston beat Antonio Cesaro with Trouble in Paradise to capture the United States Championship.

After the match, Kofi told Josh Mathews that he'd just brought the US Championship back home.

They re-aired the entirety of Dolph Ziggler cashing in and winning the World Title from Alberto Del Rio on last week's RAW.

World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler, girlfriend AJ Lee and bodyguard Big E Langston made their way out to the ring.

Hour 2

Ziggler proclaimed that last week was the single greatest moment in the history of RAW, and it was so all because of him. Part of the crowd attempted to give him the "What?" treatment. Dolph said that there's never been someone as charismatic, or as flamboyant, and that he does it better than everyone else. He said he doesn't care if the crowd boos him, as showing off is what you do when you're better than everyone else. He said perks come with the job, before turning to AJ and kissing her. Alberto Del Rio with Ricardo, who was still on crutches, interrupted. Del Rio said that last week he congratulated him and that when the time was right he was going to invoke his rematch clause. And that time was right now. As Ziggler responded by saying that Del Rio needs to be 100% to hang with him in the ring, Vickie Guerrero interrupted. Vickie demanded that they get a ref out there as the match was indeed happening right now. Before the match could get started however, Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger came out. Zeb said Ziggler wouldn't even be champ without Jack Swagger, and the only reason Dolph won was because Jack tore him to pieces. Swagger and Del Rio got into it, before Del Rio clotheslined Swagger back out of the ring. Swagger then grabbed Del Rio from the outside and wrapped his leg around the ring post. On the outside, Swagger applied the Patriot Act ankle lock as various referees did their best to get him to break the hold.

Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo were in the trainers room.

They announced The Shield would take on Team Hell No and the Undertaker next week on RAW from London.

Match 3: In a match we've seen at least 500 times already, Team Hell No defeated the Prime Time Players after Daniel Bryan nailed Darren Young with a diving headbutt off the top rope for the pinfall victory.

Ryback cut a pre-taped promo. He said WrestleMania 29 was the highlight of John Cena's career but the worst of his. While Cena was back on top, Ryback was back at the bottom. He said there's only one place to go; Cena down, and for himself to go back up. Ryback said he wasn't going to start at the bottom all over again. Ryback called Cena a lousy friend, and said a friendship with John Cena means nothing more than living in Cena's shadow. Ryback asked when The Shield were attacking him where was Cena to help, and that he was probably off designing his latest T-Shirt. Ryback said Cena will to admit that he is the biggest threat to Cena's title, and that "Ryback rules".

They recapped Brock Lesnar destroying 3MB and challenging Triple H.

They announced a #1 Contenders Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Championship on Main Event.

Match 4: In a non-title match, R-Truth pinned Wade Barrett with a move.

Vickie and Brad Maddox were in their office discussing Del Rio's condition when Teddy Long walked in. As Del Rio can't compete tonight, Long said Jack Swagger would go one-on-one with Dolph Ziggler. Long said he's already given Swagger some "extra incentive" and he was fine with it. Vickie asked if Booker T knew about this, and Teddy responded by saying he didn't know. Vickie and Teddy told Brad to go tell someone about it. has launched.

Rhodes Scholars cut a promo. They said "like a famed philosopher once said, we are but dwarves on the shoulders of giants". Rhodes said they believe in decency for all. Sandow followed up by saying even in a den of ignorance like south Carolina.

Match 5: Rhodes Scholars beat Santino and Great Khali when Sandow rolled up Santino.

They aired a trailer for rotten looking game Rockpocalypse on GooglePlay and iPhone. On the plus side, it is free.

Jerry Lawler was in the ring and introduced a video of various people and celebrities "Fandangoing", before introducing the man himself. Crowd, and you surely saw this one coming, weren't even remotely as into it as last week. Fandango asked him how Lawler's hips were feeling, and he told him to move his hips. Lawler replied by saying he was going to move his hips back over to the announce table.

Hour 3

Fandango asked the fans if they wanted to go Fandangoing. There was a loud air horn in the crowd. He asked each side of the crowd. Only about 20% of the people seemed interested. Fandango told the crowd that before they could do that they needed to pronounce his name correctly. He said as they were incapable of doing so they could all go Fandango themselves.

Matt Striker interviewed John Cena backstage. Cena said apparently Ryback has a problem with him, but he isn't hard to find. Cena said he'd be out in the ring later, so Ryback can come find him face-to-face.

Match 6: In a non-title bout, Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter) pinned Dolph Ziggler (w/AJ Lee and Big E Langston) with a roll-up.

