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PostIP Address Changing
by Rightey » Thu Jan 03, 2019 3:40 pm

So yesterday I noticed my IP address was registered as being in Pakistan. I thought maybe this was a screw up so I cleared my browser's cache first, and checked again but it was still showing up as in Pakistan.

I then restarted my laptop, and checked again, this time it showed me the correct location, but a few minutes later it again switched to Pakistan.

The only software that I know of that could do this is my VPN (softether, an open source VPN I use for getting around geofences), which I wasn't using at the time. I checked task manager however and noticed the service for this program was running, and it had permission to run on startup. I disabled the startup permission and tried stoping the service but after being stopped, it would restart after a few seconds. After restarting my laptop again with launch on start up disabled my IP stopped changing to Pakistan.

Now one more thing, I ran a who is search for my IP address and it actually gave me some site I the netherlands.

Should I be getting paranoid? At one point recently I tried to log into my bank account but couldn't as I'm traveling and couldn't complete the two factor authentication with my phone, should I still change my passwords?

I uninstalled the VPN software, but it is very handy and works better than the one I paid for, but obviously I don't want to use it if it puts me at risk.

Any advice on next steps would be appreciated.

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