After the match, Del Rio nailed Swagger from behind on the ramp, threw him into the WWE Sign and kicked him off the stage. Alberto Del Rio then applied the Cross Arm Breaker as Swagger hung off the side of the stage. WWE referees ran down and pulled him off. Del Rio pointed at Dolph Ziggler in the ring.

Matt Striker was about to interview Sheamus backstage when Mark Henry appeared and Speared him through the set.

Paul Heyman and CM Punk both made their way out. Crowd chanted "CM Punk". Punk said that for 434 days he was the WWE Champion he couldn't enjoy the ride because he was always looking around the corner at what was next. He said the championship meant the world to him, but he wanted the next challenge, and that he found it with The Rock, arguably the greatest of all time. Yet he still wanted more, because he's never satisfied. He always wants more. Punk said that after battling the most "electrifying man in sports entertainment" where do you go? He said he looked at the one thing bigger than The Rock, and that was Undertaker's Streak at WrestleMania. Punk claimed that he pushed 'Taker to the very limit. A few in the crowd chanted "respect", before breaking out into a loud duelling "Undertaker/CM Punk" chant. Punk then turned around, hugged Heyman, and walked out of the building, leaving Heyman shocked in the ring.

Booker T was telling Teddy Long backstage that he was overstepping his bounds. Long said Swagger is the next number one contender for the World Title. Booker disagreed and announced Swagger, Del Rio and Ziggler will face each other at Extreme Rules in a Triple Threat match. Booker then reprimanded Teddy by saying that he needs to handle his business. Booker then stormed off.

Main Event: In a non-title match, Nikki Bella beat Kaitlyn when Brie pinned Kaitlyn. The commentators spent most of the match laughing at the expense of Nikki's new "larger" breasts.

They recapped the closing moments of the Handicap match from earlier, and then Mark Henry spearing Sheamus.

They announced Sheamus and Orton will team up to face Big Show and Mark Henry this Friday on SmackDown.

John Cena made his way out to the ring, mouthing the lyrics to his theme music. Cena demanded "the Ryback" get out to the ring as well and face him. Ryback immediately obliged. Crowd chanted "Feed Me More". In a WCW moment, The Shield were accidentally shown getting ready in a hallway. Announcers didn't mention it. A few in the crowd chanted "boring". Cena said Ryback made us sit through his highlight promo earlier and quite frankly it was boring. Cena said he understood why he did what he did last week, he just didn't like how he did it. Cena said Ryback lacks the two most important things it takes to be champion: "the space between your ears and a piece between your legs".


Finally Jerry Lawler asked if the other two had seen what he had earlier, and Cole responded yes, clearly attempting to cover for the mistake with the camera. Cena said rather than hold onto the title like Ryback did last week, this week how about he make a move and see if he has what it takes to earn a championship. Ryback turned around and left. The Shield's music then hit and they made their way through the crowd and slowly into the ring. Ryback watched from the aisle as The Shield decimated Cena, and gave him the Triple Power Bomb. Crowd chanted "One More Time", as The Shield stood tall over Cena and Ryback turned around & headed to the back to take RAW off the air!

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PostRe: The WWE RAW Report
by KK » Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:21 am

WWE RAW Results from London, England wrote:Image

Location: The O2, London England
Commentators: Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler

In quick results...

RAW from London opened with Paul Heyman coming out and cutting a promo claiming he had received a message from Triple H saying he wasn’t going to be on the show tonight. Triple H then came out, accepted and killed Heyman with a Pedigree.

Match 1: R-Truth pinned Antonio Cesaro.

Match 2: Damien Sandow (w/Cody Rhodes) pinned Brodus Clay (w/Tensai)

Match 3: World Champion Dolph Ziggler pinned Chris Jericho with the Zig Zag, with the stipulation being that if Jericho won, he would join the World title bout at Extreme Rules, making it into a Triple Threat. Fandango's music hit to distract Jericho, setting up the finish.

Match 4: Tensai pinned Cody Rhodes.

Ryback cut a backstage promo saying the fans don't understand him. He knocked John Cena and said he would see Mick Foley in the ring later tonight.

Match 5: Big E. Langston defeated Zack Ryder.

Kane and Daniel Bryan were backstage, where Bryan was trying to explain something with a chart. Kane told Bryan not to show Undertaker, and that Undertaker didn’t carry a phone.

Match 6: The Shield defeated The Undertaker & Team Hell No in a really good, long match. Finish saw Bryan going for the Flying Headbutt but Ambrose moved and got the pinfall.

WWE aired The Rock's tweets on screen about having surgery.

Backstage, Mick Foley and John Cena discussed Ryback calling Foley out.

Match 7: Fandango defeated William Regal in a quick match. Afterwards Jericho ran in and attacked Fandango. Lots of crowd involvement.

After the match, Chris Jericho comes out and attacked Fandango. Jericho threw him off the stage and danced with Fandango’s dancer to end it.

WWE Divas champion Kaitlyn came out for commentary.

Main Event: There will be a Divas battle royal with the winner being crowned the new #1 contender for the Championship. The participants were Tamina Snuka, AJ Lee, Cameron, Naomi, Layla and The Bella Twins. AJ got the win.

Mick Foley came out with a steel chair. Foley was in good spirits and says he didn't come out here for a confrontation. Ryback comes out. They have words and Foley names off things he's done throughout his career. Foley says he won't back down from a fight. Ryback tells him to shut up. Ryback declares he will defeat "Super Cena" at Extreme Rules and become the next WWE Champion. Ryback calls Foley a "Fat pathetic lazy bastard". Cena then came out. The Shield promptly follow and its 4-on-1 for Cena. Cena backs away and begins his exit. The Shield turn and surround Ryback. Cena came back with a steel chair and chased off The Shield. Cena hit an Attitude Adjustment on Ryback to close out RAW.

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PostRe: The WWE RAW Report: 29th April 2013
by KK » Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:22 am

WWE RAW Results April 29th 2013 wrote:Image

Location: Nationwide Arena, Columbus, Ohio
Attendance: 14,282
Commentators: Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler

Hour 1

Everyone's favourite early morning show that isn't Babestation opened with Ricardo and Alberto Del Rio coming out to the ring.

Match 1: In a Triple Threat encounter, with the winner deciding the stipulation for the 3-way World Title match at Extreme Rules, Ricardo (w/Alberto Del Rio) defeated Zeb Colter (w/Jack Swagger) and Big E Langston (w/AJ Lee and Zolph Ziggler) when Ricardo rolled up Zeb Colter off a distraction by AJ Lee, who had entered the ring to break up a pinfall attempt.

Here on World Wish Day, they aired a touching video package of John Cena granting a wish to an 8 year old boy.

John Cena came out to the stage with 3 kids. He said it was their wishes, here on World Wish Day, to spend the day at RAW. He said WWE were making them honorary Superstars for the day. Each kid chose their 'Superstar names'.

Randy Orton was shown making his way towards the ring.

Match 2: In a long match, Randy Orton pinned Cody Rhodes following an RKO in mid-air off a Disaster Kick by Rhodes. The commentators spent a large portion of the match amusing themselves over JBL's continued use of dated references, and made comment of Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire.

Afterwards Matt Striker interviewed Randy Orton in the ring. Cody Rhodes attempted a sneak attack from behind but was hit with another RKO.

In a horribly acted segment, The Bellas were shown warming up backstage.

They aired a video package promoting WWE's new 'reality' show, Total Divas, on E!

Match 3: Brie Bella (w/Nikki) defeated Naomi (w/Cameron) when Nikki pinned Naomi. After the match, Cameron complained to the referee that the twins had switched, which resulted in the referee changing the decision to a Disqualification and awarding the victory to Naomi. The Bellas then ran back in and brawled with The Funkadactyls, gaining the upper hand.

Hour 2

The Shield came out through the crowd. They said they'd dealt out justice to Ryback, The Rock, Sheamus, John Cena and now Undertaker. They recapped highlights of their attack on the Undertaker from SmackDown. 3MB interrupted, angry that The Shield had ruined their chance of beating up Triple H on SmackDown. 3MB were promptly delt with, when Kane's pyro went off on the stage and Team Hell No made their way to the ring. The Shield made their escape, leaving 3MB to be finished off by being tossed over the top rope and Chokeslammed.

John Cena was backstage getting his lower leg and foot taped up when Ryback walked in. Ryback said he could tape up all he wanted but it wouldn't matter. John Cena said he isn't injured, just hurt, and that he's probably more effective on one leg than Ryback is on two. Ryback said he couldn't take that chance and walked off.

At the announce table, Jerry Lawler ordered a Domino's pizza, and was shown tracking it using the online pizza tracker. Lets see if this one actually turns up...

They announced Antonio Cesaro will face Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Championship on Main Event.

Match 4: World Champion Dolph Ziggler (w/AJ Lee and Big E) pinned Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston with the ZigZag in a non-title bout. After the match, Ziggler ordered Big Tits Langston to inflict further damage on Kofi, nailing two Big Endings.

As Zolph was heading back up the ramp, the name plate on the World Title was hanging off.

Did You Know? WWE has over 100,000,000 Facebook fans. That's one of the more ridiculous claims in quite some time...

Zolph Ziggler, AJ Lee and Big E bumped into Kaitlyn and Natalya backstage. After a bit of back and forth, a stage hand gave AJ Lee a gift, which turned out to be for Kaityln. It was a baseball hat with gold spikes on it. There was also a note from a mystery individual expressing their love - i.e. she's got a secret admirer.

They recapped the Triple H/Brock Lesnar feud from over the past two weeks.

Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox were in their office when Ryback walked in. He said John Cena had left him to face The Shield alone for the last time. Vickie agreed and said Ryback wasn't going to be left in a Handicap match, therefore he would instead team with Kane and Bryan to face The Shield. Ryback said he'd been there done that, and didn't trust either of those guys. Ryback shouted NO! and walked off. Brad asked Vickie what he meant by No.

The commentators were checking on the progress of the pizza. The tracker said it had been the front row of the crowd. Various people were shown eating the Pizza Hut deep pan knock off, much to the anger of the 3.

Monumental dork Zack Ryder came out and said for anyone who missed Zeb Colter getting pinned earlier, here it was again.

Match 5: Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter) tapped out Zack Ryder with the Patriot Lock. After the match, Zeb punched Zack in the face.

Mark Henry was shown heading towards the ring carrying a rope.

On WWE Active, Ryback was shown apparently leaving the building.

Mark Henry was in the ring. He said he was going to prove he's the Strongest Man. He said Vickie had given him two opponents to face tonight. Sweet T came out. Jerry Lawler asked if this was going to be a Handicap match. A few in the crowd chanted "Albert". There was a rope and red line in the middle of the ring. Lawler's clearly half asleep.

TUG OF WAR 1: Mark Henry tugged off Sweet T.

TUG OF WAR 2: Mark Henry beat Brodus Clay.

Hour 3

Sheamus came out and congratulated Henry. He said he knows he wanted two competitors, but how about one more. Henry declined. Sheamus asked Henry if he was afraid, at which point Henry demanded Sheamus get to the ring.

TUG OF WAR 3: Ended in a No Contest when Sheamus let go of the rope, sending Mark Henry flying backwards. He then nailed him with the Brogue Kick.

They re-aired John Cena granting the 3 wishes to the 3 kids from earlier.

Team Hell No were in Brad and Vickie's office. Kane told Brad to shut up. Kane said they were just as well off without Ryback, and that it was back to being a Handicap match. Vickie said if that's what they wanted, then they've got it. As they then left, Vickie told Brad there was one more thing she wanted him to do, before whispering something in his ear.

They aired Rock's Tweet from last week saying his surgery was a success. They also congratulated Rock on Pain and Gain being number 1 at the box office.

Brad Maddox walked in to Cena's locker room. Cena first called him Brandon Walker, and then Bad Mattress. Cena told Brad to go tell Vickie he will be in the 6 man main event tonight. Brad said he was hurt too bad. Cena said Brad would be the one hurt if he didn't go and tell Vickie he was going to be in the match.

Ricardo came out and introduced Del Rio.

Match 6: In another long match, Alberto Del Rio defeated Antonio Cesaro with the Arm Breaker. Crowd chanted "Olé! Olé! Olé!" during and after the match.

Alberto Del Rio announced that the World Title Triple Threat at Extreme Rules would be a ladder match. Well that's saved the PPV from being a pile of arse.

DANCE OFF CHALLENGE: Fandango and Summer Rae (Danielle Moinet) danced. Large majority of the crowd Fandagoed. Great Khali and Natalya danced. Jerry Lawler asked the crowd who they thought was better. Crowd cheered for Khali (who was absolutely useless, naturally). As Khali was celebrating, Fandango clipped his knee from behind and hit his leg drop off the top.

They again re-aired the beat down on 'Taker from SmackDown.

John Cena, wearing the worst T-Shirt in the history of the company, came out. Team Hell No followed.

They announced Dean Ambrose will face Kane on SmackDown.

The Shield made their way out through the crowd.


Main Event: The Shield defeated Team Hell No and John Cena. Finish saw John Cena go for the Attitude Adjustment but his leg give out, which led to Roman Reigns hitting him with the Spear for the pin.

After the match, Ryback - who was dressed like Bill Goldberg - came out onto the stage and looked on at John Cena, who was being tended to by a trainer.

This show felt loooooooooong.

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PostRe: The WWE RAW Report: May 6th 2013
by KK » Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:30 am

WWE RAW Results 6th May 2013 wrote:Image

Location: Roanoke Civic Center, Roanoke, Virginia
Commentators: Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler

Hour 1

John Cena came out to open the show. Cena did some 'comedy'. Vickie Guererro interrupted with "excuse me". As the managing supervisor she said she was so excited that he was going to be at Extreme Rules. Crowd booed her out of the building. She introduced Ryback to the ring. Vickie asked Cena and Ryback what stipulations they'd like for their match. Cena instead opted to mock Ryback, joking about having a "Vickie Guerrero's granny panties on a poll match". I'm sure Russo thought it was a great idea. Ryback said it was extremely stupid of Cena to forgo his choice, before opting for a Last Man Standing match.

Damien Sandow sang a hilarious song replacing the lyrics of Orton's theme music, basically saying he was boring.

Match 1: Randy Orton pinned Damien Sandow following an RKO.

As the commentators were recapping the match, Big Show punched out Randy Orton off camera on the stage. After showing a replay, referees came out to Orton's aid.

Fandango and his partner (not Summer Rae) were shown dancing backstage.

Chris Jericho's pyro went off and he made his way out, as they recapped his on-going feud with Fandango. He said he'd set up a judging panel to critique Fandango's performance tonight. He introduced Sweet T and Brodus Clay. They had a table set up at ringside.

About 10 people were Fandangoing in the crowd. This thing's dead.

The judging table held up two 2's and a 1. Fandango asked who they were to judge him. He said just because Jericho was on Dancing on the Stars and failed doesn't make him an expert.

Match 2: R-Truth defeated Fandango via Count-Out when Fandango simply walked out on the match, after the judging table awarded three 10's for R-Truth's dancing.

They aired WWE employee's photos and tweets of Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar turning up at Titan Towers and storming into Triple H's office.

Josh Mathews interviewed Daniel Bryan. Bryan said it'll take more than a Shield ambush to keep him down, which is why he's challenging Ryback to a rematch from SmackDown tonight. Ryback confronted him and told him "No" because he wasn't physically ready. Kane then walked up to Ryback. Ryback said there was only one monster in WWE, and that was him.

Alberto Del Rio made his way out with Ricardo.

The commentators announced that Vickie had made Ryback vs. Kane for later.

Hour 2

Match 3: Alberto Del Rio (w/Ricardo) vs. Dolph Ziggler (w/AJ Lee and Big E Langston) in a non title match ended in Disqualification when the referee saw Big E Langston dragging Del Rio out of the ring. Langston then intentionally threw him into Swagger, which led to Swagger going mental. Swagger then obliterated everyone with brutal looking ladder shots.

During the match, Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger came out, had a stare-down with Big E on the outside, before Zeb inserted himself on commentary.

They re-aired the opening segment with Ryback and Cena.

Kaitlyn was backstage with The Funkadactyls. She was discussing a text message she'd received from her mystery admirer. Khali turned up and Natalya convinced him to go undercover in the mens locker room. JBL burst out laughing.

The Bellas were shown backstage laughing.

They aired a video promoting their new deal with Yahoo.

Match 4: The Shield beat The Usos and Kofi Kingston when Ambrose pinned Kingston.

They continued to air employee tweets of Lesnar and Heyman at the WWE Headquarters.

They announced Randy Orton will face Antonio Cesaro on Main Event.

They showed Cesaro attacking Kingston backstage on Main Event last Wednesday.

Match 5: Antonio Cesaro pinned Zack Ryder with the Neutraliser.

Cesaro cut a promo. He asked whether Ryder was all the competition the WWE had for him. He said there was nobody in the whole company that can hold a candle to him, before throwing the microphone down.

A stage hand was shown putting a microphone on Paul Heyman, who was up next via satellite.

After the break, Paul Heyman was on the Tron from an undisclosed location. He said earlier today they took "a tour" of the WWE HQ. Instead of flapping his gums, he wanted to just air the footage he shot oh his phone. They aired Lesnar and Heyman walking in, up the lift - where Paul started whistling the Fandango theme tune - and through to Triple H's office (which looked more like a room with a false partition in). Along the way they stopped to look at a poster of The Rock on the wall. Lesnar then totally destroyed everything in it, and managed to break a sledgehammer in the process.

Hour 3

Back with Heyman Live, he said he happens to know something about "Extreme". He said when Brock tries to hurt someone, it's always him that pleads with Lesnar, and it's always him that has to discourage him. Then Triple H decided to predigree him, therefore he's not going to discourage Lesnar any more, rather he was going to beg him to hurt HHH inside the cage. Paul had a destroyed replica of the World title over his shoulder. Heyman claimed Lesnar would go "Further, and further and further...". Triple H's music then hit in the building and he made his way out. Triple H joked Heyman's hair was a mess. He asked Heyman if he ever opens his mouth without crap falling out of it. HHH said he knew something about being Extreme as he launched DX, & ran through the Attitude era. He said he has two offices: the one he tore up and the one he's currently standing in; the 2nd office was more like his home, and where he became a man, something Lesnar never became. He said if Lesnar wants to say something, he should say it to his face. He said in this office, he fights back.

Match 6: Kaitlyn and the Funkadactyls defeated the Bellas and AJ Lee when Kaitlyn pinned AJ Lee. Dead crowd.

Mark Henry made his way out to the ring. He said in a few minutes Sheamus will be out acting all tough and doing all his posing. He said that's where the problem is: Sheamus acts tough, whereas he is tough. Crowd chanted "What?" He repeated "When Sheamus", to ever louder "What?" chants. He called the fans nothing but puppets. They re-aired the arm wrestling contest from SmackDown. He said if Sheamus had any guts he'd face him in a match at Extreme Rules. The "What?" chants appeared to take him off his stride. Sheamus came out. Mark Henry said instead of waiting for Extreme Rules, how about they go tonight. As they were both about to get into it, Wade Barrett's music hit. Michael Cole questioned on commentary whether Henry knew Wade was scheduled to come out.

After the break, Mark Henry was on commentary.

Match 7: Sheamus pinned Wade Barrett in a non title match following a Brogue Kick. During the match, Sheamus levelled Henry with a Brogue Kick on the outside.

After the match, Mark Henry went at Sheamus with a belt he'd stolen off one of the WWE trainers.

They announced Fandango will face Jericho next week on RAW in a dance-off.

They re-aired highlights of Paul Heyman and Lesnar destroying Triple H's office.

They announced Ryback will be on Jericho's Hightlight Reel Talk Show on SmackDown.


Main Event: Ryback pinned Kane in a thoroughly boring match off Shellshocked.

After the match, The Shield came out through the crowd, which led to Ryback bailing to the outside. Daniel Bryan ran down, followed by John Cena. As they began dispatching The Shield, Ryback entered the ring with a steel chair. Cena got Roman Reigns up for the FU, but Ryback nailed Cena in the gut with the chair, and then waffled him in the back. Show went off the air with Ryback standing tall over Cena and shouting "Ryback Rules".

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PostRe: The WWE RAW Report: May 13th 2013
by KK » Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:31 am

WWE RAW Results May 13th 2013 wrote:Image

Location: BOK Center, Tulsa, OK
Attendance: Half empty.
Commentators: Michael Cole, John “Bradshaw” Layfield and Jerry Lawler.

Hour 1

DANCE OFF: Night’s entertainment got going with Jerry Lawler in the ring. Fandango, with Summer Rae made their way out for the Dance Off with Chris Jericho. They had parkay flooring in the ring. JBL lost no time in mentioning Wigan upsetting Man City on Saturday. Chris Jericho came out with Edyta Sliwinska from Dancing with the Stars. Long segment that went over a quarter of an hour. Lawler said a coin toss earlier had decided that Fandango would dance first. The quirky music hit and Fandango and Summer Rae got into their stances and prepared to dance. After standing there for what seemed like forever, Fandango took the microphone and demanded the crowd be quiet as he was "trying to create a masterpiece out here." They then played the music again and after another initial pause, Fandango and Summer Rae started dancing. After a few seconds, Summer Rae went down, apparently having twisted her ankle. Fandango began berating her in the corner. Sliwinska and a WWE Trainer checked on her in the corner. With Jericho also distracted, Fandango nailed him from behind, tossed him to the outside, threw him into the ring steps and threw him into the announce table. Fandango picked up a piece of the flooring in the ring and bashed Jericho with it, leaving him laying. Fandango got back in the ring, and looked at Summer Rae...who then smiled and jumped back up to her feet, revealing the whole injury to be a ruse.

The announced Team Hell No and John Cena would face The Shield in a 6 man tag team elimination match later tonight.

Ryback was shown heading towards the ring.

Match 1: Ryback defeated Zack Ryder with Shellshocked in a total squash.

The commentators implored us to download the WWE app, as Del Rio was being interviewed backstage. They showed part of the interview on screen, with the audio. Just in case this match wasn't worthless enough as it is.

They re-aired highlights of the April 30th 2012 edition of RAW when Lesnar broke Triple H's arm.

They said Triple H and Brock Lesnar would come face-to-face later tonight.

Match 2:The Prime Time Players defeated Sweet T and Brodus Clay in a nothing match that went about 2 minutes. In a TNA moment, the cameras missed the finish. It was revealed in a replay that Darren Young had hit Brodus with his hair comb and Titus O'Neil rolled him up for the victory.

It was announced Teddy Long would make an announcement concerning the World Heavyweight Championship next.

Matt Striker was on the stage and introduced Teddy Long. Striker said that with reporting Dolph Ziggler is not cleared to defend the championship at Extreme Rules, what Teddy was going to do about it. Teddy said Vickie Guerrero had given him the power to decide on what to do. Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter came out. Zeb, stumbling over his words, said Ziggler should be stripped of the title. AJ Lee and Big E Langston interrupted, and said Jack Swagger shouldn't be awarded but fired, as he was the one who injured Dolph in the first place. Teddy told all of them to quiet down. He said Dolph will not be stripped of the title, rather at Extreme Rules Swagger and Del Rio will now wrestle in a Number 1 Contenders I Quit match. Crowd booed. Teddy then announced Big E would take on either Del Rio or Jack Swagger tonight, with the WWE Universe deciding exclusively on the WWE app. Crowd were not even remotely impressed at this.

They announced Kofi Kingston will defend the title against Dean Ambrose on PPV.

Damien Sandow came out. He said that contrary to popular demand he would not be singing tonight, and proclaimed that much like Kofi's championship reign, the song was already foolish. Sandow closed by saying Kofi's reign would soon be coming to an end.

Match 3: United States Champion Kofi Kingston pinned Damien Sandow with Trouble in Paradise in the 3rd successive quick match of the night.

There's a "I watch wrestling because I'm single" sign in the crowd.

Mark Henry was in the ring with a strap.

The showed highlights of Eddie Guererro and JBL's strap match from the Great American Bash in June 2004 and last Monday's RAW with Henry beating Sheamus with a strap.

Hour 2

Josh Mathews was in the ring interviewing Mark Henry. Henry said that if we thought the whipping of Sheamus was something then wait until Extreme Rules. They then showed Henry pulling the tractor trailers from SmackDown. Mathews asked how he was going to beat Sheamus. Henry said he was going to go one better than that and show him. Mathews reluctantly put the strap on his wrist. Henry waffled Josh and then proceeded to drag him around the ring slapping each turnbuckle cover. He then took the strap off Josh and allowed him to run out of the ring "like a rat". Henry asked why wait until ER; how about Sheamus come out right now and let him finish what he started last week. Sheamus' music hit and he made his way to the stage. Sheamus mocked that Henry may be the strongest but he's not the brightest. Henry said he was doing a lot of talking but not a lot of walking. Sheamus said Henry sure was a brave man with a strap. Henry responded by calling him a coward. Sheamus said he'd just talked him into it. As Sheamus was about to get in the ring, he remembered that'd he'd got a present he'd put under the ring earlier today: another strap. Sheamus and Henry went at it in the ring, leading to Henry bailing on the outside, leaving Sheamus standing tall.

They re-aired highlights of Brock Lesnar F5'ing McMahon from January.

A trailer for 12 Rounds II with Randy Orton aired. Phone Booth, Die Hard, know the score by now.

Match 4: In the patented MATCH WE'VE SEEN AT LEAST 900 TIMES part of the show, Randy Orton pinned Antonio Cesaro off an RKO.

I ate a Wagon Wheel.

They announced The Miz will take on Cody Rhodes on the Extreme Rules pre-show.

Match 5: The Miz beat Health Slater (w/3MB) with the Figure Four.

Jerry Lawler said that he used to be in a cover band called The Quilts.

In a new annoyance to accompany the Twitter ticker, they've been airing partial WWE App interviews in the bottom right of the screen during the matches. Lawler said you could watch RAW on one eye and the App on another. Someone muttered what if you were Cyclops, which led to a prolonged period of silence and snorting as the commentators absolutely pissed themselves laughing. They're now regularly amusing themselves rather than calling the matches. And who can blame them...

More Lesnar/Triple H recapping.


Team Hell No will defend the WWE Tag Team Championship against The Shield in a Tag Team Tornado match at Extreme Rules.

Kane vs. Seth Rollins for WWE Main Event.

Match 6: Team Hell No and John Cena vs. The Shield.

  • Kane was eliminated first after kicking too much ass. The referee finally had enough when he hit Ambrose with the announce table cover.

Hour 3

  • Daniel Bryan was eliminated by Ambrose.
  • John Cena pinned Rollins with the Attitude Adjustment.
  • Roman Reigns was eliminated after shoving the referee and Spearing Cena.
  • John Cena defeated Ambrose via Disqualification when the other Shield members ran in and attacked Cena.

After the match, The Shield gave Cena the Triple Powerbomb. The Shield left through the crowd. With Cena down, Ryback made his way out, stood over Cena, and then appeared to leave, before changing his mind, taking a chair from under the ring and battering Cena in the ankle with it.

Matt Striker interviewed Ryback backstage. Ryback said he had played by their rules and tried to do things the right way and it got him absolutely nowhere. Time and time again he tried to do the right thing and ended up getting screwed out of the championship. He said everyone on Sunday is going to find out that "Ryback rules".

65% of the fans on the WWE App had voted for Big E to face Jack Swagger.

Match 7: Jack Swagger (w/Zeb Colter) beat Big Titties (w/AJ Lee) via Count-Out in front of a dead crowd. Langston had his arse hanging out during the match.

After the match, Alberto Del Rio ran down and attempted to attack Swagger, but was promtly put in the Ankle Lock like a massive twat. Ricardo then nailed Swagger with his metal tin pot. Swagger booted Ricardo in the face. With Swagger distracted, Del Rio put him in the arm breaker, but that was broken up by Big E. All men had a hopeless brawl, finally ending with Del Rio standing tall in the centre of the ring. Crowd booed.

The Bellas and Kaityln were on commentary, for a 6 person clusterfuck. Kaitlyn received a Simpson's Triva cube or something from her admirer.

Main Event: AJ Lee defeated Natalya with the Black Widow submission. Match was terrible, commentary was even worse. At one point I thought AJ Lee was dead in the ring.

They aired highlights of Brock and Paul Heyman in Stamford last week.

They re-aired highlights of the Dance Off

Matt Striker interviewed Chris Jericho backstage. Striker asked him if he felt foolish. Jericho said it was his own fault as he was trying to play by other people's rules. Jericho said that there was going to be no more joking around. He's done it all, and beat them all, and on Sunday he's going to teach Fandango on how to dance Chris Jericho style.

Triple H's music hit for what is inevitably going to be a 14 hour segment. The cage began to lower as we headed to the final commercial break.

Triple said he and Brock Lesnar have been at war for a year and nothing has been settled. Until that is this Sunday, when it all finally gets settled. Hunter said he has learnt to thrive on hate. Triple H demanded Lesnar get down to the ring and try and take 'his home' from him. Heyman came out with Lesnar. As soon as Heyman started talking HHH told him to shut it and for Lesnar just to get in the ring. This didn't stop Heyman from speaking however, much to the crowd's chagrin, who clearly were not interested in chat. Heyman questioned if "hate" was on the WWE banned words list. Heyman said his client Brock Lesnar was going to teach him the true meaning of the word hate. Lesnar is a carnivore and HHH is the "biggest slab of meat in the WWE universe". Heyman proclaimed HHH was going to hate facing his family when Brock leaves him battered in the cage.


Triple H is going to have to face going down in history as the loser, and he can't imagine how much he's going to "hate" that. He said he's ready for a fight, but he's going to have to wait till Sunday as Lesnar doesn't fight for free. Triple H questioned why Lesnar won't just face him like a man, and the truth is it's got nothing to do with Lesnar but rather Heyman can't afford for him to face him, as HHH did the unthinkable in his eyes and knocked Lesnar out cold, and beat him. Heyman knows if he walks down right now and steps in the cage then he's going to kick his ass one more time and that doesn't bode too well for Heyman as a business man. Hunter said that if he beats Lesnar again, then the sounds he hears at that moment won't just be the cheers of the crowd but Lesnar's "mystique" flying out the window. He said Heyman no longer believes in Lesnar. Hunter asked whether Lesnar was going to prove he's a beast or continue standing on the stage and prove he's just a bitch. Lesnar proceeded to make his way down to the cage, as referees and Heyman tried to convince him otherwise.

Lesnar finally entered the cage and both men got into it. Triple H quickly got the upper hand, threw Lesnar into the steel and then into the door, sending Paul Heyman and numerous referees flying on the outside. Triple H told Lesnar to get back in the cage. After staring each other down, Lesnar picked up Heyman and headed back up the ramp. Show went off the air with Triple H standing tall and Heyman crying and mouthing that he 'hates him'.



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